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Let’s Talk LOTR: Say What?!

Let’s Talk LOTR is my way of dealing with the wait (for The Hobbit, of course).  Anything Tolkien-related is fair game.  Come join the fun and geekery every Sunday!

So, did everyone watch the Oscars?  I was in a betting pool (purely for bragging rights) with a group of fellow bloggers, and while I missed 90% of the awards, I have a feeling that my score is close to zero.  Well, props for effort (ladies, if you’re reading this, who won?)

This week’s Let’s Talk LOTR was sparked by a conversation I had with my friend earlier in the week.  It was extremely lengthy, so I’ve only included a short snippet.  Might post part 2 eventually, as I found it quite funny, but my sense of humor is a little off.  Anyways, I’ve changed names for privacy, and blotted out all mildly inappropriate words with asterisks, in an effort to keep this family-friendly.  Ehem.

Take a look:

M the Great 9:19 pm
neither _____ nor ______ has seen lord of the rings
i was like
and my dad was like
    they were both like “it’s much too violent”
Me 9:19 pm
too violent?
M the Great 9:19 pm
i was like
you ain’t seen NUTHIN
like that golden marigold movie
dat **** was crazay
Me 9:20 pm
wow i’m going to cry foreal
M the Great 9:21 pm
i know!
that’s like
i don’t even know
Me 9:21 pm
and also
what kind of reason is that?
that’s the ******est reason i’ve ever heard in my life not to watch the trilogy
M the Great 9:21 pm
they’re sheltered
i was doing things more violent
    by the time that i was 12
Me 9:21 pm
besides it’s very
M the Great 9:21 pm
Me 9:21 pm
honorable violence
M the Great 9:21 pm
that too
    it’s not like plunder
it’s fighting for what you believe
Me 9:22 pm
they fight because
in the end the darkness is only a passing thing.  and when the sun shines out, it will shine out the brighter!
M the Great 9:22 pm
ok samwise

Comments?  Thoughts?  Words of advice for my friend, who apparently was “doing things more violent by the time that [she] was 12?”  Somehow, that worries me.

Hope you’ve all had a restful weekend!



8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk LOTR: Say What?!

  1. You can’t have been worse than me… I got a grand whopping total of four right. FOUR! *hangs head in shame*

    We were all rooting for Viola Davis for best actress, but Meryl won. Which is still amazing! Also, I now have a major crush on Jean Dujardin, who I’ve nominated for Best Face.

    • I just counted, I got EXACTLY FOUR too! hahahah, I wonder if it’s even possible to get less than four, we are truly amazing Dani.

      Yes, I caught Meryl’s acceptance speech! And that should definitely be a category.

  2. I was right six times for the Oscars. Was having an Oscar pool with the family. My mom beat me by one. 😦

    As to LOTR, I didn’t think it was all that violent. But..I have a high tolerance for that thing, what with all of the horror movies I watch.

    Speaking of the movies, I watched them all again recently. And then I bought Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy Trivial Pursuit board game. But I don’t have anyone nerdy enough to play it with me. 😉

    • Woot, beat me by two! *applause*

      Honestly, I didn’t think it was violent either. But maybe that’s because I’ve watched the behind-the-scenes stunt tapes too many times, although geez some of them get into it (Viggo Mortensen and John Rhys-Davies in particular, two very scary people). Yay! I didn’t even know there was a Trivial Pursuit board game. I would totally play that with you hahaha

  3. I stopped counting midway through. Keeping up with the categories was too hard. Hahahaha. I’d be half listening and then they’d start announcing nominees and I’m like, “Oh crap, what category is this?” And S., who was only 1/4 listening and cooking dinner (kimchi fried rice!) at the same time would patiently inform me what category it was. And then I had no idea what nominee I had picked out of a hat so then I’d have to go back to the email and check and…that was far too much work. Hahahaha.

    • Kimchi fried rice!! Yum!
      hahah and must go back and read that again, because once I saw ‘kimchi fried rice’ it was all over 😛
      It WAS a lot of work, but I was curious to see just how badly I suck at guessing LOL

  4. The only comment I can honestly say here is – HILARIOUS!! OMFG that has to be one of the best discussions I’ve ever heard, and not just because it’s about LotR 😛 And oh MAN I feel for the person who hasn’t seen the trilogy – they are missing out on life, man!! I’m going to also cry for real 😥

    • hahaha glad you found this is funny as I did 😛 And geez, you think that’s bad, the other day I said I was in the mood for some Tolkien, and was met with a resounding, ‘Who?’

      Somewhere, Tolkien is rolling over in his grave.
      Somewhere, hobbits pause in their eating/drinking/smoking of pipe weed to shed a tear.

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