Let's Talk Tolkien

Let’s Talk LOTR: So Where are They Taking the Hobbits?

Let’s Talk LOTR is a weekly series of posts, sparked by my obsession with all things Middle Earth.  It’s also my way of dealing with the wait (for The Hobbit, of course).  Anything Tolkien-related is fair game.  Come join the fun and geekery every Sunday!

And today, just a little song which would make an excellent singing birthday card for anyone you really hate.


There is also the ten-hour-long version below:

(Please don’t actually watch this)


Which I will listen to while I write about the Great Mosque of Cordoba’s architectural significance or its historical importance, haven’t decided which yet. Hmm, maybe this is why all of my papers come out sounding nonsensical.

Just another weekend that’s flown by all too quickly, next week’s LTL will be longer and more interesting 🙂

Did you get a laugh out of that, or are you strangling me through the computer screen?

Much Love,

12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk LOTR: So Where are They Taking the Hobbits?

    • It’s so jazzy hahahha. And you too! If I hadn’t met you, I would never have seen Peanut Frodo or Peg Doll Frodo or the PEZ Fellowship. My life would be a big empty black hole.

  1. Things I love about this post:
    – everything
    – mostly that you posted the ten hour version and then said “please don’t actually watch this”

    I’m having a hard time waiting for the movie. I’m a major Richard Armitage fan girl so that’s also not helping.
    ♥ Jessica

    • LOL glad you liked it! And I’m having a terribly hard time waiting too. It’s like there’s a gaping chasm between now and December, and I have to build a bridge…out of rope…

      Yeah, don’t know where I’m going with this. But I need the movie to come out now!
      (Oh god, and then we have to wait a whole year for the second one. How will I survive?)

  2. A year for the second one? :/ God…

    Are you writing about Cordoba’s Mosque?? I’m spanish… Are you studying something related? 🙂

    • Well I mean, ten hours, but if you’re watching this for ten hours straight it probably feels like a year.

      And yes, I’m writing a paper on it! Care to enlighten me on the Great Mosque of Cordoba? 😛

  3. LMFAO!!! I could barely make it through the first one, 10 HOURS OF IT?? OMG. But even as I was hating it, I was loving it too, so….if my brain one day implodes, you’ll know it’s because I gave into the 10 hour version.

    SO EFFING HILARIOUS. Thank you for that my dear 😛

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