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Stash Shopping: Dior 2009 Holiday Collection Makeup Palette

Back before I ever picked up a lipstick or made googly eyes at a nail polish, I used to peek through my mom’s beauty magazines from time to time.  One of the articles that still stands out in my mind is this one, a mini ‘review’ of Lancome’s Destiny Cube.  While it does look both cute and cool (see here), that blurb made it seem so mysterious, something that held real magic which could be released with the mere touch of a finger.

But MM, the picture on top says Dior…how…

Wait, I’m getting there!

Lately, I’ve fallen into the trap of using the same handful of makeup products every single day.  I try to trick myself by using a new lipstick each morning, but the truth is that I haven’t worn a lick of eye makeup in weeks, aside from the occasional halfhearted coat of mascara.

The other day, I felt a desperate need to wear eyeshadow.  I couldn’t remember what it looked like or felt like on my face anymore.  This conversation sums up my general state of mind at that point:


So I reached into my makeup drawer, and pulled out my Dior 2009 Makeup Palette, a most wonderful birthday gift from my friend Hens, who obviously knows me well.

For the record, I love palettes that zip open.  Can’t you hear the sound of possibility?  Ziiippp

It contains three beautiful eyeshadow duos, a blush in 943 Strawberry Sorbet, Diorskin Compact, and travel-sized gloss in 257 Organdi pink, and mini Diorshow Iconic mascara.

Naturally, just as I was about to dip my brush into the buttery golden brown, I realized it was 7:05 and I had to leave the house.  Which is why I’ve titled this post ‘stash shopping,’ not ‘review.’

Mostly, I just wanted to share the beauty of this palette with you, although I admittedly didn’t do the best job.  I just got my new shooting setup together, and haven’t quite figured out the lighting yet.  It’s a work in progress.

I solemnly pledge to play with this more over the weekend, and hopefully I’ll have an EOTD or two to show you by next week.

On a sidenote, I love that they’ve covered every detail in this palette, right down to the sponge applicators:

Have you recently come across any unloved products in your collection?  What’s your most-beloved makeup item, even if it’s beloved for deplorably shallow reasons like mine (the packaging is pretty and it feels very special when I cradle it in my makeup-loving hands)?


10 thoughts on “Stash Shopping: Dior 2009 Holiday Collection Makeup Palette

  1. Bahahahahaha! Too funny!
    Such a pretty palette!! And yes-I have found loads of blushes I’ve forgotten about. It’s kind of nice, shopping the stash I have to say!

    • hehe I love that you appreciate my sense of humor. And it’s amazing how you can completely forget about old favorites until you start shopping your stash again. Hope your blushes are getting lots of love now!

  2. I love stash shopping. All the fun of shopping without the pain in the pocketbook (ok, ALMOST all the fun of shopping). That palette looks lovely! 😉

    • hahaha sadly, this is true. It will never be quite as fun as the real thing, but I gotta take what I can get!
      P.S. I am dying to shop your stash, may I play with your Burberry eyeshadows please? 😛

  3. I think my stash is still too small to be able to find something that I have ‘forgotten’ about – which actually makes me feel sort of inadequate (that is really messed up). LOL! But I have been putting in an effort to use all of my products lately, as some get put by the wayside for stupid reasons I won’t go on about here. My most beloved item…I don’t think I have just one, but probably five items which I absolutely adore. Chanel’s Blush Horizon might be one of them, and it DEFINITELY helps that it looks so darn pretty ;P

    • LOL shame on me, this is exactly why I need to purge my stash. Umm, but I kind of get what you mean at the same time (whenever I see the inside of a makeup store, for example. It makes me feel inadequate by comparison…I’ve noticed I only ever have these conversations with fellow beauty bloggers…I’m going to stop now).

      Chanel’s Blush Horizon is definitely worthy of your love, it’s so spiffing beautiful.

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