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Computer Troubles & Other Happy Tales (Updated)

It seems that my dear laptop of 6 years, which has recently gotten in the habit of crashing several times a day, has finally thrown in the towel.  Please bear with me while I attempt to set up this new computer (and move my piles of pictures over safely, so I can dig up the two or three I was planning on using for today’s review).

On the bright side, I baked a pear butterscotch pie today!  Now tell me about all the happy occurrences in your week so far.

*Update: moved my pictures over, and am about 70% through setting up this laptop!  New content will be up Friday 3/30, I think I’ll spend today catching up on your blogs 🙂



14 thoughts on “Computer Troubles & Other Happy Tales (Updated)

  1. Boo for a crashed computer!! But YUM to butterscotch pie, that sounds fantastic!

    I hope you get everything sorted with the new comp – I have an old laptop that crashed on me like 5 years ago, and I’ve yet to go get everything off it LOL. Procrastinating hardcore, eh!?

    Good luck MM!!

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