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New from Victoria’s Secret: VS Makeup PRO Collection

I just love it when I put ‘new’ in the header, and it’s actually a reasonable statement.  Means I’m on top of things!  So this week, we have a brand-new permanent collection from VS makeup.  Alright, it was released in June, but we’re only one day into July, so I’m going to go ahead and call this ‘brand-new.’

I’ve been giving the brand a lot of love lately (check back tomorrow for your chance to try their amazing bronzers), and I hope this release lives up to my expectations.  It’s all about the basics this time around: primers, finishing powders, lip balms.  You get the idea.

The 19-piece collection includes the following:

Airbrush FX Primers

  • Airbrush FX Illuminating Primer, $18 – Light-reflecting pearls for luminous radiance.
  • Airbrush FX Bronzing Primer, $18 – Sheer bronze tint for a warm, sun-kissed glow.
  • Airbrush FX Hydrating Primer, $18 – Hydrating formula moisturizes for a healthy look.
  • Airbrush FX Anti-Red Correcting Primer, $18 – A subtle green tint instantly neutralizes the look of redness.
  • Airbrush FX Shadow Correcting Primer, $18 – A subtle peach tint instantly corrects the look of dark shadows and spots.
  • Airbrush FX Perfecting Primer SPF 20, $18 – Our original award-winning formula with the added bonus of SPF 20 protection.
  • Airbrush FX Oil-Free Primer SPF 15, $18 – Our oil-free formula with SPF 15 protection.

  • Anti-Shine FX Oil-Free Mattifier, $15 – This gel-cream mattifier reduces oily shine in an instant for a naturally matte finish and feel. Apply to clean skin or over makeup as needed.
  • Camouflage FX Universal Concealer Palette, $18 – This compact kit allows you to custom mix concealers for seamless coverage.  With three shades, it offers the perfect cover for any imperfection: under-eye circles, blemishes, dark spots and more.
  • Camouflage FX Color Correcting Concealer Duo, $15 – This double-ended cream concealer pencil has a green side to counter redness (like blemishes) and an apricot side to hide dark spots (like undereye circles).  Apply and blend to neutralize the imperfection, then follow with concealer or foundation.
  • Flawless FX Translucent Finishing Powder, $18 – This translucent, skin-perfecting powder offers a naturally luminous glow.
  • Clean FX Instant Makeup Remover, $13 – This gentle, dual-action formula removes makeup from lids, lashes, lips and all over the face. it leaves skin refreshed and silky soft—ready for any sexy new look.
  • Radiant FX Face Illuminator, $15 – This sheer, liquid-pearl formula blends effortlessly to diffuse the look of imperfections and give skin a warm glow. Highlight cheek and browbones, or mix with foundation for a hint of all-over radiance.
Eyes & Lips

  • Light FX Concealing Eye Brightener Pen, $14 – Advanced optical diffusers pair with custom pigments to create a lighter, brighter look while completely camouflaging undereye circles and diffusing the look of fine lines.
  • Moisture FX Softening Lip Balm, $12 – This luxurious, softening lip balm is infused with super-nourishing shea butter to soothe dry, chapped lips as it creates a healthy sheen.
  • Pout FX Lip Primer & Definer, $12 – One coat of the creamy smooth 2-in-1 pencil defines and primes for a perfect color application that stays put. No color bleeding, just a close up-worthy pout.
  • Light FX Eye-Brightening Pen, $14 – Advanced optical diffusers pair with luminous Diamond Powder to lighten and brighten the look of dark shadows while reducing the appearance of fine lines. instant gorgeous for any close up.
  • Lasting FX Eye Shadow Primer, $12 – This eye primer creates a smooth base to help both powder and cream shadows look more vibrant, last longer and resist creasing.
  • Smooth FX Lip Scrub & Balm, $16 – To ensure a perfect pout, gently massage the scrub onto lips for 30 seconds, then tissue off. Finish with a light layer of balm. Lips are left feeling soft, supple, and ready for camera-worthy color.
What do you think of the collection?  Any fun weekend stories to share with me?


Images courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.

20 thoughts on “New from Victoria’s Secret: VS Makeup PRO Collection

    • hahah thanks Margo! I am REALLY behind on blog commenting though, so going to try my best to catch up on that today. I agree, I like the look of the line. Form follows function 😛

  1. Everything looks really nice. The primers look interesting. They’re a great price so I hope they preform well. I can’t wait to see some reviews.

  2. Whoooaaaaa fun stuff! We’re getting a VS here in August finally – woot! – so I’ll have to give this stuff the eyeball then. Better not smell like that horrid conditioner though! *blech*

    No fun stories, because we unpacked all weekend – snooze – which, while the new place is awesome, sucked because a) it was a long weekend, and b) the weather was stupidly gorgeous and hot. Oh well! I’m off for one more day so maybe I’ll get out and play tomorrow 😉

    • Yay! I’m doing a VS giveaway that’s open to Canada right now, so you could try your luck there 😉 *blatant self promotion LOL*

      Unpacking is no fun, but I’m still so happy for you! Completely settled in now?

  3. Holy cow, that’s a lot of stuff. Which of these have you tried and recommend? I’m a bit overwhelmed by the long list.

    This weekend was a total snoozefest, literally. I caught up on a lot of sleep. lol

  4. Wow…a new line of cosmetics from VS…I’ve never tried their makeup though I do see their lip glosses on blogs here and there…They are very affordable as well…Look forward to your reviews if you will be testing any out from this collection…

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