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The Epic Taiwan Travel Post

Epic as in ‘this is very overdue, so to compensate, I will provide many many pictures.  Show of hands, how many of you even remember me going on vacation?

So here we go, the 6 best moments of my stay in Taiwan (and there are cute baby pictures of my namesake at the end, if you need more enticing).

1. One of my closest friends happened to arrive in Taiwan just days after I landed.  I called her to ask if she wanted to go out to eat once she was over her jetlag.

“Actually we’re going to Yilan for lunch today,” she said, “you want to come?”

Yilan is a city far outside Taipei.  People usually go there for weekend spa getaways.  Let’s say I lived in Paris (always the dream).  This is akin to her asking if I wanted to drive over to London with her to grab a quick bite.  Ok, it’s nowhere near that extreme, I just wanted to mention Paris because I love Paris.  But there was definitely a long moment of silence.

“Sounds good.”

Part of our drive was spent breezing through the 8 mile long Xue Shan Tunnel.  If you’ve never driven through an 8 mile long tunnel, let me assure you it’s a lot of tunnel.

I also saw this giraffe pole, which made me smile.  It’s the little things:


2.  The food.  In general.  As for the food in Yilan, it was delicious, even though I no longer remember the name of this restaurant.  Behold, the most dramatic watermelon I have ever eaten in my life:

Cotton candy on milk custard for dessert:

A couple more food shots, this time from a restaurant in Taipei.  Being on an island means  fresh sashimi all the time:

Matcha ice cream with red beans:

3. About a week after we had lunch in Yilan, my friend called me up again.  She always calls with good news.  This time, it was an extra ticket to the Salvador Dali exhibit in Taipei.  She asked if maybe I wanted to go with her.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that this is an unnecessary question.  Want to be my best friend?  Take me to a fine art museum.  Or an art exhibit.  Or a shop that sells replicas of my favorite works of art.  This was two out of three.  We went home with a melting clock apiece.  Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed inside, so this is the only shot I took.

4. Being legal for 3 weeks and that last, lovely glass of champagne.

5. Corn guy!  This is going to be my 2012 Halloween costume.

Even though he was smiling right at me, I don’t think he knew I was taking a picture.  So I cropped his face because I’m considerate that way.

6. My beautiful, wonderful family.  This is my grandma eating McDonald’s soft serve with chopsticks.  I love her so much:

And as promised, pictures of little baby mini-MM.  As I said before, I have high hopes for her.  Already, I’m seeing similarities (she loves to sleep, is hungry all the time, and stares intensely at people).

Did I mention she’s adorable?  She’s so adorable, I almost posted 50 pictures of her on here.  But I suppose 2 will suffice.  And yes, I received permission from her mother to share these.

And that ends my summer adventures post!  Have any of you ever been to Taiwan?  What are your favorite vacation memories ever?  Who else is cooing over mini-MM right now?


31 thoughts on “The Epic Taiwan Travel Post

  1. AWWWWW look at little mini-MM!!!! She’s adorable! Look at her hair! And her red lips! So precious she is!
    8 miles of tunnel is a lot. We went to Paris by train from London and the Chunnel was really long and kind of freaked me out.
    That giraffe on the pole made me smile too. 🙂 And that is some spiky watermelon!
    Your vacation looks like it was pretty awesome.

  2. I didn’t even know you were on vacation! Haha! Sounds (and looks) like you had an awesome time. The cotton candy food contraption looks sooo good! Someone needs to get on that in North America.

    Baby Morzelz is adorable! ❤

  3. I’m not sure what I find funnier: the fact that your grandma eats ice cream with CHOPSTICKS or dude in a corn suit. It was just the other day my mom and I were laughing at these Chinese families eating KFC (come on people, it’s FINGER LICKIN’ FOOD!) but chopsticks and ice creams tops it, I think.

    *Squishes mini-MM* She’s so adorableeeee ^.^

    • I’d say it’s a tie. hahahah I confess to eating chips with chopsticks so I can type without getting chip essence all over my keyboard.

      I miss her adorableness 😦

  4. I’ve never been to Taiwan but its on my list of places to go soon. I keep hearing about the wonderful food there! It looks like you had a wonderful time and mini MM is adorable!

  5. YAY!! *toasting your legalness* I see lots and lots of champagne in your future! 🙂

    Sounds like you had an amazing trip and I am drooling at the sight of that cotton candy on milk custard – !!!!!!

    The 8-mile long tunnel is making me a little uncomfortable even though I’m not claustrophobic. O_O

  6. Your trip looks amazing! I still have to gather together my Puerto Rico post…ugh why did I take so many pictures?! The Cotton Candy on Custard combo sounds interesting, was it good? I’m really digging Corn Man’s shoes. The Dali exhibit sounds awesome! I recently went to the Institute of Contemporary Art, and they had this ‘Infinite’ exhibit by Josiah McElheny…it was mindblowingly amazing! (Definitely Google him if you don’t know because I never heard of him before the exhibit, but omg my mind was thoroughly blown and my eyes thoroughly given a treat.) Anyway. Mini MM is SOOOO cute! Newborn babies usually freak me out (just a smidge), but she is adorable!

    • Looking forward to your Puerto Rico post! I can sense that it’s going to be awesome 🙂 Dude I didn’t even notice his shoes until you pointed it out. Will Google! LOLOL I know what ya mean, but she’s sooo cute. And she baby-flails her hands a lot, which makes her even cuter.

  7. AAAAH MINI MM! So beyond adorable. And that food looks amazing…sounds like you had a fun trip! I haven’t been to Taiwan, though I did visit mainland China several years ago. I loved it, except for the weather (middle of summer, so yes, hot and humid!). I hope to visit again someday! And make it over to Taiwan, too 🙂

    • SHE ISSSS. I usually think it’s slightly annoying when people squish babies’ cheeks, I mean, they can’t be happy being squished right? But I want to squish her cheeks cuz she’s so cute. Oh yeah, humidity is insane. Visit Taiwan, it’s awesome!

  8. Mini-MM is totally adorable!! Gah, I would forgive you for squishing her cheeks if she were my babe (which of course would be a genetic impossibility – I think – but still). Totally acceptable when you’re that cute! How nice it was for you to see your family, I think your delay in posting was just because you had so many amazing moments and it would be hard to condense them down into a readable post. You are forgiven 🙂

    And woohoo to being legal for 3 weeks too, sweet! That glass of wine looks mighty enticing right about now…

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