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Empties & Monthly Purchases, 4/21-5/20

This is my last official month on the beauty ban, which is exciting!  Yes?  Exciting!  I’ve decided to continue doing empties/monthly purchase posts with looser guidelines from this point forward, but more on that at the end of the post.

Because this blog gives me the perfect excuse to talk about my life, here’s a quick recap of my day.  I no longer know where I’m going to live next year, and I haven’t washed my hair in 5 days (or has it been 6?) because I keep forgetting to buy shampoo.  Finesse Clean+Simple seems to have poofed off every drugstore in sight, and I’m convinced that there is no such thing as silicone and sulfate free at the drugstore anymore.  and I just realized right now that I forgot about Trader Joe’s.  Write it down MM, write it down.

Anyways I finally caved today, chose the lesser of two evils, and bought some Garnier 2in1, which does contain sulfate but is completely dimethicone free.

Now for the empties, I basically broke every rule of product photography shooting these, such as 1) never shoot products that are empty and look like they’ve been rescued from a dumpster and 2) at least try to make the product look good.  But since I am a train wreck with rather unfortunate hair (although I have done a decent job faking it with Phyto 7 Botanical Hydrating Balm on the ends and loads of dry shampoo on my roots), I figure you can cut me some slack this one time.


The tally: 10 skincare/haircare/staple items

Products Purchased

I did go over my limit this month, and also broke one of my rules.  First, there were the two whitening products I mentioned in this post, which added up to a total of $12.  Then I bought a 3 pack of Kirkland brand saline solution at Costco which…wait for it…$9.  For 3 bottles.  Opti-Free ran somewhere near $20 for 2 bottles.  Does not compute.

Those were supposed to be my 3 items, but while I was at Costco I decided to pick up another 2 pack of Aveeno.  I know I’m not supposed to repurchase anything until I run out, but I use it all the time and Costco isn’t exactly my next-door neighbor.  That was $10 because I had a coupon, so I went $1 over my $30 limit you don’t count tax, and 1 item over the 3 item restriction.  Call it even?

Overall, I’m very happy with how this beauty ban turned out.  There’s not point in stopping now when I’m doing well, so I’ll keep going for an indefinite period of time.  Here’s the deal though, it’s kind of annoying counting items and adding prices.  My new rules are as follows:

1. Same thing applies to any color cosmetics.  No buying anything new until I’ve used up 3 of that item (so no beautiful red Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick until I’ve finished 3 lipsticks. I will probably be buying that sometime around 2017, assuming it’s still available).

2. No buying new staple items until I’m out.  If there is some type of BOGOF sale going on, I may buy 2 if I have no more at home.

3. No buying new home fragrance items until I’ve finished up 2 things in that category.  2 wax tarts do not buy me a new 3 wick candle, but they do allow me to buy 1 new wax tart.

4. Lifting the price cap of $30 and the 3 item restriction.  I’m most likely to go crazy on color cosmetics and candles, so as long as those bans are in place I should be fine.

5. Keep filling up my Empties bag!

How did you do this month?  Are any of you non-ban-ees (that looks like manatees) tempted to go on a beauty ban now?  And how many of you are thinking of extending your bans?



26 thoughts on “Empties & Monthly Purchases, 4/21-5/20

  1. Your sheet masks sound delicious!

    I don’t know, MM… I think you should reconsider #1. You’re a lipstick bandit after all! lol

    Phenomenal job on the empties and hurray for passing the ban! Relaxing the rules sounds good to me.

    • The Southern France Apricot sheet masks are my favorite 😀 I’m not even sure that they do much for my skin, but I buy them just for that delicious scent.

      Oof. But my lipstick collection. No one needs that many lipsticks unless they’re planning to open a Sephora. Thanks Liz, and thank for the empties inspiration!

      • Haha oh yes, I made a WordPress account when Blogger was being annoying but then didn’t actually feel like dealing with the hassle of transferring everything over, so privatized my WP blog…my actual functioning address is beyondjustbeauty.blogspot.com. (Now I should go figure out how to sync that up with my wordpress account info, ugh. Computers confuse. ETA: Should be fixed now! I feel so accomplished.) And yes, I’ve considered a beauty ban, but I tend to be pretty good about self-regulation (though there were a couple months back there that I could have been a little more prudent!). I think I will try out really strict rules for next month, though, just to see how it goes! Though who knows how my self-restraint will actually hold up…

  2. My spending ban proved to be a horrendous failure… I’m thinking a budget would be better for me. :p

    But it’s so awesome that you’ve done so well! Keep it up, girl! 🙂

  3. I’m doing horribly on my beauty ban. It sent me into a buying frenzy. Kinda like when I decide to go on a diet and then eat chocolate for a week because I feel deprived. I like your beauty ban idea because it actually allows you to get some things. How much do you think it is reasonable to spend on cosmetics per month?

    • hmm, sounds to me like you need guidelines that are less strict! I doubt I would have been able to stick to a ban if I just completely stopped buying makeup. Well, before I was doing $30 per month, and that seemed to work out ok. I’m not planning to track cost per month anymore, but I’ll probably continue spending around $30-40 per month, including staples like shampoo and lotion and things 🙂 hope that helps, and let me know how the ban goes!

    • Thankee (see how I mashed thank you and Trakee together there? Pretty cool huh LOL)

      Yay, you seem to be doing well on the blush ban! Good luck, June 1 is almost here 😀 Have you tried using leave-in conditioner or putting some product on the ends? Phyto 7 is really great for that, or maybe you could try Phyto 9 which I believe is for ultra-dry hair.

  4. You always end up with so many empties! I don’t finish things nearly as often as you do, although I’m at the end of several face moisturizers. Better get those done with. I have no more room in my skin care cupboard.

    (I’m posting with my Twitter now because WordPress.com won’t let me do it the normal way. Boooooo….)

    • Hi Trisha, good to hear from you again! Last month I finished much less, so this month I was like gotta step it up haha. Which moisturizers are you trying to finish now?

      Oh, booo, I wonder why that is?

  5. Good job MM! I just reviewed a shampoo that I liked – can’t remember if it’s dimethicone free but it’s sulfate free and quite delightful. As for the ban, you are awesome! Liz is right, though. You’re a lipstick bandit. I had to make an exception for those, haha.

  6. You go gurrrl! I’m slowly but surely building up my empties bag as well, it’s such a fulfilling feeling! That beautiful red Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick can come as a gift, correct? 😉

    • Thanks Maggie! Just wait until you empty that thing/document it, best feeling ever! hahah yes I suppose that wouldn’t be breaking the rules, you girls are the sweetest 🙂 But I think it’s best if I stop feeding my lipstick addiction LOLL. No more lipstick for me until I finish 3 tubes! (we’ll see how it goes, I don’t have much hope)

  7. *Claps, cheers, and thumps ups*
    Since you had so much restraint the first time around, you will do great on the second round/continuation of the ban! Good call on lifting the price cap – that made things way more difficult than necessary!

  8. Friiiiig. Once again I feel like a crazy shopaholic when I see your ban details and how insanely good you are at this, MM. Damn you girl!! Though I am darn proud of you! 🙂

    I can’t compute only spending $30 a month, if I were that good I could do SO MANY awesome things with the money I’d save. Damn damn damn. Please can you share some of that thriftiness with me, huh?

    • Dude I have been uncharacteristically good, I don’t even know what this is. It’s like I’m in competition with myself or something hahahah. Ok, but I admit I really want shades 1 and 2 from the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick line…and I did find them the other day. So watch me crack soon, WATCH ME CRACK.

      Um also, I’ve been unemployed since last summer so it’s not like I have a lot of cash to spend hahah. So don’t feel bad! But I am happy to share some of my thriftiness with you *spreads the self control powers like fairy dust TADAAA*

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