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The Lipstick Bandits Reunite: Summer Brights Edition

It’s been awhile, but The Bandits are back, just in time for the new season.  ‘Summer Brights,’ our Bandit chief instructed, and as always, we’re here to deliver.

Pink, to me, is as summery as it gets.  It can be 30 degrees and raining outside, but as long as I have bright pink lipstick and some floral sunglasses on, the world seems sunnier.  I’m certainly not encouraging you to join in my deluded pastimes, but as far as summery lipstick goes, just take my advice and buy yourself something eye-searingly pink.

I’ve never talked about Milani lipsticks on Makeup Morsels before, maybe because there’s simply too much makeup to blog about and not enough time, but they are fantastic.  Some of the shades are misses, but more often than not, they have wonderfully pigmented colors.  And this pink, I was pleasantly surprised at finding something such a bright pink creme at the drugstore.

Everyone, Meet Milani Rose Hip:

*By the way?  The amount of time it took me to get that black line to go all the way down the middle, only to discover there was a scratch on the side of the lipstick…ridonkulous.

I’m wearing it sheered out in the first image, but as you can see from the swatch, it definitely fits the ‘summer brights’ bill.  Perfect with a wash of gold eyeshadow, it’s equally pretty with clean skin and winged liner.  Or, if you’re lazy like me, just swipe some on over your lip balm, and pair it with oversize sunglasses.

left: Rose Hip in natural light, right: flash

and one more below:

One tube will cost you a mere $5 at the drugstore, meaning you have permission to try this without feeling guilty.  I will warn you ahead of time that it smells strongly of sweet tea or something equally sugary.  Sensitive noses may want to steer clear, although I’ve become strangely addicted to the scent.  As for the texture, it goes on smooth and opaque.  The color lasts for hours, and doesn’t dry out my lips as long as I’m wearing balm underneath (I will add that my lips are never without some sort of lipbalm anyways).

What’s your favorite bright summer shade?  If you’re in need of more enabling (and I say you are), take a look at my fellow bandits’ picks below:


26 thoughts on “The Lipstick Bandits Reunite: Summer Brights Edition

  1. Ahhh, that is one beaaauuutiful bright pink! It looks great on you. Love the matchy-matchiness with your sunnies and lipstick (was that on purpose? Well, either way I dig it :D). I can totally picture this lipstick with gold eyeshadow — so fun and summery in my mind.

    My favorite bright summer lipcolor would have to be Revlon’s Coral Reef l/g. I love it so much hehehe!

    • hahaha thanks Maggie! Umm it makes me sound very prepared and all if I say yes, but no it was not on purpose LOL. I rarely plan these things out. Coral Reef is super pretty! I never picked it up because it came out around the time I started preferring lipstick over gloss, but it sure looks summery 🙂

  2. Woohoo, you went with pink, too! High five! Also, sweet tea smell? Erm. Hm. I dunno, I’d have to smell it, I suppose. You look fab, and I like what I can see of your glasses 😉

    • Yes, I did! *high five* Err yes, I’m not sure you would like it so much. If I think it’s noticeable, you will probably think it’s overpowering. Still, can’t hurt to give it a sniff next time you’re at the drugstore! Thanks 🙂

  3. I’ve bought Milani Rose Hip time and time again for others while participating in swaps and I’ve never thought to purchase a tube for myself. I think you’ve changed my mind. The shade always seemed so unapproachable, but you’ve made it look so wearable!

    ♥ Jessica

    • Yes, you must! I only wear this full intensity around the house really haha, but if you sheer it out over some balm, it’s just bright enough and definitely wearable. Let me know if you do decide to pick it up!

  4. Love this MM! And we almost see your whole face, I got pretty excited about that 😉 Sometimes I think that going for these kinds of bright shades should be kept to cheaper selections, because they can be trendy, so this is a great option and Milani actually has some pretty stellar stuff.

    Who’s the Bandit chief, anyway!? Inquiring minds want to know lol

    • hahahah, it is pretty exciting stuff 😛 I agree, but for some reason drugstore brands don’t seem to do these very often at all. That would be Rae! I think she’s our unofficial chieftain, she does the organization and html for us because she’s awesome. If you’re reading this, thanks Rae!

  5. Ooh, a pretty pink and so affordable too! I can imagine that if someone was easing into wearing a bright shade, or just a one off bright shade for summer, they could do worse than an inexpensive drugstore find – thanks for showing us this one 😀

    • Yes, definitely agree! I think there’s less commitment when you purchase things from the drugstore, so it’s a good place to look for bright colors if you’ve never tried them before. You’re very welcome, thank you (or actually, grrrr now it’s going to haunt my dreams) for showing us that Guerlain lipstick 😛

  6. First of all, love the glasses! Secondly, I have this lipstick and I agree with your review, it is just fun, summery and a great steal. It compliments your coloring so nicely as well. Wonderful bandit post!

    • haha thank you, they’re from F21, got them last year after I broke my first orange pair 🙂 Yay, lipstick buddies! Glad to hear you like this one too, I haven’t pulled it out in awhile, but it’s such a nice warm weather color. Thanks, I have a hard time pulling off pale pinks because I’m so…pale, but bright pinks seem to work well on my complexion.

  7. Loooove the colour on you!! Favourite summer shade? Everyday is summer over here, hmmm bright orange? Surprisingly wearable and it brightens my whole look!

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