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Senna Mod Muse Part II: Lips

The order you voted on: lips, eyes, face

Actual order of my reviews: eyes, face, lips

Hmmm, I think I spy a discrepancy!  Never mind that though, since today marks the end of my Senna Mod Muse series, and I’ve managed to cover everything.  ‘Tis the goal that matters, not the journey, right?  Or is it the other way around?

Of all their products, Senna’s Lip Lacquers seem to get the most love in the beauty blogger world.  They’re known for their long-lasting formulas and wearable shades (see previous review here).  The shade I have from the S/S collection is aptly name Bloom, dark pink in the tube, papaya when swatched, and juicy coral on my lips.  Senna describes it as as ‘hot house coral,’ so I suppose we could just go with that.

It sports a medium intensity vanilla-almond scent, and some serious staying power (4-5 hours, with eating).  Of course, stickiness comes with the staying power, although I wouldn’t say these are as sticky as the MAC glosses.  They’re also pleasantly non-drying, meaning I don’t check my Sahara-dessert dry lips at the 5 hour mark and see flakes of color peeling off.  Lovely visual, isn’t it?

And because I am shallow and like pretty things, I’m going to insert a plug about the new packaging here.  Because it’s gorgeous!  And if I may say so, an improvement on the old tubes.

But wait, I can’t do a post on lipgloss without mentioning lipstick!  Well, I could, but where’s the fun in that?  Equally springlike is Senna’s Cream Lipstick in Posey.

The formula is a dream to work with, with an ultra-smooth glide and excellent pigmentation.  It’s also moisturizing for a non-glossy lipstick, which is to say you should still consider prepping your lips with balm, but it won’t dry your lips out over time.  It has a light scent I can’t quite put my finger on.  I’m just going to call it vaguely scented.  Wear time is around 5 hours, again with eating.

While Senna describes this as ‘bare rose,’ I found it to be more of a mauvey-nude.  I don’t know if it’s just this color, but the formula actually looks like a cross between matte and cream.  It could be the fact that I’ve grown so used to wearing those gloss-lipstick hybrids, but I was a little surprised at how non-shiny this was on my lips.  And the thing with non-shiny colors is, I really feel that they work best when they’re neon brights or bold reds.  Nudes, not so much.  This shade, on my pale coloring, actually made me look a tad corpse-like.  Which is morbid and sad, but it has to be said.  So while I loved the formula and would definitely take a look at the other shades, this one didn’t quite do it for me.

It does perk up considerably with a coat of Bloom over the top, but when I wear lipstick, I tend to wear it alone.

I can certainly see why Senna’s lip products are so popular.  Even though I rarely wear gloss anymore, I’ve been swiping on Bloom with reckless abandon throughout the week.  As for the lipstick, I’m confident in recommending the formula, although perhaps not the shade (unless you are one of those lucky souls who can pull off creamy, mauvey nudes.  I am not.  And I accept that).  Pricing sits on the line between mid-high end.  Both of these retail at $20 a tube, which I find more reasonable for the lipstick, and less so for the gloss.

Which would you pick?  ‘Both’ is always a viable option!  And what are some of your favorite lip products for spring?


Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


8 thoughts on “Senna Mod Muse Part II: Lips

  1. I love Senna glosses. Yes, they’re sticky but also some of the most longlasting glosses I have ever tried so I can forgive them that. 🙂 And you’re tempting me to try their lipsticks too. That shade looks very pretty.

    • Hi Gio! Which of their glosses is your favorite? And agreed, the lasting power on these is amazing, and I’ve tried stickier glosses that didn’t even last this long. I’m loving the formula so much, still sad the shade didn’t work on me.

    • I’ve started wearing gloss a little more lately, but I’m pretty much a lipstick convert at this point. It’s just so much easier, which seems counterintuitive, but it’s true! Which glosses have you been loving lately?

  2. I’ve never heard of this line, ever! Whyyyy am I out of the loop?! Stupid Canada.

    Bloom looks very lovely, and it does perk up Posey in just the right way. Posey looks nice on its own, but I can see where it might cause you to look a bit drab with it’s tone – I have a few lippies like that and I do the same, just punch ’em up with another lippie and it’s all good!

    • No way man, Canada is great. You guys have Joe Fresh and Marcelle and Anabelle! And you have MyFaceWorks, which is AWESOME.

      Yeah, drab is a good word for it. I think I actually love how Posey+Bloom look together best out of all three swatches hahah.

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