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NOTD: Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time

Today’s nails are courtesy of the lovely Jian, who sent me this little bottle of magnetic Boots polish all the way from the UK.  Thank you Jian!

The polish (creatively named Blue) was plenty opaque, but I applied it over a coat of Zoya Pinta, just to add more depth.

At first glance, this manicure bears little resemblance to Bronzino’s Mannerist painting.  Actually, that’s the polite way of putting it.  But if you squint really hard (and employ a healthy dose of imagination), you might notice that my nails slightly resemble the blue drapery in the background, yes?  Perhaps you are waiting for me to say that I thought for a very long time about what to name this manicure, and then did my usual if-it-doesn’t-work-make-it-work-thing.  No, I actually took one look at the finished manicure and immediately thought of Bronzino.  Then again, we all know my mind doesn’t work normally about 80% of the time, so maybe you can see where I’m coming from.

On a side note (this should actually be the main note, but I am feeling contrary today), I love this polish.  I’m normally not one for dark blues, but the magnetic stripes make it look so rich and glowy.  And if you’re interested, Scrangie has an excellent guide on magnetic polish application here, which I suggest you read before giving this a try.

Have you tried magnetic polishes before?  I’m hoping these will replace the crackle polish trend, which I am sorry to say I never liked much.



13 thoughts on “NOTD: Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time

  1. I am curious about magnetic polishes, but so far have not been brave enough to try. I love the effect that you get though. I bet this would be gorgeous in a gray color.

  2. Loves it! The blue is not a typical blue, I’m horrible at describing colours so I’ll only say that it has depth to it haha~ Oooh, I prefer magnetic polishes over crackle too!!!

    • Wait, but that’s a great way to describe it hahaha. Yes, crackle looks too much like chipped nail polish to me, I was never a fan. I hope more brands start doing magnetic polish collections 🙂

  3. I have to say, I do love the magnetic effect (SO much more than crackle/shatter/etc.), but so far I only own one bottle of magnetic polish, and I’ve only worn it once. Its easy but still more time-consuming than I’d like lol (can you say lazy!!?). This is a great color, on you and overall – it does have some pretty serious glowiness going on!

    • Right?? I love this stuff a billion times better. Which magnetic polish do you own? Doing my nails calms me down, so I guess it doesn’t seem time consuming to me because of that. Glowiness is right!

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