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Sticking to the Beauty Ban: General Pitfalls & Some Advice

I’ve been on a beauty ban for a couple of months now, and I’d like to think that my wisdom has grown exponentially from this significant experience.

Can’t believe I typed that without throwing my keyboard out the window in a fit of hilarity.  Anyways, I did have some things to share concerning beauty bans and such.  Read on!

1. Don’t use the beauty ban as an excuse to hide in your hobbit hole all day and be antisocial.

Shortly after I started my beauty ban, a couple of my friends asked me if I wanted to accompany them on a mall excursion.  I’ll be honest, I would have rather done something else with them (anything that didn’t involve walking by/into makeup and home fragrance shops).  But that being said, I still had a good time hanging out with my friends, and it was a relief to see that I had enough self control to leave the mall empty-handed.  Which leads me to my second point…

2. Don’t exchange one bad habit for another.

When I restricted my beauty spending, it became more tempting to buy…other things.  Anything else, really.  Even though my main goal was just to purge my stash and cut down on extraneous items, I also wanted to limit my spending in general, just because it’s always nice to have some savings tucked away.  So with that in mind, I’ve turned on the annoying little voice in the back of my head that chirps are you sure? every time I’m about to buy something.

3. Blog about it.

If you can.  Knowing that I have to track my purchases makes me pay a lot more attention to my spending patterns.  It also helps to keep an ’empties’ bag, so I have a visual record of my slowly shrinking stash.  Trust me, it’s very gratifying.  Also, the fact that I have ban buddies to hold me accountable has made it a lot easier.  And finally,

4. Look on the bright side.

I hear you, wigeon.  I hear you squawking what bright side?!  Sometimes when you curb your spending habits, its easy to descend into a puddle of misery, but remember your goals.  Also, when designing your ban, I’d recommend that you don’t crack down too much.  While it might be perversely tempting to say no beauty purchases ever, trust me, this will just make things harder, and chances are you’ll give up before the month is out.  If you’re going to make rules, make them strict enough to make achieve your goal, but loose enough that you can actually see yourself following through.

Any tips & tricks to share?  How are you doing, fellow ban buddies?



20 thoughts on “Sticking to the Beauty Ban: General Pitfalls & Some Advice

  1. These are great tips! I have never been able to stick to a beauty ban for long, I guess I just made the rules too strict and hard-to-follow. Maybe I should consider trying again as I too need to purge my stash.

    • Gio, I was going to make the rules really strict at first when I was all pumped up about this thing, but I’m glad I didn’t. It would have been way too discouraging, and honestly I don’t think I would have been able to follow through if the rule was no makeup/skincare purchases AT ALL for ___ amount of time. Let me know if you decide to do a beauty ban, and we can be each other’s support systems!

  2. Remembering one’s goals is really important and super helpful! I’ve been resisting the urge to spend lately because I keep reminding myself that I want to travel… Oh, and school expenses, too. :p

  3. Good tips! I’m afraid that I’ve broken all my rules lately and am feeling a sorry mess. 😦 I think #2 is the hardest part because I’ve always been a crazy shopper and focusing on makeup was taking my attention off shoes, bags and clothes. Now I’m… everywhere. @_@

    • You’re not a sorry mess Liz! I forbid you to spout such blasphemy o.O

      It’s so difficult. My mind wants to be tricky and lead me towards shoes/bags/books/etc, but then I realize that it’s not actually helping the situation *sigh*

  4. Sometimes (aka, rarely) I feel lucky that there isn’t a Sephora around for hundreds of miles. I mean, if I had one in my town, I’d be there all the time drooling over products and spending what little money I had inflating my already big makeup collection.

    But…then…ya know…I miss Sephora. Sadness.

    • Tell me about it! Well, I mean there’s a Sephora here within driving distance, but I hate battling it out with other cars in the parking lot, so I rarely go.

      Imagine if we lived right next door to Sephora. Gulp.

    • That’s another good one! It does make you aware of things that aren’t getting much use. Weirdly, I am now using things I dislike way more just in an attempt to get rid of them.

      How goes the blush ban?

  5. Good tips 🙂 I agree, it gets dangerous when your attention is diverted to the wide world of “other stuff” you could be buying. But I think it gives us some perspective, too. When you compare your $32 lipstick to a really nice shirt or something, it’s like hm….which would I get more use out of? But it also makes the items you do buy that much more important, you know?

    • Thanks Larie! And this is so true…I’d rather spend $20 on a lipstick than on clothes. Dohh. Working on it.

      And I know what you mean! Hopefully in the future, I’ll keep reminding myself of that.

  6. I started Project 10 Pan last August. But it’s not too effective…..taking ages to finish certain products. Then I decided to give away a blush I had been trying to finish to a friend.

    Then, I made a resolution for this year to go on makeup no buy. But allow myself to purchase at least 2 makeup products a month if necessary, especially from the LE collections. So far, it’s been working.

    • That’s a good resolution! Hope it continues to work 😀

      Yeah products just take forever to finish…I’ve been working on the same mattifying face powder for almost 3 years now I think. Getting there though LOL

  7. I just found out something AWESOME – I can access your blog from work!! Mwahahahaha!! Most of the blogs I read are inaccessible from the fortress that is Canadian Federal Government. Somehow you rock SO much that you can get past this wall – yes!! Except, unfortunately, I can’t post comments from there. D’oh!

    ANYWAY. As a fellow ban buddy, you know I can relate to ALL of what you just wrote. Especially about not replacing one thing with another. Last year when I gave up buying cosmetics for Lent, I did a bunch of stupid things like buy a $350 watch, and of course I bought a massive amount of cosmetics before and after ‘because I deserved it’. Oh yea, good times. I just like shopping so darn much!!! I realized last week that the way I’m behaving lately with beauty is to keep wanting wanting wanting and I’m still not getting the point about appreciating what I have. I’m not sure how to learn this skill, but I have a whole year to keep trying! I didn’t do too great this month, but it could have been worse I guess. Oh, the lessons we must learn eh?

    • What?! That’s amazing! hahaha I think I should win some kind of award for that 😛

      No worries, I keep having to pull myself back from the brink of spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes, books, shoes, food, whatever else there is. I like shopping a lot too. Right now, I’m trying to feed my shopping addiction with Pinterest. Like instead of buying things I pin them hahahha…it kind of works?

      And yes, you have a whole year and you shouldn’t expect to suddenly make a 180 on your beauty attitude! It’s something that will come with time, I’m sure.

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