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Gigantic Rusk Hairsprays + A Brief ‘History Lesson’

I’ve been away from my blog for such a long time (blog time, not to be confused with real time) that I could probably write a history of the world since I’ve been gone.

You know what?  I will.

Things that have happened while I’ve been gone

1. My second favorite rap artist, Obie Trice, finally released a new album.  It’s called Bottoms Up, and has a picture of baby Obie on the front.  See?  I’m head-bobbing to BME Up as we speak.

2. The Game of Thrones Season 2 premiere aired.  Winter is coming!

3. A couple of Rusk hairsprays jumped off their perch on my vanity, begged me to get my act together, and insisted it was high time that I write a review.  And that is why you’re reading this post.  just kidding.

The history of hairspray-and-yours-truly is long and painful.  If I was Goldilocks and the perfect hairspray was that last bowl of porridge, we certainly never met.  Every hairspray I’ve tried (although I admit I have yet to meet the famous L’oreal Elnett) either leaves my hair a crunchy-tacky mess or has an overwhelming, cloying scent.

Rusk’s Deepshine Oil Finishing Hairsprays promise to deliver strong hold, softly touchable locks, and a conditioning effect thanks to the inclusion of argan oil.  On the list of things that sound too good to be true, this definitely makes the top 10.  In the face of these odds, will Rusk hairsprays manage to reach third-porridge-status?

At first spray, they go on slightly sticky, but quickly dry to a complete weightless finish.  My hair is indeed soft and touchable, but also has this incredibly bounce and shine (I believe the non-word I’ve used in the past is swooshy-ness).  Perhaps it’s due to the argan oil, although I’m a little iffy on that, as ‘Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil’ is definitely at the lower end of the ingredients list.  Nonetheless, the result is incredibly smooth looking hair.

The Deepshine Hairsprays come in two versions: Shaping Hairspray with Strong Hold and Finishing Hairspray with Extra Strong Hold.  Both formulas keep my hair frizz-free and in place, whether I’m sporting a ponytail or an updo.  My favorite thing to do lately is gather my hair into a messy bun, spritz with hairspray, and let it out right before I exit the car for instant loose waves.

The hairsprays come in humongous 10.6 oz bottles, and sport a vaguely nutty, beachy type of scent.  I actually love it, but scent is incredibly subjective, plus I’ve noticed that my friends tend to despise the scents I love (most of them prefer fruity B&BW body sprays or clean scents).

I give these a 2.75 porridge ranking!  Ok, that’s not going to become a thing on this blog, but indulge me just this once.

I absolutely love the Deepshine hairsprays, but there is the matter of the price.  Each bottle retails for $17.50.  It’s not the most expensive hairspray I’ve seen, but it’s definitely pricier than your average drugstore hairspray.  You do get a lot of product though, and I’m very happy with the results.  Give these a look if you’re still searching for that porridge-perfect hairspray, and are willing to pay a little extra.

What’s your favorite hairspray?  Do you have anything to add to my history lesson?  🙂


Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


10 thoughts on “Gigantic Rusk Hairsprays + A Brief ‘History Lesson’

  1. Porridge perfect hairspray haha I like that. I think I’d like the smell of this-we use the L’Oreal Elnett but it smells like…hairspray.
    And see-I had NO IDEA they were putting argan oil in hairspray-I learned something today. Life is good.

  2. While you have been away writing a history of the world, I have been MIA in some respects too, so now I don’t feel so bad 🙂 Those are some big-deal items that happened while you were gone – Obie Trice!! I friggin’ forgot all about that guy. Fun! And we just finished Season 1 of GoT (soo good) so we’re totally ready to get all over Season 2. Winter IS coming, and damn if there’s gonna be dragon’s too, snap!!

    Ok, now, on to business. These sound kind of fabulous!! That is, if I had a use for hairspray with this crazy mop!! The whole put-my-hair-up-in-a-knot-to-take-it-down-and-have-fabulous-hair sounds so appealing to me – lucky gal! (DAMN those hyphens are annoying! Why do I do those types of sentences anyway?!).

    And the scent sounds exactly like what I’d be down with 🙂

    • LOL how is it that you always manage to make my accomplishments sound 10 times more impressive than they actually are?
      You know Obie Trice! Yes! No one ever knows who I’m talking about because he’s so underrated. Bottoms Up is good, but it seems that nothing will ever beat Cheers. Still, it’s better than Second Round’s On Me. I’m in the middle of the Season 2 premiere right now, oh my goodness this show is the best.

      I like hyphens! I’m guilty of using them a lot too 🙂

      • Ooh can’t wait to see the premiere when we get back!

        Can I just say that it is wonderfully convenient that you also use WordPress, so I can read your replies to my comments so damn easily? MAN that is great 🙂

          • Don’t you have that little orange notification on the top right that shows you when you have comments? For anyone who uses WordPress, I can reply right from there 🙂 Maybe you use .org and it’s different??

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