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Keep Calm and Smile on: My Teeth-Whitening Regimen

I’m officially confused.  Is it regimen or regime?  Because I hear regime so much that I’m starting to think it’s regime…except a regime is not the same thing as a regimen, is it?  I always thought it was regimen.  Anyways, I digress…

Despite some recent minor setbacks in my life, I’m still trying to smile at least 50% of the time.  Partly because I believe in the theory that when you smile, you make yourself happier.  But mostly because I’m vain, and have discovered the joys of drugstore whitening.  This must be shared, my teeth are so much nicer than they were just a week ago.

If that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is.  So as promised, my teeth-whitening regimen!

Back in January, when I was trying to make a dent in the 5000+ unread posts sitting in my reader (I check that thing daily and the lowest number of unread posts I’ve ever had was still in the 3900s), I came across this snazzy article by the always entertaining Cat Marnell of xoJane.  Her teeth are amazing, probably better than mine will ever be, and I wanted to try every single product on that list.  But my teeth are on the sensitive and wimpy side, plus one of my friends told me horror stories about her experiences with Crest White Strips, so I try to stick with products that still allow you to eat.

I’ve tried 3 things on the list, and have already decided that these 2 are all I will ever need. Until the end of time.  Or at least until I’m completely satisfied with my toothy grin.

First is the Arm & Hammer Dental Care Whitening Booster.  It’s a clear gel that comes in a squeeze tube, and when you brush your teeth, you just use 1 part this and 1 part toothpaste on your brush.  Then you go about brushing, and your teeth get whiter and whiter each day (or in my case, less and less yellow.  Which sounds like it would be the same thing, but it’s actually not).  It has a little bit of a cloying taste, not enough to be an issue, especially when it’s mostly covered up by the minty taste of your toothpaste.  You see how this is a genius product?  Plus it takes next to no time (unlike whitening strips) and you can get every nook and cranny of every tooth.

After I brush my teeth, I follow up with Rembrandt Deeply White + Peroxide Mouthwash in Fresh Mint.  It kind of boggles my mind that mouthwash of all things can whiten your teeth, but this stuff actually works, and in a minute.  Yes, it stings slightly just like every other minty mouthwash on the planet, but it’s only 60 seconds and you will almost certainly experience greater pain in life. 🙂  The bottle says to use 10 ml every time.  For all I know, I could be using 2 ml or 20 ml.  Just be careful not to pour too much, since this stuff foams up like crazy.

I think this is the part where I’m supposed to include a before and after picture, except when have I ever displayed that kind of foresight?  I’ll give this combo another couple of weeks, snap a picture, and put it next to one of my old lipstick swatches.  For now:

The booster gel retails for at $6, and the mouthwash is $8 at most places, $6 at Target.  If you go on Rembrandt’s website, you can get a $2 off coupon for the mouthwash.  Arm & Hammer has a coupon section on their website, so you could check that as well.

There are probably less expensive whitening mouthwashes on the market, but I’ll go ahead and admit I really like the packaging of this one (aside from the fact that it’s impossible to shoot), plus with the coupon, it wasn’t too bad.  Overall, I love both of these for their ease of use and the fact that they deliver results.  And the best part is that I’ve been using both twice a day for over a week, and my teeth feel perfectly fine (except one day in the middle when they were incredibly sore, but I suspect it was because I was stress-clenching my jaw all night long).

What are your favorite whitening products?  Do you remember what you wore to senior Prom?  How do you cope with runaway mail?


23 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Smile on: My Teeth-Whitening Regimen

  1. I love GoSmile Products but I love your little regimin! Your posts always have me rolling laughing (in the best way) and I so enjoy your updates!

    I am so sorry about the whole Prom thing, and even though I wore a gorgeous dress…the rest of the night was kinda a nightmare.

    • hahah thanks, glad to be of service 😛 Aw, sorry to hear that, what happened?

      Haven’t looked into GoSmile, maybe I’ll check them out one day. Which products do you use?

  2. I got chronically ill senior year, so my senior prom was pretty much me sitting on a bench in the back wishing I were at home in bed––so your night sounds better! I’m always so reassured to hear about other people having emotional breakdowns, because it’s nice to know I’m not alone (though, of course, it sucks that any of us have them).

    I recently decided to try whitening my teeth and picked up a 10-day supply of Crest Whitestrips in level 2 (out of 5), because I really didn’t want my teeth to get sore. Eating is too important! I haven’t been using them anywhere near daily, because I am the most forgetful/lazy person on the planet, but I have seen some improvement nonetheless, and have had no sensitivity (possibly because I’m not using them every day, who knows). I’ll definitely have to check out the Rembrandt stuff, that sounds great! And since I already have my brushing-teeth-twice-daily routine in place, I can just tack that on. Handy!

    • Yikes! Sorry to hear that. Right? hahah, it does make you feel slightly warm and fuzzy inside.

      Ok, I had no idea Whitestrips had levels. Maybe my friend just picked a higher level than seh could handle. But also, I’m annoyed by the fact that it takes time out of your day because I am the ultimate advocate of lazy beauty. So that’s why I love this routine! Let me know if you try it 🙂

  3. Apparently “regime” is used that way in British English. Which I still think is ridiculous and wrong, but what do I know, technically they are the original English I guess?

    Aw. I do remember what I wore to Senior Prom… but I spent the night there mostly in support of my friends. My date (my BFF at the time) actually planned on going but didn’t quite make it at the last minute (though to his credit his family was sort of in crisis then…), so I was there date-less spending the evening in a large group of people I mostly actually didn’t like, in a $10 dress my mom found on the clearance rack that was several sizes too big for me that I sort of tied up the straps of to make fit because my family was always too effing cheap to let me get a real prom/homecoming/winter dance dress. There’s I think one picture of me with my other BFF and her date before the dance on Facebook.

    It’s ok. Clubbing in Asia with good friends is much more fun anyways. 🙂

    Best wishes on your runaway mail!! That’s always super super frustrating and scary… maybe the post office is just a little slow?? *fingers crossed for you!*

    • ohh ok thanks for clearing that up! I think I got confused because I do follow some UK blogs, and the other day I saw ‘regime’ in Lisa Eldridge’s video, so yes. Was feeling extremely confused.

      Aw man! Well I didn’t feel too guilty about missing, because despite the urging of my friends, I didn’t actually go out and buy a dress for Prom. Hm, sounds like Prom is overrated in general. Thank you! The deadline already passed, but I got it sorted out via email (and multiple calls) today.

  4. Haha, love your sparkly smile in the “after” photo 😀 I have sensitive teeth, too. When I have $$$, I would definitely get mine whiten with laser. It’s less painful but on the downside, it costs more than your $16 plus coupons.

    • hehe glad you enjoyed it. Ohh yeah, if that was a feasible option I’d be so down. Yes, definitely! And I only had to pay $12, and if Target has the mouthwash restocked next time I go, it’ll be $10. So hooray!

  5. So sorry about the whole prom thing MM! It’s kind of overrated I think. My daughter’s was not that awesome. The party they had after was fun, but prom itself was meh.
    That sparkly smile is awesome. You got talent. 🙂

  6. I tried the Crest White Strips and I did notice that my teeth got whiter… Except it didn’t whiten my teeth EVENLY, so some of my teeth are like a weird yellow/white combination. It’s just all sorts of wrong, yo! >.<

    But I definitely do want whiter teeth, so I will be sure to try out these products.

    As for prom, I had a lovely dress and lovely shoes, but I didn't stay the whole time because I had early morning rehearsals the next day. Which goes to show you where my priorities lay :p.

    • Yup, that was my other concern! Strips just can’t reach everywhere like mouthwash and your toothbrush can. Let me know what you think if you end up trying either of these, I’m curious! But that’s good Dani! Rehearsal comes first 😀 And you are kind of awesome for that haha

  7. I’m totally going to try this! I want to whiten my teeth gradually before the wedding, so I’m going to see how much these things are on Amazon. Or at Target.

    As for prom, oh, MM, it doesn’t really matter. It was fun and I remember it vaguely as fun, but I also remember wanting to break up with my boyfriend (of about one year then) and though I didn’t, in retrospect I should have. Not a big deal as I’m not a linger sort of girl and these memories just go floof out of my head, but there you go – I don’t think it’s a big deal. Even high school doesn’t feel like a big deal once you get out of it. Cheer up, MM! 🙂

    • Yes, definitely give it a try and get back to me on how it works for you! Check Target for the mouthwash, and get the $2 off coupon for Rembrandt. I don’t think they carry the Arm & Hammer, it’s in a special locked case at Walgreens even though it’s only $6…not entirely sure why.

      Aw man! That’s kind of a bummer, but yes..high school feels so vague to me. Maybe because I’m always sleepy and dazed and not entirely sure what’s going on. Cheers!

  8. Hmm, I always say regime, but now I’m questioning myself! Darn you making me think ;P
    5000+ unread posts! OMG, I have more than 25 and I get anxious LOL. I think I read that same post on xoJane though! I actually already have these two products on my list to try out LOL. I also have sensitive teeth, so this post is GENIUS my dear, GENIUS! I want to try these products ASAP!!! The only problem is that I can’t seem to find them anywhere 😦 How am I supposed to have sleazy yet sparkly whites if I can’t follow this awesome regimen/regime!?!

    • Oh, and I’m really sorry about Prom! Mostly because the thought of you being sad makes me super sad – prom is just another night, and there will be so many more fantastic things for you to experience! But I hope you’re feeling better my dear 🙂 xo

    • ahahah you see?? It’s unsettling.

      yeah, I know, I just have all my beauty blogs and then my design blogs and food blogs and fashion blogs…I have 3 New York Times feeds in there too, so I’m pretty much never going to get it down to 25. Go for it! They’re awesome. Hmm, I found Rembrandt at Target/Walgreens, and Arm & Hammer in this specially locked case at Walgreens. You could always order online through Amazon or Target’s website.

  9. Smile, MM! Prom is not all that it’s built up to be. I wish I had missed mine because spending $100+ on a dress I could only wear once was a complete waste. I only wore it for 4 hours! OH I KNOW!! Think of it as a wedding where no one gets married! You still get awkward baby photos, OK food, and you dress fancier than usual. The next time you go to a wedding, you can imagine it as prom but without adult supervision and perhaps you’ll get to sip on some bubble-ys! SO much more satisfying, I promise!

    Also, I seriously LOVE SLEEZY BUT SPARKLY SMILE! Made me LOL til I snorted 😀

    • Yes, so happy I didn’t buy a dress for that, I was just planning on wearing something already in my closet. Otherwise I would have felt so guilty. bahahha ok, I definitely like your way of thinking. Dude, you are making weddings sound so tempting. Definitely need to attend one of those soon, except I probably won’t be sipping on anything bubbly…unless it’s sparkling water. Gotta be a responsible minor! wait I’m not a minor. Um, responsible not-minor-but-too-young-to-legally-drink…individual. hehe glad you liked that, maybe I’ll just keep it there forever

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