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New in Beauty: Illamasqua Casting Call & Ellis Faas’ 7 Shade Launch

‘New’ might be pushing it a little, since I occasionally let things percolate in my inbox before releasing them into the wild world of beauty.  ‘New-ish in Beauty’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

A couple of noteworthy beauty updates this weekend, so let’s dive right into it!

Beauty Before Age

First off, Illamasqua is doing a casting call, and there are 2 days left to nominate someone (or yourself, if you’d like!).  The campaign is a celebration of diversity and age.

We are looking for beauty without limits – age limits, beauty has no sell-by date. That’s why our new campaign will feature people of all ages.  Our professional products and brand ethos are transcendent of age; anyone can self-express, be empowered and feel beautiful with bold make-up.

As well as individuals, Illamasqua is looking for pairs – from mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, nieces, nephews, aunties, uncles, grandmothers and grandsons.

Nominate yourself or someone else at before May 15.  If chosen, you and/or that person need to be available to attend an open casting mid-May 2012, and be part of the London shoot on May 23-24.  The competition is open internationally, and all those featured in the campaign will receive £500 cash, a new Illamasqua make-up kit worth £500 and a framed photo of themselves.

Seven New Eyeshadow Shades from Ellis Faas

If I constantly rave about Ellis Faas, it’s only because their products are awesome.

Yes, I’m not always thrilled about the packaging or the prices (slight understatement there), but they know how to make fantastic makeup staples.  Their eyeshadows in particular are some of the best I’ve used.  Here’s a picture of me wearing the black one as liner, look at the smooth pigmentation!

I mention eyeshadows because starting this weekend, Ellis Faas has added 7 brand-new shades to their permanent range.  Additions to their Creamy Eyes line include Navy Blue (E113), Bordeaux Red (E114), Purple (E115), Lilac (E116), Mint Green (E117), Light Blue (E118) and Yellow Ochre (E119).  You can see quirky ‘eye swatches’ on their site.

Hope you’re in the middle of a wonderful weekend!  Have you got anything special planned for Mother’s Day tomorrow?  I’m going to attempt a berry buttermilk cake with a giant misshapen heart on it (obviously the misshapen bit is not ideal, but let’s be realistic about this).  Between you and me, ok?  🙂


Image 1 and 2 courtesy of Illamasqua and Ellis Faas, respectively.  Image 3 is my own.


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