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Not Your Mother’s Haircare Review

Tuesday was all about high-end hair stuff, today is about much more affordable (but equally awesome) drugstore haircare.  Yay!

If you’ve been to the drugstore, ever, you’ve probably seen these.  The packaging is fun and quirky without being too ‘young’ (although what do I know?  I’m fresh out of minor-dom), and the bright colors pop in all the right ways.

When I heard this line had a dry shampoo, I immediately zeroed in on it.  I’ve tried one other dry shampoo from the drugstore, which was by Tresemme.  I absolutely love their Heat Tamer Spray, but their dry shampoo made me lose faith in all drugstore dry shampoos.  It was that bad.

But this isn’t a story about Tresemme.  Anyways, suffice to say that Not Your Mother’s rendition has restored my faith in drugstore dry shampoos.  It’s so, so good for second day hair.  One thing I didn’t tell you about Taiwan (because hair stories are kind of irrelevant to vacation posts) is that the humidity forced me to wash my hair every day, which ironically makes my hair go into oil overdrive.  When I got back to the States, I realized that I would have to ‘train’ my hair to go 1-2 days without washing all over again, and I’ve been putting this huge green-and-white bottle to good use.

For those of you who haven’t used dry shampoo before, it’s super simple.  Just hold as far away from your hair as your arms can reach, and spray until you see white powder.  Hold up sections of your hair and spray underneath, get your bangs, and cover whichever sections look greasy.  Then, you just brush through, and the white powder disappears.  I actually lost my plastic hotel brush/comb-in-one, or maybe sat on it, so I use my fingers and violently shake through/fluff up my hair.  I’m left with a non-oily, nicely volumized ‘do, which takes all of 60 seconds.  Awesome.  Note: dry shampoo (and I’ve tried high end ones as well) will not magically make you feel freshly showered, but it will make your locks look cleaner.

This has a fairly strong smell, fresh and clean in a laundry detergent kind of way.  But it fades significantly in about 10 minutes, so if you’re sensitive to smell, just try not to breathe when you spray.

A 7 oz bottle of Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo retails for $5.99.  I am sold.

If you don’t have oily hair, but still want volume, there’s Girl Powder Volumizing Hair Powder.  You might remember this from my travel favorites post, as it’s spectacular for getting rid of post-plane hair.  I shake it all over my head like I’m seasoning myself with salt & pepper, and then fluff everything around with my fingers.  Although it’s a powder, it doesn’t soak up oil.  The plus side is that this is weightless, and feels much less noticeable than dry shampoo in hair.

Volume doesn’t last all day long for me, but I can get a 6 hour dose of amazing floofiness with a few shakes of this stuff.  As far as I can tell, it’s unscented (I even shook some out on my hand and sniffed it for you guys, before I realized that it was not a great idea).

A .21 oz bottle (this is a very fine/light powder, but you only need a little bit at a time) also retails at $5.99.

I love this dry shampoo so much that I will be repurchasing when I run out.  It’s a fantastic budget option, one of the less expensive ones I’ve seen, but it gets the job done.  Girl Powder gets less use just because my hair is more on the oily side, but it’s my secret weapon for travel.  Dryer-haired ladies will probably love this, as the volume it imparts is really quite something, and with minimal effort, just the way I like it.  Thumbs up from me for the budget pricing, cute packaging, and overall effectiveness.  I’ve seen these at CVS, but you can find them at a lot of other places.

What’s your favorite dry shampoo?  Best method for adding quick volume to your hair?

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for editorial consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


16 thoughts on “Not Your Mother’s Haircare Review

  1. Cool! I don’t think we have this brand up here. My hair is super dry from colouring it for years and years and years and years, but my daughter could use this stuff. Right now she uses Batiste but it’s more expensive than this is. Will stock up on it next time I’m across the border!

    • I was going to go for one of the more expensive ones like Batiste, so I’m glad I discovered this just in time 🙂 Definitely saw it at the drugstore before, but was leery of trying it after the Tresemme disaster. Let me know how she likes it if you end up buying some!

  2. I have oily hair so dry shampoos is one of my staples. This one sounds really good and I love the packaging: so pretty and quirky!

  3. I laughed at the part where you wrote that you sprinkled the powder like it was salt and pepper. That was a good one! I’m glad drugstore hair powders have improved. I had Tresemme and I hated the stuff. The one from Sally Beauty is a lot better but it costs more than $5.99. Right now, I wash my hair every other day unless I sweat too much from exercising.

    • It’s so strange to me that dry shampoos aren’t more popular in Asia! I was desperately wishing for one while I was in Taipei, but I guess people just wash their hair every day instead haha.

  4. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen this, but I’m going to look the next time I’m at the store! I’ve finally decided to pick up a dry shampoo, and I was going to order LUSH’s, but I think I’ll try this first if I can find it!

  5. I also haven’t seen this before MM – clearly I’m out of the loop – but it sounds quite lovely! I would LOVE to use dry shampoo on the regular, it so appeals to my lazy nature, however, for hair like mine it’s pretty much useless. My hair NEVER gets greasy, with the exception of when I straighten it (ah, the once a year straighten!), at which point I leave it that way for about a week, so dry shampoo is necessary. I have two bottles of a Baptiste product that I’ll be checking out when the time comes, but if I end up hating them, this will be a good runner up! 🙂

    • I’m not sure if they have this brand where you are! I just see them a LOT at CVS. Ahh, you are insanely lucky! What I would give for non-greasy hair (then again, I would probably complain about it all the time about it being dry).

  6. Very nice! I can’t go a day without washing my hair (oily + curly = ew gross), but I will definitely keep the Girl Powder in mind for the next time I travel! If only there were a CVS anywhere in this state…

    • Which drugstores do you guys have? CVS is like my Disneyland hahaha, I’m trying to imagine my life without it… Girl Powder is great for travel, let me know how you like it if you try it 🙂

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