Taipei Hauling: Beauty Edition

The votes are in, and (big surprise), most of you wanted to see the beauty haul.  Actually, only one person voted for the clothing & accessories haul, which I must admit was rather amusing.  Guess this is a beauty blog after all!

Even though I’m putting my revised beauty ban…on hold during vacation, I tried not to go too crazy.  So even though my friend gave me the head-shaking-of-judgement over dinner last night (more makeup?  really now?), I think I did okay.  You tell me.

Above is the solid perfume I picked up while perusing Working House, a home decor shop that makes the most adorable things.  This little fragrance tin in Summer Aura was $6, but through some strange switcheroo, my friend ended up paying $2 and I paid $3.  I know, it’s confusing.  But thank you friend!

I haven’t worn this yet, but the tester in-store smelled of apples, peaches, white florals, and shampoo.  Summery indeed.

Then there were the items I always repurchase while I’m in Taiwan.  I was running low on my favorite eyedrops, so I bought another one of those ($5), plus a couple boxes of Nexcare acne patches (magical) for $2.64 each.

Sheet masks.  Do I need more?  Probably not.  But My Beauty Diary has some new ones, and they were 2 boxes for $13.  Plus I wanted a couple for the plane ride back.  I picked up a box of Arbutin whitening masks, and then a box of their new Caviar slimming masks.

My mom grabbed the Arbutin box right out of my hands before I even opened it, so I can’t say anything about those just yet.  But the Caviar masks are wonderfully firming, which I suppose does produce a slight slimming effect.

Although I made a silent vow to lay off on eyeshadows, I cracked like an egg when I walked past the Shu Uemura counter at SOGO.  While the SA’s attitude (probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced at a makeup counter) almost made me pass over the products entirely, I simply couldn’t pull myself away.  Ever since the brand pulled out of US stores, I’ve been weeping tears of sadness in my sleep and cradling my beloved Shu palette.  Don’t judge.

For those of you who haven’t tried them before, Shu Uemura eyeshadows have the most lovely, finely milled, silky texture.  I find their metallic ME colors to have the best color payoff and finish, and usually gravitate toward those.  The individual refill pans worked out to $12.70 each, and I somehow ended up with two.  Eek.

ME medium brown 885 is a rusty, burgundy-brown with an incredible sheen, while ME medium olive 471 features gunmetal olive tones with the same gorgeous finish.  I don’t have swatches just yet, but as soon as I have some packaging for these, I’ll be sure to dedicate an entire post to them.

Tell me, are you disappointed in me for putting my ban on hold, or do you think I showed moderate restraint?  Have you tried Shu Uemura eyeshadows before?  How do you deal with scary sales assistants?  What have you hauled recently?


34 thoughts on “Taipei Hauling: Beauty Edition

  1. I think you did well too. It’s ok to want to try stuff on holiday that aren’t available where you live, and you didn’t go over the top or anything like that. I always buy a lot more on holiday lol. The caviar mask really intrigues me!

  2. oooh nice haul! That is an interesting solid perfume tin–I actually have a tin just like it from an old NYC tinted lip balm. Cute! And Shu makeup! Can you believe I’ve never tried anything from Shu (besides the eyelash curler)?!? I SO need to…maybe when the collection that they collaborated with karl Lagerfeld on comes out, I will make my first purchase(s?)

    • yeah, definitely reminded me of those! nooo, you must. Although it isn’t exactly easy to get ahold of in the US…are you in the US? I’m so excited to see that collection, I think you should go for it 😉

      • Yes, I am in the U.S. I generally don’t like to purchase makeup sight unseen from online. It’s always a big headache if there is a problem with the order and if you don’t like the product, you’re oftentimes stuck with it…which happens quite a bit, considering the lack of accurate color swatches on beauty brands’ websites!

  3. I haven’t tried a single thing from Shu but you better believe I will be after this! 🙂 I have heard their lipsticks are really nice as well. Lovely haul- reminds me that I need to find a solid perfume one of these days (I don’t have a single one). Meep!

    • Not even their famous eyelash curler?? Yes, you really must! Start with one of their ME eyeshadows 🙂 They have this one taupe, ME Brown (I forget the number), it’s absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorites, a bit like MAC Satin Taupe. I believe Pink Sith featured it once..

  4. *waves* The chick who voted for clothes/accessories? Totes me. And you’re probably not surprised. 😛

    You showed moderate restraint and deserve to have your shoulder patted. *pats you* You’re on VACATION. You should be able to put that ban on hold. 😉

    Anywho, I can’t believe how cheap those sheet masks are over there! So jelly!! I saw the new caviar one in San Gabriel (they also had a new cactus and citrus looking one too I think) but didn’t buy as I’m waiting for it to either go on sale (unlikely) or show up on Sasa at a discount. We will see. I like the Arbutin one though. See if you can steal a sheet from your Mom to try….hehe.

    And oh yes, I’ve tried Shu’s e/s. It was a long time ago. You know, when they still had counters in the U.S. Haha!

    Love your haul and hope you’re having a blast!! 😀

    (I just updated my post with a new blurb regarding the cleansing oil. It’s WAY better than DHC imo. But you have to make sure you get the YELLOW bottle. That one is the best. 😉 )

    • hahahah I should have known. Yes, I saw those too 🙂 Maybe I’ll go back sometime soon… Heard the Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid ones were great, but I only saw Arbutin that day. Will do! Do you own any of the Shu eyeshadows?

      hmmm well I have a mini stockpile of DHC cleansing oils LOL. But when I use them up I’ll definitely check out that cleansing oil. Thanks for the rec!

  5. OK, seriously – you kicked ASS (‘scuse my language!) at the ban the entire time, I mean, totally ROCKED it, so I think you are beyond justified in picking up a few things! By no means have you gone out of control, so enjoy your purchases fully and don’t worry one bit. Shu Uemura is on my “12 new beauty brands to try” list so I’ll be checking them out soon enough! I get scared sometimes and think I should do it sooner rather than later in case they pull out of Canada too. can’t wait to see your swatches!

  6. MM, I am so ashamed of you!!! KIDDING. You did amazing during the ban & this haul is not as big and outrageous as I expected it to be! I am so happy to see the Nexcare Acne Patches in your haul. They are so amazing 😀

    • ahahah thanks Ashley! You should probably know that I was skulking around the Shu counter once again today though.. 😛

      Aren’t they? Why can’t we get something like this in the US?

  7. OMG, I would totally go crazy spending my money if I were you. Shu makes the creamiest eye shadows ever! I still have a Shu blush that I use with reverence. It’s really some good stuff!

      • It’s a brown something, the combination of letters and numbers is hard to remember. I tried on their eye shadows at Sephora before but the colors were so out there that I didn’t buy. Big mistake, I guess.

  8. Wow! So far you have been very tame in the hauling department! Stuff the ban you’re in TW! If you don’t buy it now you’ll later regret and end up purchasing things on various websites where it will cost more for the same things!!!

    I guess you still have plenty of time to look around and buy more things~ XD It’s great you are restraining yourself a bit, after all you are moving to college soon!

    Yes! I hate Chinese SAs they’re so annoying, they just hover around you and keep bugging you. I generally just tell them ‘thanks I’m ok looking by myself’ repeatedly until they get the hint. Or I tell them that I’m far more likely to make a purchase if they leave me to get on and I’ll ask them if I need help, and that’s how I make decisions to purchase things so kindly go away. 😛 It’s worked in the past.

    • Tame? o.O Good to know.

      Ran into another annoying SA today, this one was extremely confrontational and glower-y. Ugh. Not only was the one from SOGO hovering, she got angry when I told her I didn’t need to buy a case. And then she tossed the eyeshadows down and walked away after I paid for them. Seriously I’m not asking for special treatment, but could we get rid of the attitude?

  9. Those Shu eye shadows are in such lovely colors! And I envy those acne patches! How neat is that? And I do think you showed more restraint than I ever could have. I usually walk away from rude SA’s. In fact, SA’s kinda scare me in general. I didn’t haul anything quite as fun and eclectic as you did, just some new nail polishes 🙂

  10. I love products from other countries. Whenever I have a friend go on vacation somewhere, especially anywhere in Asia, I ask them to bring me back two things:

    1. beauty products with a foreign language on them
    2. snacks with a foreign language on them

    I don’t know why, but I just think it’s the best ever. Especially the snacks. I like to try the junk food other cultures eat. 😉

  11. I think it’s kind of mandatory to buy some Shu Uemura while over at the eastern side of the world. No judgments here! You’re doing excellently and I really want to see a picture of you on the air plane zoning out with those masks on. Can we get your mom to take the pic with her iPad? 😀

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