The Wednesday Wigeon

The Wednesday Wigeon No.59

There was no Wednesday Wigeon last week!  I can’t believe I committed this atrocity.  The wigeon is glaring at me as we speak.  So in an effort to rectify this quickly:

1. What’s your go-to method for remembering things?

Be it long-term goals or short term tasks, I have to write it down.  I used to text myself, but nope, still doesn’t stick in my mind.  So now I carry a notebook and pen with me wherever I go.

2. Favorite cream eyeshadow?

I adore Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes and Lights (ohh big surprise), but for a more affordable option, I also like the Estee Lauder Double Wear Shadowcremes (see Antique Gold here).  I hear the Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadows are wonderful drugstore picks though, have any of you tried those?

3. Share a DIY project you’d like to try.

This braided hex nut bracelet.  It’s something I’d love to wear, and it actually looks doable!

To take part in TWW, copy/paste the questions and answer them in the comments below!

1. What’s your go-to method for remembering things?
2. Favorite cream eyeshadow?
3. Share a DIY project you’d like to try.

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24 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wigeon No.59

  1. 1. What’s your go-to method for remembering things?
    Evernote or the Noteshelf app on my iPad. And yet, I’m still basically the stereotypical absent-minded professor (minus the fact that I’m 22 and a woman).

    2. Favorite cream eyeshadow?
    I’ve only tried two, ELF’s and Maybelline’s. I definitely prefer the Color Tattoo, but I didn’t find it to be as awesome as others seem to; it creases on me after a few hours unless I wear it over primer and under shadow, which is irritating. I still like wearing it to intensify taupe-heavy looks (I have Bad to the Bronze, which is rather inaptly named, as it is quite solidly a warm taupe, but I digress).

    3. Share a DIY project you’d like to try.
    Light box! I tried to make one this afternoon but didn’t use a large enough box. I also need an exacto knife…but yeah, that’s going to happen soon, I hope!

    • mmm Color Tattoo is a no-go for me then. Yay for an exciting DIY!! Exacto knives are pretty cheap, yeah? I wouldn’t know actually lol, I always borrowed the ones in the photo room at school. But can’t wait to see your awesome new lightbox 🙂

  2. 1. What’s your go-to method for remembering things?
    Despite all the note taking apps on my phone, I still prefer writing things down on paper just like you.
    2. Favorite cream eyeshadow? Armani Eyes To Kill. LOVE.
    3. Share a DIY project you’d like to try. Hmmm, after Peanut Frodo I’m kind of DIYed out. 😛 Plus, nothing I make now can ever be better than that! Give him a little hug for me. 🙂

    • I’m surprised so many of you like to write things down on paper, I thought I was the only one still doing things old school LOL. Ohh are we counting those weird hybrids? Then I want to add L’oreal Infallibles too! What’s your favorite ETK shade?

      I love Peanut Frodo. Giving him a pinky hug as we speak 😉


    1. What’s your go-to method for remembering things?

    If it’s appointments and schedules and birthdays, I always stick ’em in the calender in my iTouch. If I’m at a complete loss during a test/exam, I try to visualize the answer by pretending I have a photographic memory. Other useless things just stick in my head!

    2. Favorite cream eyeshadow?

    It was the Benefit Creaseless pots for a long while (Birthday Suit in particular) but I feel like looking around a bit now.

    3. Share a DIY project you’d like to try.

    I’d be happy just to clean my room regularly… and get going on baking breads from scratch. I’m so not DIY!

    • I love your enthusiasm for the wigeon. Warms my heart, not being sarcastic. 😀

      LOL going to have to try that trick. I too have loads of useless and completely random things permanently stuck in my head…hmmm Look around and let us know what you discover. Those are good projects, I’m going to add them to my list!

  4. 1. What’s your go-to method for remembering things?
    Well, I usually make a song or a rhyme out of them. Especially for people’s names and such. Not saying it works well, but it keeps me entertained.

    2. Favorite cream eyeshadow?
    I love the color tattoos. I have the asphalt one and it works a treat! 🙂 Total fave cream shadow right now.
    3. Share a DIY project you’d like to try.
    Well, I am planning on DIY my entire bedroom. I am going to paint one wall a giant british flag in pink hues, with black accents. 🙂

    • hahahah you are the best. I’ll have to remember that method, keeping yourself entertained is always a good thing. And once again, you are the best. I can’t even imagine undertaking that project. Show us the results when you’re done, would love to see them!

  5. 1. What’s your go-to method for remembering things?
    Like you, I have to write it down.

    2. Favorite cream eyeshadow?
    Michael Todd Long Wear Creme Eyeshadow. It’s the only one that lasts all day without creasing on my oily lids, and that even if I don’t use a primer!

    3. Share a DIY project you’d like to try.
    I’d just love to learn to make my own clothes.

    • Something about putting pen to paper just works better than anything else I’ve tried. Ohh Michael Todd, I don’t think that’s a brand we get here although I have seen good reviews! That would be awesome, I gave up after finishing that first dress, but sometimes I watch Project Runway and think the same thing hahah. I think you would make the coolest clothes though, should definitely give that a try if you have the time.

  6. 1. What’s your go-to method for remembering things?
    I write things down on any available scrap of paper I can find…problem is, I then proceed to lose said scrap of paper and am left forgetting whatever it was I was trying to remind myself of anyway :/ I need a better method (I use about a million alarms on my phone too, and it’s not quite there yet–but I suppose it’s more effective than the paper…)
    2. Favorite cream eyeshadow?
    Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Cream Shadows, hands down. They’re the only creams shadows that have made good on their promise to stay put on my (very oily) lids for any extended amount of time (not quite all day, but a hell of a lot better than any other cream shadow I’ve tried). And yes, I’ve reviewed the Maybelline Color Tattoos. They were pretty good quality for a drugstore brand, but overall I didn’t really like them and don’t even use the ones I have. They’re about the same quality as the Paint Pots–which I also don’t get the hype over
    3. Share a DIY project you’d like to try.
    I’m not much of a DIY-er unless it has to do with face masks. I am curious to try my own cloth mask (with the toner/lotion soaked on cotton pads method). It’s not hard, but I’ve never tried it and I hear great things!

    • I used to do that! But yes…with the losing said paper scraps. Which is why I now use a notebook. So much better. Bobbi Brown seems to make good staples, will have to give their Cream Shadows a swatch sometime. What are your recommended shades? Awesome DIY, I want to try that too. Except I should probably use the face masks I actually have first…

  7. 1. What’s your go-to method for remembering things?
    Mnemonic or Google 🙂 Srsly, I can’t remember anything these days!

    2. Favorite cream eyeshadow?
    MAC paint pot in Bare Study and Rubenesque. Or if you want old-skool: the Revlon cream eyeshadow quad thingy.

    3. Share a DIY project you’d like to try.
    You know, I really like to paint the sole of a pair of high heels red and then stud some spikes on them. Kinda like a pair Christian Louboutin but fiercer. And mine. And DIY :}

    • Never heard of Mnemonic, will have to check that out! I have the Revlon quads too, I think they work great as bases over primer, but as standalone cream shadows, noooo. Crease city.

      That sounds like a killer pair of heels. I say do it soon!

  8. 1. What’s your go-to method for remembering things?
    Same here, I have to write it down! I write it down in a planner or journal.
    2. Favorite cream eyeshadow?
    I haven’t tried that many, though I would love to try more because I love the idea of cream eyeshadow, but my favorite would have to be the Benefit Creaseless Creams. In Birthday Suit especially 😀
    3. Share a DIY project you’d like to try.
    I really want to do these ombre ballet flats! They look SO goood!

  9. 1. What’s your go-to method for remembering things?
    Keeping them written down. Sometimes in my phone, but paper and pen works best for me, too.
    2. Favorite cream eyeshadow?
    Actually don’t have one! Looking for one. I want something neutral and easy, so I can swipe and go!
    3. Share a DIY project you’d like to try.:
    Oh, yeah, like Amy, I need to make a lightbox. But I did make cold-brew coffee the other day, and it turned out really well! And so easy! Doing it all summer now.

    • What is it about paper and pen? And also, give the Estee Lauder Shadowcremes a try! They have some great neutrals. I need to make a lightbox too. Actually what I meant to say is I need to make a WORKING lightbox, mine is just not cooperating with me lately. Cold-brew coffee sounds awesome. Please share your secrets!

      • Cold-brew coffee:

        I use a French press to strain it. If you don’t have one, I’d invest in one…French Press coffee >> regular coffee pot brewing systems. I also wouldn’t dilute it 1:1, unless you like vaguely coffee-flavored water. Also, if you’re going to add milk, you’ll want it a little stronger initially anyway. I initially tried 1/2 cup concentrate + 1/4 cup water and that was a little weak, so I’d try maybe a 1:4 ratio (coffee concentrate: water) and then add more or less of each thing to taste. But it’s super easy, and the concentrate will keep in the fridge for a few days.

  10. Ok, I have to confess something – I read absolutely NOTHING of what you wrote up there (I AM AN ASS – I KNOW) but I only had one hour of sleep last night and I’m rushing through my feed to go to bed – BUT I just wanted to say: I’m reading The Hobbit (for the first time!!!!!!!!) and I ADORE it. And I really just wanted you to know. Because it is awesome. And so you will think I am awesome.

    That is all.

    • hahahah don’t even worry about it, hope you got your much-needed rest! And YESSSS YAYYYY TOYAAAAA!!! What did I tell you? It’s worth reading! Is it not the most hilarious book ever?

      P.S. I always think you’re awesome.

  11. 1. What’s your go-to method for remembering things?
    I either write it down (like you do), or type it onto Notes on my iPhone!

    2. Favorite cream eyeshadow?
    Seeing as I don’t currently have any, it would be none…hee hee. 😉

    3. Share a DIY project you’d like to try.
    I am so not the DIY type! 😛 BUT I have been meaning to make my own cafe sua da for a while now so I guess that would be my project.

    • What, no cream eyeshadows?? But they’re so easy to use and perfect for lazy makeup looks! Cafe sua da is one of the most delicious smelling things ever, share your recipe if your try it please 🙂

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