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I’m Rocking the Glamorously Tired Look with Eylure False Lashes

As any longtime blog reader will know, dark circles have become a permanent fixture on my face.  This past week, I’ve watched them grow bigger and bigger each day (so proud, I imagine this is what it’s like watching your kids grow up…no?).  The weird thing is, I’ve been skipping dark circle concealer entirely.  This is partly due to the fact that I’m extra groggy in the morning.  Plus, why bother trying to hide my exhaustion if I’m going to be walking into poles all day?

The main reason though, is because I’ve discovered I can enough of a ‘lift’ with mascara and some hastily applied lipstick.  Instead of faking a fresh face, I guess I’m going for the glamorously tired look now.  Oh, who am I kidding?  No glamour involved.  But at least I look semi-polished, and here’s why: lashes make a big difference.  Am I using that colon correctly?

Right, we were talking about lashes.  Well, as obvious as this may sound, big lashes make an even bigger difference.

Which leads me to Eylure false lashes!  The UK-based brand has tons of styles to choose from, running the gamut from natural (well, as natural as false lashes can be) to party-worthy.

The Ready-to-Wear pre-glued lashes in 050 are the most worn pair of lashes in my entire stash.  I thought my Ardell lashes were easy to apply, but these are even easier.  There’s no glue involved, although once the adhesive wears off, you could certainly apply these with lash glue (I love Duo’s version).  Each box also comes with two extra strips of adhesive, located right above each lash.  The band is flexible and fits my eye shape perfectly.  The style is perfect too, extra long but tapered and natural.  I wore these in my mermaid EOTD, and I’m thinking of using them in my prom makeup look as well.

For a more dramatic option, try the Naturalites Double Lashes.  These are essentially two lashes stacked together, and attached with a single band.  They’re lighter than they look, and actually quite comfortable to wear.  Of course, I would reserve these for dramatic makeup looks like my crazy lady EOTD.  I imagine they’d be great for photoshoots or stage performances.

And speaking of dramatic, the Party Perfect Twilight lashes are just that.  They definitely made my eyes stand out, but unfortunately the cut didn’t quite work with my eye shape.  These are a fun look for a party, so check them out if you prefer your lashes with an extra dose of drama.  Me?  I’ll stick with good old 050 up there.

Eylure also carries individual lash flares.  If you don’t know what these are, they’re small clusters of lashes you apply one at a time.  Lash flares longer to apply than a full strip of lashes, but the results are so worth it.  The small knots at the end of each cluster made these easy to handle, but I found them less comfortable than knot-free flares.  The included glue was a nice touch, but it irritated my *extremely sensitive* eyes.

You can find Eylure lashes at ULTA in the US or Boots in the UK.  The prices are extremely reasonable; everything I’ve reviewed retails for $5.99, with the exception of the Twilight lashes which cost $6.99.  I’m already planning to pick up another pair of the pre-glued lashes once mine lose their shape.

Let’s talk lashes!  What’s your preferred method?  Mascara, false lashes, extension, Latisse?  Or are you one of those lucky people who can leave them bare and still look amazing?


Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for consideration and review.  All opinions are my own.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


12 thoughts on “I’m Rocking the Glamorously Tired Look with Eylure False Lashes

  1. So lush and pretty! 😀 I’m a mascara type of girl. Falsies seem to take too much time for me. (Of course I’m not the best when it comes to applying them either…hehe :P)

    • False lashes are definitely not an everyday type of thing for me, but they’re fun every once in awhile! What’s your favorite mascara again? I feel like we’ve had this conversation before, but my memory is just plain awful.

  2. I am not one of those rare people, but I am lazy as hell, so I tend to skip all forms of lash enhancement. If I found a magical mascara that didn’t smudged, added volume, and wasn’t a b**** to take off, I’d wear it, but I don’t think that magical item exists.

    • I think your lashes look pretty good sans mascara though! mmm yeah, sadly I don’t think that exists either. All I ask is that my mascaras don’t smudge and add volume or length, I’m ok with them being a little extra work to remove.

  3. Reading this post makes me feel so many things, mainly that: 1) I need to try out and review my own Eylure lashes – I received the Katy Perry lashes to try and they look super-cool; 2) I really miss wearing false lashes more often!! I used to use them for almost any special occasion, and sometimes for no reason at all (the individual lashes are perfect for that) – but for the past few years, I’ve been too lazy to bother with them most times. You’ve reminded me of how awesome fake lashes can be!!! I’m going to play with them ASAP.

    BTW – these looks awesome! You’re gonna have a ton of fun playing with these 🙂 I definitely think they should make an appearance at your prom, FOR SURE!!!!

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