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Victoria’s Secret Simmer Lip Lacquer: Review & Swatches

Simmer, it’s quite a summery name, isn’t it?  As soon as I finished setting up my new Taipei shoot space (white construction paper, scotch tape, disappointingly murky sunlight), I knew I had to celebrate with something vacation-appropriate.

Color Lust Lip Lacquer is a shiny gloss.  I hear ‘vinyl-finish’ and ‘mirror-like shine’ tossed around quite a bit in press releases, but they weren’t kidding with this one.  As for the color, Simmer is a warm peachy-pink with smooth, iridescent pink shimmers.  It smells faintly of vanilla pudding, and has a slightly sticky (but not uncomfortable) texture.


left: natural light (not very good I’m afraid), right: flash

It turns my bare lips pale pink, but the glossy finish prevents the color from washing me out.  My favorite way to apply it though, is to dab a bit over lipstick.  The iridescent shimmers add the most beautiful dimension.  I’m wearing it over Revlon Tinted Lip Balm in Rosy today.

My one complaint about this gloss lies with the packaging.  Now, this isn’t a particularly bad twist-pen applicator, and it doesn’t dispense a ridiculous excess of product either.  But I’ve just been put off by these types of dispensers lately.  It just adds unnecessary trouble to what would have been better in doe-foot applicator or squeeze tube form.  And I did spend a good hour trying to get the gloss to come out the first time, although that was mostly my fault.  You’re supposed to twist clockwise to get the product out, but for some reason I just kept on twisting counterclockwise.  I know, I know, I think the heat is making me even slower than usual.

Victoria’s Secret Lip Lacquer normally retails at $14 per tube, but it’s currently on sale for $6.99 (more shades here).  If you’re looking for a deliciously shiny gloss with medium opacity, I’d recommend you check these out.  Just remember, twist clockwise.  And if nothing comes out, consider switching directions instead of obstinately plodding on.

Do you ever encounter difficulties with click-pen packaging?  What’s your favorite summer lipgloss?

And one last question:


Full disclosure: The product in this post was provided for editorial consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


30 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Simmer Lip Lacquer: Review & Swatches

  1. I love this color! And the fact that they are on sale too. Don’t worry, I always twist click-pens the wrong way. And even though I voted for a beauty post from your haul– I can’t wait to see what clothes you got too!

    • The sale is a very big plus, isn’t it? 😛 hahahha glad to hear I’m not the only one! The votes are so skewed right now, I’m highly amused. Well, this is a beauty blog after all.

  2. What a lovely shade! That’s exactly the shade of I love in glosses – peach/pink with shimmer! Looks gorgeous on you, girl. 🙂

    • ahhh it’s so pretty, and believe it or not, I don’t own a dupe. Maybe because I just gave half my glosses away…but now this is the one and only peachy-pink gloss in my stash. Yay! Bet it would look gorgeous on you too *nudge*

  3. I like the pale shade of pink…though yeah i don’t really get this kind of applicator and always put some of the product on the back of my hand before applying it to my lips. I know it’s meant to be convenient but the brush is just a hotbed for bacteria…

    • The brush doesn’t bother me so much as the twisty part. I wash my brush pens sometimes anyways, so it’s not a huge concern for me. I do agree that this isn’t exactly convenient though, even though it’s often marketed as such.

    • hahahah I remember I used to think they were the coolest things ever…before I actually used one, that is. Wasn’t expecting to like the color this much, but I think it’s perfect for summer.

  4. Your lips look so gorgeous in those photos! Looks like its a really nice gloss too, shame we don’t have Victoria’s Secret in the UK easily available. xx

    • Thanks Annie! Aw, that’s too bad 😦 You guys do have lots of other awesome makeup though, and you always seem to get the coolest shades we don’t get here! Grass it always greener on the other side LOL

  5. I once bought a conditioner from VS when I was in the States several years ago, and it was so strong-smelling with the most horrible floral scent that it’s kind of turned me off the beauty brand – I am seriously scarred for life, UGH!!!!! Having said that, you are doing such lovely reviews on the products that I’m trying to keep an open mind – we’re getting our first VS store here in August so I will check things out then and report back 🙂

    PS This color, despite my brand misgivings, does look awfully lovely on you 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of their bath and body line. I’ve sniffed a few scents in store and they’re too strong for me. I think you should check out their makeup line though! Let me know how it goes~

      Thanks Toya!

  6. pretty! I love warm peachy-pink glosses–I know it’s pretty standard, but they’re my favorite! I always forget that VS does makeup and, apparently, does it well. I really need to try something from the makeup line and will definitely be checking out the glosses

    • What’s your favorite warm peachy-pink gloss? I’m surprised at how much I’m liking this color. Yup, I also LOVE their yoga pants and leggings, but they don’t carry those in store. Let me know what you try, and how you like it!

      • Nars Orgasm is, of course, a classic example (though the smell is a little off-putting to me), LOVE Laura Mercier Bellini Lip Glace (though more peachy), and Clinique’s Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Guavagold (this is beautiful!). Just a few of my favorites 🙂 do you have a favorite?

        • I haven’t swatched any of those before, although I have seen glowing reviews online! Well, I actually can’t remember if I’ve owned any colors quite like this one before…I don’t think I have actually. So I guess this would be my current favorite 😛

  7. I agree, click pens just seem like unnecessary work for no additional reward, and as a fundamentally lazy person, I try to avoid any and all unneeded exertion. But the color is really lovely!

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