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Searching for Shampoo: A Melodramatic Review in 3 Parts

Part I

My skin, teeth, and hair all hate me right now.  And while teeth are an easy fix (I’ll get into my whitening regimen sometime next week), my skin and hair are locked in a perpetual battle of compromise.  See, I’m really into lazy beauty, the kind that lets you enjoy your extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning.  This means I can’t be bothered to blow-dry, brush, comb, or fuss with my hair in any way.  It’s morning, ok?  I want to eat my Fage 2% with honey, pop in my contacts, and worry about the rest of my makeup as I drive to school be done with it.

What does this no-comb, no-blow-dry hair require?  Oh, just a shampoo that gives my hair a little extra help in the no-frizz-extra-smooth department.  I believe we also call that shampoos which contain dimethicone, at least in the drugstore world.  And dimethicone in shampoo wreaks havoc on my skin.

Part II

Have you ever tried to hunt down a dimethicone-free, non-clarifying shampoo at the drugstore?  It’s like an Easter egg hunt, only 99% of the eggs have already been trampled by the Easter bunny.  So far, I’ve only found one ‘cone-free, sulfate free shampoo, and that would be Pure+Simple Finesse right here.  They make one for dry/color treated hair, and my locks are neither dry nor color treated, so I picked up the version ‘for normal hair,’ whatever that means.

Part III

I simultaneously love and hate this stuff.  Love, because it doesn’t irritate my scalp or break me out.  Love, because the ingredients list is incredible for something from the drugstore.  And most of all, love because one bottle only costs $4, and I bought mine at a BOGOF sale.  Oh, and it’s paraben free, which isn’t something I ever look for, but for those of you who were wondering…

Now, the things I feel rather lukewarm about.  I need almost 1/3 more of this shampoo than a ‘regular shampoo’ to get a decent lather.  Even so, I’m impressed that a sulfate-free shampoo can lather up in the first place.  Then there’s the smell, which is clean and fresh, but has this slightly weird undertone.  That I can also live with, it’s gone as soon as I rinse it out.

Here’s the thing, though.  It doesn’t detangle my hair at all.  It doesn’t smooth out my hair at all.  Basically, by the time my hair air dries, it feels exactly like it did before I washed it except, you know…clean.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Why don’t I just use the conditioner from this line, right?  Because it contains dimethicone.  And we’re back to square 1.

If you’re looking for an hypoallergenic/sulfate-free/dimethicone free/paraben free shampoo, I would still recommend that you give this one a try.  It’s not going to do anything magical for your hair other than clean it, but I’m counting on the fact that the rest of you are less lazy with your haircare than I am.  And for $4, this will hardly break the bank.  Plus, it would make me happy to know that my extreme Easter egg hunt actually did some good in the world…

Any dimethicone/sulfate free drugstore shampoos I missed?  Let me know!  And what does your haircare routine look like?



12 thoughts on “Searching for Shampoo: A Melodramatic Review in 3 Parts

  1. Are you willing to try non-drugsture brands? I quite liked Scalp Benefits by Aveda. I’ve also heard pretty good things about Wen. 🙂

  2. I also second Aveda’s Scalp Benefits – its what I’m using now and it’s pretty nice, herbal-scented (which isn’t my thing but also goes away after you rinse) and leaves my hair nice and soft. It lathers decently though nothing like sulfate-heavy ‘poos. What about the L’Oreal ones, you know that whole line of sulfate free shampoos and conditioners? My mother loves ’em, though I personally haven’t tried.

    I’m sorry that your face hates your hair hates your teeth hates…what? Anyway, I get it. Been there, done that. Bugger.

    • Ohh two votes this has gotta be some good stuff. It doesn’t contain dimethicone either, right? That’s my main problem. I think the L’oreal ones contain dimethicone, which is why I can’t use them. Me. My teeth just hate me hahah.

  3. Haha such a quest indeed! I’m lucky that cones in shampoos don’t bug me. You know what I like for frizz? Skin Food Lychee Essence Mist that I got in California. If you can find that stuff I highly recommend it. I need to get some more!

    • Right? Gotta turn everything into a quest, it’s more fun that way. I LOVE Skin Food, how did I not know they carry hair stuff? I used to spend every other day there when I was in Taiwan, will keep add that to my shopping list. Although honestly, I do have some fantastic de-frizzing products at home, it’s just that some days I’m so rushed I forget to take the 30 seconds to use them. No excuses, I know. LAZY

  4. Haha very true about the drugstore thing! I have not seen this Finesse formula. It’s nice to know that there is a drugstore option. I’m currently using Wen.

    (Had to buy a new one! We bought ours from the Apple store so it wasn’t exactly cheap. T_T)

    • I remember your post on that! Have heard good things about Wen, will add it to my list. Aw no 😦 hehe maybe you should put one of those plastic slipcovers you can still type w/ on top.

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