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A Little TLC With MFW Masks

My love for sheet masks is hardly a secret (although they are a huge pain to shoot if you don’t have the foresight to keep the boxes on hand.  And by ‘you,’ I mean ‘me’).

Sheet masks are basically cloth circles with holes for breathing (and seeing) soaked in ‘essence,’ a gel-like liquid that’s packed with skin-loving ingredients.  These relaxing masks act as single use, ready-to-go spa treatments.  Unlike your usual skincare products, sheet masks are designed to deliver instant results.  These results seldom last more than 24 hours, but you see them right away, rather than having to wait for months.

The idea is so brilliant that I don’t know why it’s taken eons for these things to show up in the US.  But My Face Works is stepping up to the plate, and supplying North America with sheet masks.  Woot!

If you’re new to sheet masks, please refer to the sketch below for application instructions:

Somehow, the lady on the back of the package looked much more dignified.

First, remove the cloth from the plastic backing (which helps ensure that you’re precious mask does not tear), and slap it on your face.  You can apply any leftover product to your neck, arms, and legs.  The masks from MFW fit my face perfectly, but then again, I’ve never had ‘fit issues’ with any sheet masks before (even the ones people frequently complain about).  I think my face was built to wear sheet masks or something…

The instructions say to leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, but I tend to stretch that out to 45.  While I’ve heard that the extra time can actually dry out your skin through reverse-osmosis, I’ve never had that problem, especially since I always apply moisturizer afterwards to seal in the goodness.

Also, I had no idea there was such a thing as reverse osmosis.  But science class is just a traumatic, fuzzy blur in my memory.

I like to spend those glorious 45 minutes taking dainty sips of green tea, and kicking back with a book.  I’m not a dainty sipper by nature, but if you attempt to drink from a wide cup while wearing a sheet mask, you will end up with tea all over your face.  I make these mistakes so you don’t have to.

Afterwards, I pat the serum into my skin and apply a moisturizer.  If the feeling of leftover essence bothers you even after patting it in, feel free to rinse your face, as your skin has already absorbed it.  Just remember to follow up with a moisturizer.

I tried the “I Need Damage Control” and “I Need to Wake Up” masks from MFW’s extensive lineup.  INDC sports an anti-aging formula with Coenzyme Q10, on a mask made of 100% silk.  It felt heavenly on my face, but I saw no visible results after 40 minutes, not that I was expecting my nonexistent wrinkles/fine lines to go away.  My skin did feel significantly plumper and more hydrated, but I find this to be the case with almost all sheet masks.

INtWU, on the other hand, delivered the results I was looking for.  It’s billed as a brightening, skin-quenching mask with Vitamin C, and left my face positively glowing (and baby-butt smooth).  This mask is made from biodegradable fabric that doesn’t feel quite as luxurious as the silk, but still very soft and comfortable.

My one gripe is the price.  Both retail at $55 for a box of 6.  I believe you can also buy them individually at around $10 per mask, but I’ll have to check later as I’m having trouble accessing their site.

A company finally bringing this product to North America.  The quality of both the mask and the essence is excellent, and I like that the name of each mask type clearly denotes the purpose.

The price.  $10 is inexpensive compared to a spa treatment, but the problem is that I’m used to paying a fraction of that (my wonderful and endlessly patient Taiwanese relatives CP masks for me).  In addition, Asian webstores like Sasa or YesStyle carry masks at an extreme markup that are still less expensive than these.

If you’re fine with paying the price, these are a lovely way to unwind and instantly perk up your skin.  I absolutely loved the INtWU mask, but could probably only justify buying one in single packet form.

Do you sheet mask?  Did I just turn that phrase into a verb?

What are some of your favorite sheet masks?  I’m partial to My Beauty Diary’s Southern France Apricot, which I received in a swap.

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.

22 thoughts on “A Little TLC With MFW Masks

  1. Haha! Your drawings are simply amazing. The detail is astounding. 🙂
    I sheet mask! I’ve even tried those SKII ones-god they are good, but yeah-don’t have anymore of them since I had to sell a kidney to pay for one box. I still need my other kidney.
    I’ve seen these around and they sounded great! I think I will try them out, since even though still a tad pricey, they’re not organ selling costly. 😛

    • Thanks Tracy! You know, I’ve been practicing those from a very young age, practice makes perfect hahahha

      Been wanting to try the SK-II masks, but I’m not ready to part with any of my vital organs just yet…besides I would have to sell off multiple ones to get that Chantecaille mask too. And yes, I agree that you need your other kidney.

      Hope you like them! Also, I’d suggest you try My Beauty Diary. I guess the markup is high compared to what you can get it for in Asia, but they work well and go for around $12-15 for a box of 10 online.

  2. I love the MBD Royal Jelly mask and Natto too! I keep resisting the use of my one and only MBD Southern France Apricot mask though because if it really is as good as you make it out to be, I’ll have trouble resisting buying a 10 pack when I have 50 other masks to finish D:

    • I haven’t tried either of those yet! More to add to my wish list, uh-oh. The Southern France Apricot isn’t amazing in terms of results, I’m just really in love with the scent. Plus it was the first sheet mask I ever used, so I have a bit of a soft spot for it!

  3. I was hoping to see you WITH the mask on but the drawings are almost as good! 😀

    I wanted to write off sheet masks as hype and nonsensical but after finishing up my Korean samples last month, I wish I had some more. I won’t pay a lot for them but they are quite fun and gives you a nice spa-like feel at home.

    • Hey, these drawings are pretty much 100% accurate! Which ones have you tried? I always thought it was a bunch of empty hype before trying them, like why would I want to wear cold wet cloth on my face for an extended period of time? But somehow it’s the most relaxing feeling ever (for me at least), plus my skin looks great afterwards.

  4. Okay, you’ve sold me! I have got to try a sheet mask 🙂 I’m going to order a My Beauty Diary one, but I can’t decide if I want to try the royal jelly, hyaluronic acid or black pearl mask… oh and there’s an aloe one too… haha!

    • Yes, you do! Most of those are on my wish list too, and really good picks. I guess it depends if you’re looking for intense hydration or whitening…I think the hyaluronic acid/aloe serve the same purpose of hydration, so you could probably pick one or the other, the hyaluronic acid one is probably more hardcore 😛 Black pearl works well for whitening/brightening, but I prefer Bulgarian White Rose for that, just because it smells nicer hahah

  5. The drawings are SO CUTE! hehehe.
    Thanks for the face mask tips. I’m always looking out for new products to try … especially when it comes to face mask. Some just don’t work as well.

  6. hHahahahaha I love your drawings 😛 they are so cute!

    Thank you for the review! I am really lazy about using face masks even though I have a huge bunch. xD Yeah I have heard about the reverse osmosis too, but I usually don’t remember to start masking until about 11.30pm or later, by which I want to go to bed and can’t wait to take the thing off, so I usually leave them on max 20 minutes! XD

    • ahaha thanks Jian, I try 😛 Which ones are the best out of the ones you’ve tried? I mostly just use the ones from My Beauty Diary, haven’t branched out much.
      And from what I hear, everyone sheet masks at night! I usually do it in the morning.

  7. Your sketches were really demonstrative of the experience, thank you MM 😉

    I’ve never tried sheet masques, but they sound pretty amazing! I am a bit nervous of masks as a whole because leaving anything on my face (save for moisturizer) for long periods of time usually cause reactions in my skin. But I suppose I could find one that had soothing properties?? The only sheet masks I know off the top of my head are Shiseido’s, which I hear are terrific but I’m sure cost more than my weekly grocery bill (and DAMN if food doesn’t make the top of my priority list!).

  8. I love your face mask sketches! they are adorable (and I don’t like pictures of people wearing face masks, so they are a delightful alternative). also, I like the new images/font for the thumbs up/down and final decision headings! looks really nice. (sorry, I haven’t been keeping up with my beauty blogs very well, they might not be so new and am just now noticing)

    I like stretching out the wear time as well, haven’t had problems with doing it either. definitely want to try the I Need to Wake Up mask! do you refrigerate your sheet masks as well, or no? I like to sheet mask but haven’t done it in a while. the silky one sounds tempting too, but I’m not willing to pay so much for a pack of sheet masks so expensive..

    • hahah thanks Soo. I don’t mind pictures of people wearing sheet masks, but I didn’t want to scare anybody off 😛 I’ve been told I look quite terrifying with those on.
      And glad to hear you like them! Thought it would be more in keeping with my banner. I don’t refrigerate my sheet masks, but I do keep them in a cool dry place. I usually find that they’re cool enough on their own without me popping them in the fridge, but I would definitely consider doing that in the summer. Which sheet masks are your favorites?

      • don’t really have faves! (feel like I haven’t tried enough to give a good answer.) I like the My Beauty Diary and Lioele ones I’ve tried however! Mixed Berry and Black Pearl are the ones I remember liking I believe

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