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NOTD: Seafoam Chic

In the spirit of warm weather colors, today’s NOTD is reminiscent of dazzling sunlight on seafoam.  Although I feel that pale greens have been done to death ever since Chanel Jade, this one has that touch of blue, making it more summery than springlike.  And then there’s the fact that I’ve never been able to say no to a pretty green polish.

Sinful Open Seas is pulling more blue in the picture below than it appears in real life, but it’s captured the effect quite well (elegant, elongated fingers).  Paint on two coats, and you have the perfect accessory for a white button-down and denim shorts.

If the color looks familiar to you, it’s because this is a well-done dupe of OPI Mermaid’s Tears.  I may or may not have driven to 8 different CVS locations just to track this down.  What?  I was on a quest.

Both collections were LE, so I doubt you’ll be able to find them at present (is this evil of me?), but there should be similar colors floating around the drugstores this time of year.

What’s your favorite summer polish color?  Wearing anything on your nails today?



24 thoughts on “NOTD: Seafoam Chic

  1. Such a pretty seafoam color! I can picture these nails against a nice white summery dress…with cute gladiator sandals and a floppy straw hat. And of course the stunnahhs. B)

  2. Evil, evil, evil-MM. Evil Sinful Colors too! All of the colours I want most from them have been LE. They need to start making popular LE colours permanent additions or else!

    • ehehe I couldn’t resist! It’s so true, they do some of the prettiest LE collections, and I can NEVER find them. Unless I try really hard and waste a bunch of gas, like I did for this little bottle right here. But never again!

  3. It’s funny that you posted about this because I swear to God I *just* saw this at my Walgreens last week. I picked it up because I love shades like this but upon further inspection it looked very similar to OPI Mermaid’s Tears and I already own that so I put it back. Weird that mine had it, I think there were only one or two so maybe there was some excess stock somewhere? Either way it’s gorgeous!

    • hahahha yes definitely don’t get this if you have Mermaid’s Tears! I saw a dupe post, and honestly, even I couldn’t tell the difference after staring for 5 minutes. You must be lucky! The nail polish gods obviously love you 🙂

    • hahhah that’s awesome, I’m liking how you jazzed up it with glitter 😀 LOL I thought the tan contrasted nicely with the seafoam green. And don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!

  4. Lovely! I always find that creams emphasize my nails’ imperfections (of which there are plenty!), but this color is so appealing…

    • Really, that’s so interesting! For me, it’s chromes that tend to highlight my nail ridges (I definitely have plenty too), I don’t get that too often with cremes. I say you need to try something similar this summer…it’s such an appealing shade, yes? *enables*

    • How strange, they’re exactly the same shade on the dupe posts I saw LOL. You probably wouldn’t like this one either then…

      Yes, pretty aqua tones are everywhere these days. Didn’t you buy one recently from Essie? I remember ogling those summery Essie polishes in your post…that beauty malaise post.

  5. Now that I’m a brand new aqua fan, I’m all over this! It looks a lot like ‘Wednesday’ in these photos. It sure does make your hands look elegant and elongated, yow! I don’t have a specific favorite summer color, but my favorite polish I think is butter London’s Snog – soooo darn amazing!!

    • It does, right? Not as blue as Wednesday in real life though. Butter London has amazing colors, need to try something from the brand one of these days. Maybe I’ll start with Snog!

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