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Ellis Faas Spring 2012 Set: Ramblings & Swatches

I couldn’t let the spring season pass without mentioning this lovely set from Ellis Faas.  To be brief, I love it, but you probably already knew that.*  After all, Ellis Faas has never let me down before in terms of product quality before.

The only other set I own from the brand is the Summer ’11 offering, which was not worth the price to me since I didn’t love all three products equally.  This set though, this set is perfect.  There’s a tube of Creamy Eyes (a life-changing formula if I ever met one), one of Lights (gorgeous, indescribable finishes), and the requisite lip product.  The colors remind me strongly of spring, but they can easily be worn year-round.  And they complement each other so perfectly, it’s almost as if they were made for each other.

Well, they were in a way.  That’s why this is a set.

*You didn’t actually think I was going to brief, did you?  When has that ever happened on this blog?  More behind the cut, people!

First, Creamy Eyes in E106.  No one, and I mean no one, does cream shadows like Ellis Faas.  They’re more fluid than your average cream shadow, yet you put them on your lids and they spread and blend like a dream.  Then they dry down to this weightless finish, and they stay put all day long, no creasing or smudging to speak of.  Primer not required.

swatches left to right: Creamy Eyes E206, Lights E304, Milky Lips L207

And this shade, I’ve been wearing it every single day for two weeks.  It’s a taupey, neutral toned brown, and at times I swear I can see faint shimmer here and there, but my body might just be generating glitter in celebration of this set or something.  Anyways, workhorse shade.  You can wear it as a wash, or (and this is my personal favorite), do one layer all over the lid, then go back and blend a second layer in your crease and outer v.  Magic!

Nothing but Creamy Eyes, Lights, and some Photoshopped lashes.  Lash stamps via obsidiandawn

Lights E304 is another beauty.  The Lights formula is iridescent liquid glitter goodness, and I love it.  The shade, all sparkly violet-and-lilac, is a little less intense than the other 3 shades I own, but still quite beautiful onto the eye.  Staying power is exceptional.  I’ve mentioned this before, but Lights are extremely versatile.  Wear them full opacity or sheered out, it’s your choice, and they’re gorgeous either way.

Finally, Milky Lips L207.  This formula is mean to be lighter and sheerer than Creamy Lips, which it is.  That being said, it still packs a great deal of pigment, and is nothing like a gloss.  The shade is a medium, apricot-toned nude.  It’s great for toning down my natural lipcolor without washing me out, as most nudes tend to do.  It also adds a little warmth to my complexion.  Lovely again.

I also found a few Ellis Clips at the bottom of my package (sold separately).  For more information about those, see here.  They’re a genius storage solution.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say these are a necessity, but they’re quite a nifty way to keep your pens organized.  Artsy shot that does absolutely nothing as far as showing the product’s function goes, but sometimes I just want to be artsy:

The set retails for a gulp-inducing $85.  It’s pricey, but buying the products separately would cost $113 (someone check my math please).  I like each of the products enough to recommend them together as a set.  However…

The thing with Ellis Faas is, they make some of my favorite products in the world, but the packaging and prices.  The pricing wouldn’t bother me as much if they could just repackage the line.  I love the sleek look of my EF pens, but they’re just so distressing.  Most of the ones I own dispense too much product, and I end up having to store the overflow in contact cases, and then try to use it up before it dries out.  It just has to be said, because if the brand could just improve their packaging, they could take over the world.  Seriously.  They already make some of the most innovative, quality products I’ve come across, and it makes me sad that I have to add in a disclaimer about the packaging.  So please, EF, repackage your line and then do your whole world domination thing, ok?

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for editorial consideration and review.  All opinions, including the ones about EF world domination, are my own.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


26 thoughts on “Ellis Faas Spring 2012 Set: Ramblings & Swatches

  1. Oh wowzers, that is such a gorgeous kit. The eye colors in particular are just stunning! Way out of my price range, and I’m bummed to hear about the packaging woes (one reason [besides the price] that I haven’t tried any Ellis Faas products is because I’ve heard so much of issues with packaging!), but they look amazing on you!

    • Ellis Faas eye products get me every time. They’re just so good, my brain can’t even process it. Thanks 🙂 Yeah, I really do wish they’d consider repackaging the line, because I think more people would be willing to splurge if the packaging was less problematic. The products are just amazing in terms of quality, and the packaging needs to match that for the price!

  2. Gawd I need to jump on this Ellis Faas bandwagon. Been meaning to try their lippies. You have the prettiest eyes and lips! 😀

    (Missed you too! ❤ Yep, the exhibit opened last week and is here through November 21st I believe)

    • Yes, you do! I love their lippies because I love lippies in general, but their eye products are on another level. Thanks girl 🙂

      Ok, I definitely need to check that out! Let me know what you think of it when you go.

  3. I have some of the Ellis stuff and they are fantabulous 😀
    My favourite are lipstick, creamy, milky and glazed are gorgeous, fantastic in application and with an impressive longlasting power and a regular fading leaving a light lip tint as the hours passed away… I LOVE them 🙂

    • I 100% agree 😛 I don’t think I have anything in the Glazed Lips formula, but I’m obsessed with Ellis Red in the Creamy and Milky Lips formula. They just really know how to make a good liquid lipstick.

  4. Lordie, this set keeps popping up on blogs all over and I am really starting to get worn down. I was never really excited/interested in Ellis Faas before–but the colors in this set are absolutely stunning! And to hear that no primer is necessary for all day wear? Well, I am always up for a challenge (I have extremely oily lids and am always on the lookout for the perfect cream shadow). The price is the only thing holding me back still…

    • I think they did a really fantastic job with this set, the colors and products they chose make so much SENSE to me (not that that means much…)

      But yes, I was really impressed with how well their eye products hold up on me! I almost never wear anything sans primer, but with these I can just dab them on and go. If the price is holding you back and you want to start out with just one cream shadow, I’d suggest that you wait for Sephora’s F&F sale and then order a tube online?

  5. This set is very tempting! I usually stay away from cream eyeshadows because they crease a lot on my lids, but if these don’t then I may give them a try. The colors are beautiful.

    • I usually wear cream shadows as bases only! And I’ll do primer underneath, and set them with powder eyeshadow. These are the only ones besides the EL cream shadows that I wear alone. And the EL shadows actually crease a little bit, it’s just not that noticeable because the shade I own is shimmery and sort of close to my skin shade. These don’t crease at all on me.

      If you do end up trying them one day, make sure you let me know what you think 🙂

  6. Love your EF posts, I never tire of reading you rant about their awesomeness, but this post convinced me to cave and finally order some, yay!

  7. Photoshopped lashes? OMG I love them, and they are even better than false lashes!

    PS: I thought that the clips are chocolate flakes at first LOL

  8. Holy crap, your eyes look AMAZING MM! Wowza, I’m honestly stunned speechless. I think due to the price and the packaging, arguments which I’ve heard several times, is why I haven’t considered picking up any Ellis Faas products, but this post *may* change my mind – like I might go thru the hassle just because THAT’S the result. SNAP!

  9. The Creamy Eyes and Lights work together so perfectly! IT LOOKS GORGEOUS ON YOUR EYES AHHH! -can’t get over it- And the Milky Lips is so pretty and the color looks so smooth — love how warm it is 😀

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