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Senna Mod Muse Part I: Eyes

Remember when I created a poll to let you choose what you wanted to see first?  Yeah, just kidding.  We’re not doing that because apparently I had already scheduled this post for today on my calendar, and I have to do what the calendar says.  Sorry!  Lip products will come another day.

Senna Sketch-A-Brow Pencil in Mink and Velvet Eyeliner in Black Forest, from the Mod Muse collection.

I haven’t worn pencil liner in ages, not since I discovered those creamy-gel like pencils (Urban Decay’s version is very popular, and I also love Prestige and Sally Hansen).  But Senna’s Velvet Liner is smudgy and soft, perfect for that just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-better look.  And the ‘but better’ part is imperative, as the actual just-rolled-out-of-bed look is my default, and I promise you it’s not nearly as attractive.  I tend to avoid pencil liners because they can be scratchy and hard, but this one glides softly, so softly that I have to be careful not to press too hard or the tip breaks right off.

As for the color, it falls in line with Mod Muse’s chic-and-wildly-wearable-concept.  It’s far from pitch black, which normally bothers me to no end.  If I buy a black liner, I want it to be the darkest black I can find, right?  But I have to admit, smudged pitch black liner is probably not the best day look.  If I am to wear dark black (and I can honestly say I never use that phrase outside of beauty blogging) liner during the day, it must be clean, crisp, and sharp as…Valyrian Steel.

Smudgy black liner, on the other hand, calls for a much softer black, bordering on a grey-ish emerald.  I run this pencil along my lashline, mess it up a bit with the included sponge smudger, and have the most effortlessly defined eyes.  I applied some this morning, came home 11 hours later, and was greeted by faded but not smudged makeup.  The fading I don’t mind too much, since it serves to further soften the look.  As long as I don’t look like a panda, I’ll take it.

Of course, it wouldn’t do to have made-up eyes without beautiful brows, and that’s where Senna’s Sketch-A-Brow comes in.  It’s a waxy, twist-up pencil with an impossibly skinny tip, perfect for filling in the ‘tail’ of my brow.  The color range leans neutral, which is earns an instant thumbs-up from me.  As much as I love my Milani brow pencil, even the cooler of the two colors is still too warm for my black hair, and I have to be extremely careful not to overapply, or go  outside my natural brows.

Wearing Sketch-A-Brow Pencil in Mink.  Lash stamps via obsidian dawn.

Mink, a ‘rich deep brown’ and the darkest of the 4 shades, allows me to extend the shape of my brows, and the waxy texture helps keep everything in place throughout the day.  The tip is firm enough to allow detail work without appearing too harsh.  The pencil also comes with a little comb on one end, to brush brows and feather out the color.  I still prefer to use a spoolie, but on days when I’m in a rush, a few strokes of this usually does the trick.

Both Velvet Eyeliner and Sketch-A-Brow retail at $18.

While both products are widely available makeup staples, it’s not always easy to find truly great ones.  Black pencil liners tend to be overly harsh on me, while brow pencils are usually much too warm.  If you’re looking for a wearable, smudgy black pencil liner or a precise yet soft brow pencil, give these a try!

What’s your favorite type of eyeliner?  Are you a fan of the just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-better look?


Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for consideration and review.  For more information, please seem my disclaimer.


15 thoughts on “Senna Mod Muse Part I: Eyes

  1. I love the brow pencil. The thin tip makes creating faux hair really easy and it looks so natural. The eyeliner looks interesting too, love the color.

  2. I tend to err toward liquid liner if I’m going for a ‘liner look’ – but I have pencil liners on hand (though, they’re all creamy like the UD 24/7 ones) which I wear *with* shadow etc just to enhance the eye shape. I’m sort of out of love with liner right now, I guess because I’m trying hard to go through my shadow stash and get rid of shades I don’t wear (and by ‘get rid of’ I mean – blog sale!! 🙂

    That Hobbit Green suits you perfectly, dahling! Can’t wait to see the rest of the Mod Muse collection 🙂

    • it’s so funny, I go through those phases too with eye makeup. sometimes I’ll only wear mascara, sometimes I’ll be completely in love with liner and neglect my eyeshadows, and sometimes I want to do colorful EOTDs everyday 🙂 And yay, go Toya!

      hahaha thanks 🙂 So I guess we’re officially calling it hobbit green now!

  3. Hahahaha you and your LOTR references…. XD Black forest does look lovely on you!
    And YAYYYY for groomed brows! 🙂
    I also tend to prefer liquid liners or gel liners… I have yet to find a non smudging non fading pencil liner. All the MAC ones do on me, as do the Urban Decay ones.. 😦

    • Thanks 🙂 I love liquid and gel liners with eyeshadow usually. When I wear liner alone, it’s usually pencil. Do you primer underneath? I always wear primer, just because I’m come to accept the fact that my eyes need it.

      • P.S. just realised that WP forced me to sign in with my WP account that I never, ever, ever, ever, ever use. *A little bit peeved*

        It’s Jian. Could you tell? XD

        Yeah I always wear primer. If I dont wear primer I look like a hot mess. Well less hot, just a mess.

  4. Totally love the proce point on these, and I am LOVING the brow pencil, I am going to have to pick it up because my brows need serious help!

    • Try it and let me know what you think! MAC Brun is great for brows too, you could give that a try with an angled eyeliner brush, and then comb through with a mascara spoolie.

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