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OOTD: It’s Friday and I’m a Daisy

The other day, I saw this cute OOTD post from the lovely Maggie of The Polka-Dotted Jellyfish, and I was like dayum OOTDs are awesome.  Nice intro, huh?  You can tell I’m writing this after a very long Friday, I’m sure.

 top: Old Navy, cardigan: Cotton On, belt: Ralph Lauren, jeans: Forever 21, boots: Aerosoles

You like my super profressional camera-phone-bathroom-mirror photo?

I happened to be standing in front of a mirror with my phone in my pocket today, and thought I might as well take a picture.  In one of my rare epiphanic moments, I realized that yellow, white, and green in my outfit reminded me of a certain flower.  Get it?  It’s a daisy.  And today is Friday.  Hence the title: “It’s Friday and I’m a Daisy.”

In other news, I love belts and shoes with extra height, both of which I’m wearing here.  I have a long torso, and just one of the above can make my body seem much more proportionate.  It’s magical.

Hope you have a restful long weekend!  It’s time for me to cook dinner, I’m thinking something as low-effort as possible.  Crustless quiche?



14 thoughts on “OOTD: It’s Friday and I’m a Daisy

  1. You posted about these boots before, no?? Definitely Legolas 😛

    I love this outfit, it is so ridiculously cute and fun and makes me wish I had some style, boohoo! All I’ve got is my makeup, that is just too tragic!

    • LOL yes, these are the infamous Legolas boots 😛 You think I have style? This is why I love you so much LOL, thanks Toya! Your makeup is awesome, and I am sure you are quite stylish yourself.

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