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Here Do I Present An Introduction to Lipstick

This time, we were charged to either dig up the lipstick that started it all, or find a good ‘starter lipstick,’ for the makeup lover that has yet to discover the marvels (and perils) of lipstick.

Initially, I was keen on sharing the origin story of my lipstick stash.  But then I inspected my very first lipstick (or at least what I think was my very first lipstick), and good lord was the packaging unattractive.  Shallow?  Who, me?

Starter lipstick it is!

I toyed with the idea of using a glossy lipstick, such as my recently acquired Revlon Lip Butter.  But I always hesitate to call those true lipsticks (although I do love them), as they’re much more a hybrid of gloss and lipsticks.  For me, the word ‘lipstick’ implies much more than just the formula.  Lipstick conjures up all sorts of memories: my mother and grandmother taking those slim black tubes out of their bags in softly lit restrooms, scribbles of color in fashion magazines, the two or three tubes I stole to decorate my parents’ sheets when I was little (I still shudder to think of the yelling that followed that incident).  Lipstick has always carried a quiet glamour and chicness in my mind, and if you’re going to enter the world of lipstick, you may as well choose something that will make you feel sophisticated every time you carefully apply a coat to your lips.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Rose fits the bill nicely.  This is a very lipstick-y lipstick (ah, my eloquence seems to have gone straight out the window), with a pigmented creme formula, and that almost waxy glide.  The color is, as the name implies, rose.  It’s a little red, a little brown, a little berry pink, at once bright and muted.

It’s too colorful to be called MLBB, but a big step back from the bold reds you might find yourself reaching for later on in your lipstick adventures.  I find myself wearing this most often during fall and winter, when I’m in the mood for something that looks elegant but not overdone.  It’s perfect paired with clean skin, a hint of liner, and lashings of mascara.

And the packaging?  I nod in shallow approval.  The ‘Revlon’ logo embossed on the bullet and quilted black pattern make me smile every time I see them.

Don’t forget to take a look at my fellow bandits’ picks!

What would you recommend as a starter lipstick?


40 thoughts on “Here Do I Present An Introduction to Lipstick

  1. I am not good with lipsticks full stop, but I think one of my first lippies was teh Estee Lauder pure colour in crystal pink – a gorgeous nudy kind of pink. Very easy to wear and feels like a lipstick but is also moisturising and a little glossy (I am afraid I love that lipstick-gloss hybrid that you are not so hot on when looking for lipsticks) because I hate the feel of lipsticky-lipsticks XD

    When I think of lipsticky lipsticks I think of the Chanel and Estee lauder lippies my mum had when I was a kid. When I used to play with them they left a dry feeling on the lips. xD

    • Oh no, I do love those lipstick-gloss hybrids very much! Dior Diorkiss and Revlon Tutti Frutti are some of my most-worn lipcolors, and they both have that very glossy finish. I just wanted to pick something a bit more lipstick-y for this particular post.

      I’ve seen Crystal Pink before, I think in one of those GWP sets, and it looked like a lovely starter lipstick, just like you said 🙂 And hehe, I used to play with my mom’s lipsticks when I was little too. Made me feel so grown-up!

  2. You know I love Soft Rose too! It’s dark/almost red, but still so wearable — lahhhvee it 😀
    My first lipstick I think…was one by Rimmel, but the smell is too horrid now that I can’t bring myself to use it. I might just toss it soon :/

    I’m slowly converting myself to lipstick-ism because I just can’t stand the feeling and look of lipgloss on my lips nowadays. But boy I have acquired way too much lipgloss over the years, how do I get rid of them!?

    • Yes, I remember you mentioning it! Soft Rose lovers unite 🙂

      I have a few lipsticks from Rimmel’s old line too, probably the strongest-smelling lipsticks I have ever come across. Which shade was yours?
      *weeps* I’m the same, I think I’ll invite my friends over and let them have at it sometime soon, most of them tell me they want my makeup even if it’s used, and I don’t know what else to do with my lipgloss. It’s just so high maintenance compared to lipstick, especially when it’s windy.

  3. Wow! I love this color. The Revlon Colorburst formula is probably my favorite from the drugstore and this shade is perfect. I may need to pick this up next time I’m out shopping. 🙂

  4. PRETTY! I admit to being in that shallow pool too haha-I don’t have a lot of drugstore lippies. But I LOVE this shade a lot.

    • I just burst out laughing at ‘Meep!’ I make that sound occasionally and then everyone gives me weird looks 😛

      That’s too bad! I actually have 3 or 4 lipsticks from this line that I love, although some of the more hyped colors were not at all up my alley.

  5. Ack! I was going to buy Soft Rose cause it swatched so nicely but when I reached for a new tube, there was none! I will keep this one on my list though and when the ban is over, I’ll go crazy (hopefully not)…

  6. I completely agree with you about the personality of lipstick so to speak. There are so many classic feminine memories that accompany lipstick, it would have to be a classy shade like this to truly deserve the name. I love the shade you’ve chosen … it tiptoes into the red while remaining soft and wearable for first timers.

    ♥ Jessica

    • You put it very poetically! And personality is a good way of looking at it, I do have a soft spot for lipgloss, but I’ve always seen lipstick as having more of a personality/history…if that makes sense.

      Sad you couldn’t join us this time around! Out of curiosity, what would you have picked?

  7. I toyed with the idea of using the Revlon Lip Butter too! *high5* but I wasn’t feeling it so I decided not to. I happen to really like the Revlon Colourburst lipsticks but we don’t get Soft Rose. I cannot imagine why when it looks so gorgeous on you! >.<

  8. I admit that packaging does affect what I buy! Even over price – for example, I’d sooner buy a lippie from Revlon at $10 a pop or whatever, than Urban Decay’s, which may be lovely but their packaging does NOT do it for me – especially not for $20+! Fickle beings we are 🙂

    In any case, I can’t truly recall my first lipstick, but I am making strides toward wearing it more and being comfortable in it, as I’ve always been a gloss (and more lately, a balm) girl. The Revlon Color Burst formula IS quite nice, and a great way to ease into wearing lipstick without breaking the bank. And this Soft Rose shade looks terrific on you!

    • Good to know I’m not the only one! It’s why I always get sucked in by Asian drugstore makeup, they’ve got their packaging down PAT.
      hahah I used to be a gloss girl too, but now my heart belongs to lipstick 🙂

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