The Wednesday Wigeon

The Wednesday Wigeon No.53

1. Do you daydream?

Yes, I do it all the time, especially when I’m driving.  It’s terrible.  I go through life with a pair of rose-colored glasses in hand, which I know is ridiculously naive.  It’s just the way I think, and I’m fine with that.  Although I might want to work on the whole dreaming-while-driving thing.

2. Film or digital photography?.

Digital.  I did film photography for about a year, and while it was fun making sandwich negatives, I much prefer the speed and convenience of digital photography.

3. Favorite nonalcoholic cold beverage?

I ask because the weather is insanely hot today.  I like to make a smoothie with frozen strawberries, a little bit of ice, Fage 2% Greek yogurt, honey, and the orange-strawberry-banana-juice from Trader Joe’s.

Come take part in TWW!  Simply copy/paste the questions, and answer them in the comments below.

1. Do you daydream?
2. Film or digital photography?
3. Favorite nonalcoholic cold beverage?

MM &

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14 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wigeon No.53

  1. 1. Do you daydream?

    All the time. I need to do less and take a look around at the real stuff. >_o

    2. Film or digital photography?

    Err… hi, I know what photography means!!! O_O

    3. Favorite nonalcoholic cold beverage?

    Plain or sparkling water. I rarely drink pop and I don’t like juices unless they’re super fresh. Smoothies seem more like a meal and less a beverage to me. To be honest, I prefer my beverages alcoholic. o_~

    • hahaha, I like that deer in headlights face. Or is it raccoon in headlights? I don’t like soda either. I almost called it pop. I keep spelling things the Canadian way lately, and Microsoft Word keeps telling me that I’m spelling them incorrectly ahhhh!! Water is good. I love water.

  2. 1. Do you daydream?
    Oh yes, all the time!

    2. Film or digital photography?
    Digital, it’s quicker and more convenient.

    3. Favorite nonalcoholic cold beverage?
    Plain water. i know it’s boring but it’s so nice and refreshing-

    • And water is good for you! I’m starting to wonder if I drink too much of it though, I’m just constantly thirsty but I drink much more than my friends do.

      Yay for digital photography 🙂

  3. 1. Do you daydream?
    Alllllll the time. I also have a bad habit of talking to myself while daydreaming and I’m sure I look like I’m insane walking by myself most of the time.

    2. Film or digital photography?

    3. Favorite nonalcoholic cold beverage?
    Watermelon juice!!! No sugar, no ice, just plain, blenderized watermelon 😀

    • ahahahah I have a mental image of you daydreaming! My face just goes completely blank and clueless looking. Plain watermelon juice sounds amazing, will have to try that soon!

  4. 1. Do you daydream?
    Yup. Still at my age. Keeps me young!

    2. Film or digital photography?
    Digital for sure. So much easier than having to fiddle with the chemicals in the dark! Although, it was a lot of fun. I think black and white looks better with film.

    3. Favorite nonalcoholic cold beverage?
    Sparkling water. We have one of those little machines that you buy CO2 for and can make flavoured pops, but we just use it to bubble up water. Way cheaper than drinking Pellegrinos!

    • Ok, good to know all this daydreaming has a plus side! Yeah film photography is loads of fun, but I end up picking digital 99% of the time. Ohhh, those are so cool! And cost effective, good for your Tracy 😛

  5. Wednesday Wigeon seems to always be the first post I see whenever I visit your site! No complaints though b/c they are fun to do. 😀

    1. Do you daydream?
    Yup! I wonder what I look like when I do this. Probably like a dork.
    2. Film or digital photography?
    Digital. I like being able to delete stuff I don’t like right away….lol.
    3. Favorite nonalcoholic cold beverage?
    Aguas frescas. Cheap and delicious!

    • LOL it’s because the wigeon sends you telepathic messages to visit my blog of course! No worries, I know for a fact I look like a dork. My friends always ask ‘where I am.’ Well…..

      Oh, that’s a good reason! And very true, I don’t waste any memory card space on bad images, while with film I feel like I’ve wasted so much of my roll.

  6. 1. Do you daydream?
    Yes. Sometimes. I can’t tell you about what,though. It varies.
    2. Film or digital photography?
    Digital! I’m not really into photography, honestly. I appreciate lovely photos but it’s nothing I want to work hard at for myself. So long as my photos are clear and display what I want them to, I’m satisfied. I prefer other art forms 😉
    3. Favorite nonalcoholic cold beverage?
    I drink a lot of water, to be honest. I also like iced tea that I sometimes make at home, and sometimes buy (if I’m out and about and just want a beverage, Honest Tea’s Honey Green Tea is fab!!! If you can find one, try one). You know what else is good and easy to make? Italian Cream soda! Just some club soda, a flavored syrup (which we have because sometimes we add it to coffee – fruity flavors like raspberry or strawberry are best) and milk/cream. You can even leave out the cream if you’d like.

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