The Wednesday Wigeon

The Wednesday Wigeon No.51

Before you ask, I haven’t died or fallen ill or put a steak knife through my hand again.  I’ve just been a wee bit busy.  And if anyone attempts to tell me that second semester senior year is a breeze, I will clock them over the head with a textbook.

Onto this week’s questions!

1. High/low of the day?

High: I made a truffle grilled cheese for lunch, and it was good.  Did you know Trader Joe’s sells Italian truffle cheese for $5-6 a block?!

Low: I tried to drive without turning my car all the way on, so the wheel/gas/brakes locked and I kept sliding backwards.  I think I should be concerned it took me such a long time to figure out what I was doing wrong.

2. What’s your favorite thing about warm weather?

Yes, I’ve been over how much I hate warm weather a million times, but it does have its perks.  For example, I can wear my favorite wedge sandals again!

3. Name your must-watch shows!

Game of Thrones!  I’m also itching to watch Sherlock, although I’m worried I’ll get hooked on it and get horribly depressed waiting for the next season.

Come take part in TWW!  Simply copy/paste the questions and answer them in the comments below.

1. High/low of the day?
2. What’s your favorite thing about warm weather?
3. Name your must-watch shows!

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16 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wigeon No.51

  1. 1. High/low of the day?

    High: Got to go shopping with my big sister for a dress for my formal! Gotta love shopping

    Low: Fell asleep for 4 hours when I was supposed to be doing homework. I hate when that happens.

    2. What’s your favorite thing about warm weather?

    My hair dries naturally in the sun in pretty waves! Which means easy-peesy mornings for me now!

    3. Name your must-watch shows!

    I have to say Castle because I am in love with Nathan Fillion ❤ haha

    • Aw, yay! I love dress shopping, what does yours look like? And get some rest!

      Majorly jealous of your hair, I’ve always wished for natural waves (although I suppose I really shouldn’t complain about my hair. It’s about as low maintenance as it gets). Haven’t watched Castle, will have to check it out this summer.

  2. 1. High/low of the day?
    High-had a great run/jog today on the treadmill! Felt good!
    Low-I was STARVING the rest of the day after that. Sigh.

    2. What’s your favorite thing about warm weather?
    Not needing to wear gloves!

    3. Name your must-watch shows!
    Right now Game of Thrones as well. Community. Parks And Rec.
    YOU HAVE TO WATCH SHERLOCK though OMG SO GOOD. You’d love it. DO IT.

  3. 1. High/low of the day?
    High: Getting my free starter kit at Kiehl’s & dinner with the BFF!
    Low: Trapped in my own room after my dog farted in it. Seriously, I could have died of suffocation if not for the small window next to my bed!

    2. What’s your favorite thing about warm weather?
    I’d say having to wear less layers but then I’d have to start shaving at the same time.. don’t want my winter sweater freaking people out. I guess I’d go with… ICE CREAM. It is “reasonable” to eat cold desserts in warm weather but frowned upon during the colder seasons, or so my dad has instilled in me.

    3. Name your must-watch shows!
    Sherlock, Bones, The Mentalist, New Girls, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother…. I should stop, shouldn’t I?
    P.S. – I tried resisting Sherlock too but the more I thought about it and the more the #LipstickBandits talked about it, I ended up caving and RIGHT before finals. Best and worst thing to happen to me ever. RESIST MM, RESIST UNTIL SCHOOL IS OUT!!

    • Sounds like an awesome day! Er, except that part with your dog LOL.

      Nono, keep going hahahha. Yup, I blame the rest of the Lipstick Bandits for my desire to watch Sherlock. I WILL RESIST. Can’t be addicted to more than one show right before finals and APs.

  4. 1. High/low of the day?
    High: this morning I found a store in my town that sells Sinful Colors nail polishes and bought a green one.

    Low: I had actually gone out to buy a new bag, but I couldn’t find one I like. They were either huge or really small..

    2. What’s your favorite thing about warm weather?
    That I can wear prettier clothes. 🙂

    3. Name your must-watch shows!
    True Blood, Game of Thrones and Supernatural.

    • Yay! Which shade was it? I love how wide their color range is. Hope you can find the perfect bag soon 🙂

      I have True Blood on my ‘to watch’ list, seems like everyone I know (well, everyone I know online) is obsessed with Game of Thrones right now. Most of my friends refuse to watch it. Boo

  5. 1. High/low of the day?
    (High b/c it means I’ll be going on vacay and a low b/c I don’t really like it…haha :P)

    2. What’s your favorite thing about warm weather?
    Feeling the warm sun. I get cold easily!

    3. Name your must-watch shows!
    Seriously like almost every show on Bravo right now….hehe. 😉

    • I must have been living under a rock because I had no idea you were going on vacation! Hope you have a great time, wherever you’re going 😀

      Funnily enough, I love packing. Hate unpacking though. It’s such a pain.

  6. You MUST watch Sherlock!

    1. High/low of the day?
    Uh, is that yesterday? Well, the high was…um…uh…yesterday was pretty awful, to tell the truth. I spent a lot of time optimizing some experiments down in the basement lab, and went a long time without food…I was quite cranky.
    2. What’s your favorite thing about warm weather?
    The clothes I can wear – or rather, the layers I don’t have to wear!
    3. Name your must-watch shows!
    I don’t watch a lot of TV because I’m terrible about keeping track and lose interest easily. But SHERLOCK – YOU MUST WATCH SHERLOCK.

    • Aw, sorry to hear. Hope the rest of your week has been better! Ok ok, will do! I just keep watching the promos right now LOL, they look so good. But I think I’ll just hold out a little longer so my Sherlock obsession (because I’m pretty sure it’s going to turn into an obsession) doesn’t coincide with finals/AP study time.

  7. I love truffle grilled cheese! Yum!

    1. High: I’m eating a delicious bowl of miso soup right now. Low: I’m a little behind with some stuff at work this week.
    2. I simply can’t wait to sport some cute ballet flats and wedges for spring. It gives me an excuse to add a pop of color to my outfits.
    3. I’m a sucker for Big Bang Theory!

  8. 1. High/low of the day? High=waking up to my dog giving me kisses and getting super excited that she was finally able to wake me up
    Low=my computer crapping out repeatedly due to a busted hard drive that needs to be replaced this weekend
    2. What’s your favorite thing about warm weather? shorts and flip flops! I’m a California girl to the core and absolutely cannot stand having to wear close-toed shoes when it’s cold/raining
    3. Name your must-watch shows!=Game of Thrones for sure (whyyyyy can’t GRRM speed up the writing process? I am dying thinking that he is going to take another 6 years to release the next book!), How I Met Your Mother, Justified, Mad Men, and Walking Dead

    • Aw, that’s so cute! And computers/technology in general, so frustrating. Hope you can get your computer back in happy mode soon, I gave up on mine recently and just replaced the whole thing. 6 years?! I knew it was going to be awhile, but I had no idea it was that insanely long amount of time. Luckily, I just started the second book, so maybe it won’t seem quite as long? I hope.

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