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Introducing…Ellis Faas’ New Website

I’m in the middle of composing an OOTD/shopping post (I know, it almost never happens on here), but I also wanted to share Ellis Faas’ new Website with you.  Multitasking!

My love of Ellis Faas has been well-documented on this blog.  I’ve been over my likes (everything, basically) and dislikes (the packaging, goshdarn!), but I realize I’ve never said anything about their website before.  Probably because there wasn’t much to say before.  It wasn’t a travesty per se, just…average.  Now they’ve had a facelift, and I’m loving it.  It’s easier to navigate, cleaner, more appealing overall.

And they have skin swatches!  More brands need to do this, because those little color circles do nothing for me.  They’ve also included ingredient lists and how-to videos and oodles of other good things.

Check out the revamped Ellis Faas website here.  One more thing: they’re offering free shipping for the month of July to celebrate.  Just enter the code SHIPPR at checkout.

How was your weekend?  I cooked risotto, attempted to organize my life a little bit, and embarked on my traditional, bi-annual Hobbit/LOTR reading.


5 thoughts on “Introducing…Ellis Faas’ New Website

  1. Sa-wee!!! I have been eyeing their products for the past couple weeks and keep randomly visiting the website, but with this info I’ll be ordering for sure!!! But…maybe not till after the 20th when my ‘low-buy’ month restarts 😛 Thanks for the down-low MM!!!

      • hahahahha I was trying to figure out what that meant. At first I thought it was newfangled spelling for sorry, but I couldn’t think of anything you’d be apologizing for. No problem, make sure you share pictures of the loot!

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