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Going for Gold: LaRocca Skincare Review

I’m going to run out of witty (or call it what you will) titles for gold-inclusive skincare/hair care/makeup soon.  Everyone just has to add gold to their products.  Do they realize how much pressure they’re putting on me?

Today’s culprit is LaRocca, a brand which uses 24K ‘Colloidal Gold’ in the majority of their products.  Wikipedia (oh yes, I do some serious research for these posts) tells me that Colloidal gold = teeny tiny gold particles suspended in liquid.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

According to LaRocca, colloidal gold, when used in conjunction with other ingredients, promotes cell regeneration and smooth, glowy skin.  Now again, I am not a scientist.  In fact, science is quite possibly my worst subject, so I can’t speak for the effectiveness of gold in these products.  And since they don’t seem to be adding extra dollar signs for the gold, I’ll just evaluate these products in terms of effectiveness, like I usually do.

First on the chopping block is their Vitamin Repair Mist SPF 15.  My guess is that the SPF isn’t terribly effective, since you would need much more product than you typically mist on your face to actually receive that amount of sun protection.  So keep wearing that sunscreen, ladies!

The mist has a noticeable, but not overpowering, watermelon-floral scent.  It’s cooling enough to instantly refresh my skin, but not so cooling that it stings or irritates my face.  I found the mist on this particular bottle to be on the heavy side, but that can be easily fixed by misting from farther away (see Figure 1-b).  My one gripe is that it contains gold shimmer particles.  Not enough to turn me into a disco ball, but noticeable under direct sunlight.  The instructions say to use this product on the face and neck, but there’s no reason it can’t be used on arms/legs/decolletage as well.  I’ll probably skip spraying my face on bright summer days, and use this on other areas instead.

A 1.7 oz/50 mL bottle retails at $25.

I also tried their Lip Shield with SPF 8, which touts itself as deeply nourishing and anti-microbial.  How exactly a lipbalm can be anti-microbial I do not know, but apparently they’ve accomplished this through mangosteen and something called Brazilian Cha de Burge.  Science people, do weigh in.

While I adored the very yummy scent (along the lines of mangoes and fresh berries) and smooth texture, I was let down by its moisturizing properties.  I will insert the usual disclaimer that my lips are extremely dry, and I have had limited success with a good number of balms.  Well, this is one of those balms that just didn’t do it for me.  Great for softening my lips if they’re already in good shape, but otherwise not very effective.

Lip Shield comes in a variety of colors, including Proseco, Rose, Syrah, and Zinfadel (loving the names).  There is also Clear, which is the one I have, although it is more of an opaque buttery yellow in the tube.

LaRocca Lip Shield retails at $15 for 0.27 oz/8mL.

I liked both products, but neither one blew me away.  If you’re looking for gold skincare (even if it’s just so you can feel fancy), the Vitamin Mist is a nice mid-end option.  As for Lip Shield, I actually think the colored versions look quite lovely, and are more worth it for the price.

Either of these sound like your cup of tea?  Anyone want to give me suggestions for titles with ‘gold’ in them?

Happy Monday!

P.S. The wonky pictures?  This is what happens when you try to mess around with weird lighting when the sun is still up.  I apologize.

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


6 thoughts on “Going for Gold: LaRocca Skincare Review

  1. Hahaha your diagrams hurt my sides. I like the spray part -looks so real!

    I have nothing for you in ways of gold post titles. Nuthin’. I think you should just call them all Going For Gold 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-100. Ya know-yeah. 🙂

    I no likey gold Cullen sparkles on my face. Why does everyone think we like that?

    • HAHAHAH I had one on here that was ‘All That is Gold Does Not Glitter’ but I was like GONNA BE ALL ORIGINAL AND STUFF. But I like your number idea, it makes my life easier.

      Seriously! Glowy skin = good, or as you would say in your temptress voice shmexxxxy. Sparkly skin really very much not the same.

  2. Gold in skincare products doesn’t really do anything, but as long as companies don’t charge me more for it and I don’t turn into a discoball after using it, I don’t mind it being there lol.

    The lip balm really intrigues me. My lips are in good condition so I think it could be moisturizing enough for me, and the scent sounds so yummy!

  3. I’m going to be a bummer and say that neither of these products interest me at all. Just sounds like a whole lotta hoopla for not a whole lot of result. Gold sounds luxurious but yea, sparklies aren’t really the way to go unless you’re a fairy. Though, you did do that awfully pretty Arkenstone eye look – maybe you ARE a fairy. In which case, continue on using this my dear! Or, perhaps you could give your stickman a little compensation for all his hard work – looks like he’s LOVING the face spray! hehe

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