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This Week: Earth Day, Spring Things, and Free Shipping

I just got back from a short out-of-town jaunt, but before I take a much-needed nap (are 8 pm naps still called naps?), there are three orders of business to take care of.

First, remember my review of Glass Dharma’s beautiful, reusable straws?  Well, they’re giving away 500-1000 of these for Earth Day 2012!  The contest goes until April 22, and instructions to enter the giveaway can be found here.

And speaking of April and other spring things, Ellis Faas has just come out with a Spring Gift Set.

The set includes Creamy Eyes E106, a lilac taupe ideal for creating a soft smokey eye, along with the sparkly lilac Lights E304 and nude pink Milky Lips L207.  The trio of products retails at $85, less expensive than purchasing the products separately, but still rather pricey.  As I’ve said time and time again, Ellis Faas products are some of my favorites, and I do like the shades they’ve chosen this time around.  I will say, however, that the novelty of the packaging has somewhat worn off for me, and there are times I wish that they would dispense with the click pens.  Fortunately, their products are so good that the pros usually far outweigh the cons.

And finally, Illamasqua is now offering permanent free shipping on international orders over £75.  They’ve also created a Pinterest page brimming with beautiful visuals, which you can view here.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter weekend!


Second and third images courtesy of Ellis Faas and Illamasqua, respectively.


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