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Sweet Tooth

I’ve been on vacation for awhile now, and I realize I haven’t said too much about where I’ve been going or what I’ve been doing.  Besides spending hours re-tweaking the banner (yes, two lines of text can take hours when you’re as indecisive as I am), I’ve been wandering around the country, visiting as many restaurants as I can fit into my day.

Yesterday was spent searching for air conditioning, and I ended up at an impossibly high-end shopping mall.  I usually avoid these places as the SAs seem to think it their duty to terrify all customers, but I spent the day window shopping nonetheless.

While in the area, I stopped by Dazzling Cafe, a cute little restaurant famous for their honey toast.

I’ll share a secret with you: if you ever see me photograph an entire meal on Makeup Morsels, chances are the appearance of the food outweighed its taste.  I don’t understand the hype behind this place at all, but at least the presentation made it worth my time.

My mom and her iPad.  In my opinion, if you’re going to shoot something with your iPad, you might as well shoot it with a DSLR (I suppose that would be impossible for her though, since the only DSLR in our family is permanently glued to my side).  It’s so unwieldy as a camera.  But she seems to love it:

Today’s agenda includes searching for better desserts, and a very exciting Salvador Dali exhibit.

What have you been up to lately?

30 thoughts on “Sweet Tooth

  1. Ooo pretty toast! There’s actually a few places that serve toast boxes here but I’ve never been. I mean.. toast with ice cream and fruits? Just give me the ice cream, I don’t want the extra carbs!
    Also, you’ve got a cool/”hip” mom! There aren’t many parent’s that take foodie pics AND with an iDevice!

  2. Love the new banner! I really need to do something to spiff up my blog but I am soooo not well-versed in that kind of thing! So I leave it all plain and lame 😦 LOL!

    The food sure does look tasty, but point taken about maybe being all looks and no follow-through. Too bad! Sounds like you’re enjoying your trip 🙂

    • I thought the old one was getting to be a bit much. Erm, I dunno about well versed, but I do try! I am, especially since the legal drinking age here is 18 and I can have some wine with my meals LOL. It’s nice to be temporarily legal 😛

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I’m sorry the food didn’t taste as good as it looked, but I hope you’re able to find something more satisfying 🙂

  4. Such pretty food! But not-as-pretty taste?

    I always laugh at people who use their iPads to take pictures (not to put down your mother though, it’s just me). I just can’t fathom why people do it. 1.) It’s HUGE. 2.) The quality of the camera is atrocious. 3.) You look like an absolute fool standing there with a giant piece of metal.

    But hey, iPads are actually really fun and useful! How was the Dali exhibit? 😀

    • Nope, not pretty-taste. The picture quality is actually not bad for a giant tablet, but of course it’s got nothing on an actual camera, especially in low light. I admit I get a case of the giggles too when I see people taking pictures with iPads, but then again I just laugh…all the time.

      It was good! So many melting clocks 😀

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