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Empties & Monthly Purchases (2/20/12 – 3/20/12)

This month’s installment is here a little later than usual because of my crazy hectic last week (mosques were written about, readings were frantically studied, and 19 page reports were hastily assembled.  I was also guilty of using the passive voice on multiple occasions on multiple academic things, which is how you can tell I’m reaching my limit). Anyways, let’s get into the empties bag.  As always, I’ve linked any previously reviewed items.

  • Toothpaste: boring basic
  • Saline solution: boring basic
  • Aveeno body lotion: my favorite.  Will have to do a review on this one day
  • My Beauty Diary face masks (not counted in tally until I finish up the box, but  I like to toss these in)
  • St. Ives Oatmeal Body Wash: Like it a lot, especially for the price.  The drugstore was all out when I went to repurchase though.
  • Finesse Clean + Simple Shampoo: paraben free, sulfate free, dimethicone free, etc. Doesn’t work nearly as well as my chemical-laden shampoos, but it doesn’t make me break out and/or irritate my scalp either.
  • La-Roche Posay Nutritic Lips 
  • Crabree & Evelyn Summer Hill Hand Cream
  • 2 Slatkin Tealights (again, not counted in tally until I finish the whole bag)
  • King lighter

The tally: 7 skincare and 1…miscellaneous item?

As for monthly purchases, I picked up a 2-pack of Aveeno body lotion at Costco for $12 (which is the price of one bottle at the drugstore).  I also bought 2 of my favorite King lighters for $0.99 each.  I know I’m technically not supposed to be stocking up, but I almost never go to the 99 cents store.  I made an exception.  You are allowed to point the finger of shame at me if you wish to do so.  And if you’re wondering what I do with these lighters…pretty much everything from lighting candles and tealights, to melting sealing wax, to flaming eyeliners.

Guess what?  3 items and a total of $14 means another successful month!

(Lest you think I have more willpower than I actually do, I should add that my momma recently returned from Taiwan so laden with beauty products from all my relatives that I have no excuse to be buying things at all right now).

Even so, I will indulge in a celebratory Gollum jump.

Which I was going to draw, but first my mouse died and then my computer died, so I give up.  Have it your way, technology.


P.S. Ban buddies, how’s it going?


12 thoughts on “Empties & Monthly Purchases (2/20/12 – 3/20/12)

  1. Contact solution counts? Well now! Hahaha.

    LOL at Ashley’s post up there. I have an empties post stewing around, too, but I’m waiting on a few things. SO CLOSE.

  2. Wow, nice job! 😀 I usually finish stuff at a rate of oh, 1-2 products a month….haha 😛 I have been thinking of doing my first “empties” post b/c although I only finished 2 items one of them is big. Hey, I stock up on Aveeno at Costco too!

    • I have so much stuff sitting around, I just want to finish it all before I leave home hahah. Hey, I think you should do it! And it’s such a good deal, never buy Aveeno from the drugstore anymore.

  3. Ooh, I also love the Aveeno lotions (unscented for me!) – nice one 🙂 And, I don’t care that your mom brought back a ton of awesome stuff – you are AMAZING at this ban stuff, once again blowing my mind. Teach me the ways, oh wise one!!! ‘Cause I just don’t have the skillz like you do 😥

  4. I’m inspired…and had to laugh at “ban buddies”. I try to do a ban but I always fail so I try to be “reasonable” in my purchases, i.e. one or two luxury beauty items per month plus replacing essentials. Though that gets into the grey area as well. Argh! I’ll look at your previous empties posts for more motivation…

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