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Empties & Monthly Purchases: 3/20 – 4/20

Only one more month to go until the beauty ban is over!  Done!  Finito!  In honor of that exciting moment, I used a dramatic font for this month’s post.  See?

The empties bag was woefully light this month.  I think it’s because I’m so close to being done with several products, just not quite there yet.  Ah, well.  Such is life.

The tally

  • Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic
  • Rohto C Cubed Drops
  • Band-Aid Friction Stick: Love this stuff for shoes that chafe against my ankles.  It’s Vaseline in roll-up tube form, without the goopy mess.  Great for tossing into my purse, and a stick lasts for ages.
  • 2 tealights: finished the top layer of my bag of 30 tealights!  woot woot
  • Waxelene (expired)
  • Update: and somehow I missed the mask sitting right in the middle of the picture.  I must be losing it.  That would be a My Beauty Diary Sheet Mask in Polyphenol Apple.  It smells yummy, and refines my pores.

Purchased products

This month’s purchases were also uncharacteristically low.  I bought a 2-pack of Saline Solution for $19, which honestly kind of kills me.  Why so pricey?  I’m thinking of switching over to Costco’s Kirkland brand, which is significantly less expensive and pretty much has the same ingredients list.

And that concludes my list of monthly purchases.  Honest.  The only thing I’m tempted by these days are home fragrance items and that elusive, red Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick. Luckily, resisting those impulses has been easier than usual as of late.  I wish I could say this is a permanent change brought on by my bought of beauty budgeting, but in reality it’s probably because I’m under the weather and kind of exhausted.  I’ll be back to drooling over makeup in no time, fear not!

(Wait, I’m not supposed to do that, am I?  Beauty bans are so confusing).

Ban buddies, how did you do this month?  Do you find yourself losing the will to buy makeup when you’re sick and/or tired?  Maybe I should deprive myself of sleep more often.




16 thoughts on “Empties & Monthly Purchases: 3/20 – 4/20

  1. Well, as you read I didn’t do well at all. I think the ‘ban’ is actually making me worse! BOO HOO! I am a FAILURE 😦

    Ahaha ok so now that we got the self-pity out of the way, even though I totally suck, I finally am at peace with it all – all my makeup, my inability to refrain from shopping…I think that probably why I’m failing so miserably is because I don’t really want to. Because if I did, I know I could do it! So maybe while I should be trying to slow down on the shopping, I kind of like building a little collection. I don’t think I’m a crazy manic shopper, so I’m just going to go with it and stop beating myself up. Sounds like a plan, yea?

    Anyway, enough about me LOL! I really and truly admire you for your ability to resist, even if I’m ‘OK’ with my shopaholic nature, I am beyond impressed at how well you do each month! By far you are the superstar of the ban my dear! You must have saved soo much in the past couple months, what a plus! (I tallied up how much I spent since Jan 1…YIKES!). So congrats on always kicking butt, and be proud. I must say, I’m pretty stoked to see what’s in store when the ban is over for you though – I haven’t known you sans-ban yet! Exciting things to come 😀

    • nonono, no calling yourself a failure! You just needed to do some restructuring, which you did! 🙂

      Aw thanks, that’s way too kind of you. Remember the armloads of product my mom brought back from Taiwan! And LOL oh god, just wait until the ban is over and I go totally insane. Erm, please hold me back.

  2. Congratulations my dear!!!!! My will power is a bit too weak for bans *guuhh* Everytime I embark on one, a sale will appear on my radar and I’d just have to get that special something =[

    • Thanks Blair! Sales are willpower-drainers. I’m avoiding all the candle stores at the mall right now, because I know as soon as I see that sale sign, I will feel really tempted and start experiencing DOUBT. hehe

      And I wouldn’t feel too bad about that! Your beauty spending definitely doesn’t seem out of control to me

    • Ah well, I definitely have those months/weeks/DAYS haha. Don’t think it’s possible to tightly regulate my budget at all times, but as long as I don’t let it happen too often I think it’s fine!

      On a side note, what did you haul? LOL. I love living vicariously through others.

  3. $19, wtf? Target, MM, Target! It’s really cheap there. Costco is good, too – I’ve been thinking about switching. But I buy Target’s in-house brand, which is way cheaper than anything else and it’s been fine.

    • I KNOW, I think the cost of Opti-Free outweighs the cost of my contacts. Hopefully my eyes react well to the Costco brand. I tried ReNu awhile back, and my eyes freaked out.

  4. Ahh emptying hasn’t been going very well on my end either but since I haven’t bought much this month it all evens out! And much I mean I only got a load of freebies (hoarding) and bought another box of sheet masks which I CLEARLY do not need (more hoarding).

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