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Empties & Monthly Purchases (1/20/12 – 2/20/12)

About a month ago, I melodramatically embarked on a beauty/home fragrance ban (I mean it when I say melodramatically.  Even Frodo didn’t make such a big fuss about going to Mordor).  You can read about it here.  I promised to do monthly updates, and this is the very first one.  How did I do?

First off, the empties:

I got the idea of starting an ’empties bag’ from the lovely Liz.  Liz, you are a genius.  Transferring everything from bag to recycling bin at the end of the month is immensely satisfying.  Clunk, plink, plop, music to my ears.  I almost pulled everything out just so I could repeat the process, but that would have been slightly ridiculous.

I started the empties bag on January 20, but keep in mind that I didn’t use these items in the span of one month.  Many of these items are things I’ve been working on finishing for awhile.

The tally (previously reviewed items linked): 8 skincare, 3 mascaras, 1 lipcolor

And now, the moment of truth.  Let’s review the guidelines once more.

Do not exceed 3 items and stay within budget cap of $30.  This includes necessities.

Did I stay within my spending limits?  Yes!  Well, I guess that depends how you count it, but I’m saying yes.  You can be the judge.

I purchased one tube of Rembrandt Intense Stain Removal Toothpaste at slightly under $5, and then a mountain of Sterile Gauze Sponges.  I didn’t know whether to include first aid items under essentials, but since I bought so many of them, I thought I probably should.  I’m on my fourth box already, but I’m just going to count these as one item.  Total cost was $23, leading me to conclude that burning yourself is an expensive business.  Don’t do it.

But I’m coming in at $2 under my monthly budget, and overall am very happy with my self control this month.  Can I do a celebratory lunge?  I think so.

Ban buddies, how have you been doing so far?  And has anyone else thought about implementing a spending ban?


18 thoughts on “Empties & Monthly Purchases (1/20/12 – 2/20/12)

  1. Yes!! The lunge that started it all for me 😀

    I can’t believe that your monthly budget is $30, you put me to serious shame. I feel shamed. But – that is totally awesome and you rock for being able to do it!

    In my less-than-awesomeness, I feel I’m doing well with my own low-buy, staying within my guidelines and using up a fair bit of makeup in the process, which makes me HAPPY! I also have Lychee Luxe but it’s nowhere near completion. I actually like it quite a bit so I’m in no hurry 🙂 In any case, great work MM! Let’s keep the momentum going!

    • hahahah well, it is a pretty influential lunge. I drew it myself *preens*

      I needed to set my monthly budget low because I have so many unused/half-used things lying around. If I’m being totally honest with myself, I should set it at $0 because I’m not going to run out for anything for awhile (like the Saline…I have so many bottles of that lying around, and same goes for the DHC Cleansing Oil). Thank you though! Let’s see if I can keep it up for another month 🙂

      And don’t you start with ‘less-than-awesomeness!’ You are pretty awesome for deciding to do this and stick with it in the first place 😀 Chug chug chug, we can do this!

  2. That some sound advice there that getting burned is expensive. 🙂 I hope you are healing well MM. I burned my arm last week from pulling something out of the stove and was looking over my shoulder for some stupid reason. I just have a 2.5 in burn and this sucker hurts, so I can’t imagine how much pain your is.
    But WOOHOO for keeping under your limit!

    • It is SO expensive, I’m not going near boiling water again anytime soon. Eek, sorry to hear you got burned! Is it first or second degree? Take good care of it, and hope you heal soon 🙂 I am, thank you! There’s no pain anymore, but the doctor told me to keep it wrapped for another 2-3 weeks.

  3. WOOP WOOP! So many empties and staying under your budget? You did awesomely! Thank goodness I stopped myself from implementing a spending limit cause knowing me, I’d also spend $23 on buckets of gauze too T___T

  4. Haha…love the celebratory lunges! Congrats 😀 I haven’t put myself on a ban but considering the fact that I haven’t bought much makeup lately I think my wallet is thanking me atm. 😛

  5. Wow, that’s an impressive amount of empties. It’s so rare that I finish anything, unless it’s shampoo and conditioner. I finish those…

    (By the way, I tagged you in a post today. You should totally check it out.)

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