Let's Talk Tolkien

Let’s Talk LOTR: The Lighting of the Beacons

Let’s Talk LOTR is a weekly series of posts, sparked by my obsession with all things Middle Earth.  It’s also my way of dealing with the wait (for The Hobbit, of course).  Anything Tolkien-related is fair game.  Come join the fun and geekery every Sunday!

How could I have spent all that time talking about the Complete Recordings, and neglect to show you a single track?


As I said before, “The Lighting of the Beacons” is one of my favorites.  It contains all the major leitmotifs in a glorious 9 minute bundle.  Turn up your speakers for this one, sit back, close your eyes, and drift away to Middle Earth.

And now I’ll slip out, and let the music do the talking.


P.S. For those of you wondering, this is available for individual purchase on iTunes. It’s (need I even say this?) well worth the 99 cents.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk LOTR: The Lighting of the Beacons

    • Nooo but why?! If you’re looking for suggestions for The Complete Recordings, I would suggest The Lighting of the Beacons, The Battle of the Pelennor Fields, The Grace of Undomiel, and The Green Dragon (ok fine, that one isn’t absolutely necessary but it’s so darn funny). One of my favorite tracks on there is The Fellowship Reunited…utterly, breathtakingly gorgeous, but it’s album only, so skip that unless you’re getting the whole album (an excellent idea, if I may say so myself).

      Then, of course, there is the classic ‘Concerning Hobbits,’ which I got separately. Keep requesting that they carry Complete Recordings 1 and 2, but so far no luck 😦

      P.S. Let me know if you get anything off the album, then we can geek out together*

      *more than usual, that is

  1. Yessssssss. I am leaving this on while I peruse your other posts (new tab! lol). There isn’t much else to say but ~sigh~ Sooo long until the Hobbit, whyyyy?

    In an unrelated but related note, I finished re-reading Harry Potter last night, and I think I enjoyed it even more the second time around. I suspect when I read The Hobbit etc. that I will feel the same. Definitely considering a yearly read!!

    • I’m tiding myself over with production videos. Can’t believe Elijah Wood is 30! Dressed up as Frodo, he still looks 19 to me.

      Yes, The Hobbit gets better with age! Like a fine wine, although I wouldn’t actually know. But that’s my theory, and I think you should reread it 😀

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