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OOTD: Not Spring

It’s not spring.  Not.

I feel so cheated of winter this year (something I say every year).  Where did my solid 3 months of cold weather and beautifully dreary skies go?

One of my closest friends was in town for spring break today, and we met up for a very delicious lunch.  She was appropriately dressed in a t-shirt and shorts.  I should learn from her, because even though it is borderline insanity to wear boots and tights on a 90+ degree day, I did it anyways.  Living in my own world, I tell you.

But can you blame me for wanting to wear these shoes?  I call them my Legolas boots:

Blurry, so blurry.  Bad autofocus.

v-neck: Forever 21
button-up: Forever 21
skirt: Cotton On
tights: Target
bag: Coldwater Creek
boots: Aerosoles

Before I go, here’s a question  for you.  I’m shopping around for a nice pair of black leather boots, as well as a new pair of flats.  Since I know all of you have fabulous style, please hit me up in the comments with recommendations!

How’s your week starting off?  Mine’s excellent, as my burn has finally healed, and I can go back to fencing.  Huzzah!


24 thoughts on “OOTD: Not Spring

  1. looooove the outfit, MM! Especially that skirt!

    How much do you want to spend on your boots? How high – knee length, over the knee, mid-calf…?

    As for flats, I don’t buy them often. If you’re hipster enough, TOMS has new flats that are actually pretty cute (I hear they run big, though). If you find anything cute, let me know 😛

    • Thanks Larie! If it’s a really good quality pair of black leather boots that I can get a lot of wear out of, I’m willing to spend into the hundreds (whereas I spent $30 on these because suede isn’t all that practical outside of SoCal), although something less expensive but still good quality would be ideal. And I’d prefer knee high. Got any suggestions for me? 😀

      Yeah, I almost never buy flats, I only have one pair at a time. Just wore through my last pair to the point where the top and the bottom of the shoe are completely separate LOL, so I think it’s time for a new pair. And I will definitely let you know!

  2. Hahaha looove the Legolas boots (and the outfit in general). You should totally go for some oxfords or loafers for flats…unless you’re actually looking for ballet flats! With ballet flats, I’d say you’d have so much to choose from, so any of them would look nice 😀

    • Thanks Maggie! I was looking for ballet flats, guess I should be a little more specific haha. I want a basic pair that works for everyday and goes with everything, not too expensive, and relatively comfortable.

  3. BOOOOO for cameras misbehaving but love the legolas boots and your outfit! And yayyy for burn healing finally! ^^ You do fencing?? :O

  4. Your outfit is adorable!

    I was wondering if you wanted to trade locales. You can live in Montana where it’s still cold and dreary, and I can live where you are, in the warmth. Do we have a deal?

  5. Your Legolas Boots look great and they are paired so nicely w/ your outfit! 😀 Good to hear your burn has healed. I burned myself two weeks ago and the scab FINALLY fell off yesterday. I was like, “About time!!” 😛

    (The book is well written and a fast read!)

    • Thank you! And yikes, how did you burn yourself? Glad it’s healed now though 🙂

      Well then, will add that to my to-read list. I remember you mentioning you liked nonfiction, what are some of your favorites?

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