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Another Glimpse at Illamasqua Generation Q: Introducing Mairi

I was so happy to see your responses to last week’s unveiling of Evelyn, the first winner of Illamasqua’s ‘Beauty Before Age’ contest.  This week brings us yet another model for their Fall campaign.

Mairi is 39 years old and from Edinburgh, Scotland where she works as a freelance make-up artist after spending a long time working and snowboarding in the French Alps.

I’ve been fascinated with make-up at a very early age, I started copying looks on myself, icons like Brigitte Bardot, Edie Sedgewick, Marilyn Monroe and Debbie Harry (one of my favourites!) and I loved experimenting with colours and always wearing my “cats eyes”. I love finding new products and experimenting with them.

I think it’s a great idea to use real people for your campaigns, it’s raw and exciting, because age doesn’t matter – it’s how you feel on the inside that does, if you are confident about your look, it shows.

Love her fabulous makeup and philosophy.  Now I’m itching to see the actual products in this line, but that will have to wait.

How’s your weekend going?

P.S. Tomorrow I am going to the orthodontist.  Scary times ahead.


12 thoughts on “Another Glimpse at Illamasqua Generation Q: Introducing Mairi

  1. I’m kind of loving their entire ad campaign. It makes me want to check out the products. It’s nice seeing regular women, instead of ubersexual pretty and young models. I also want to look that hot when I’m 39.

    • I personally have no problems with aspirational advertising, but it’s still refreshing to see campaigns like this! She’s so awesome too, snowboarding in the French Alps? Definitely want to be her friend LOL.

  2. Another beautiful “model”! I love this campaign! And her makeup is beautiful–really curious to see the line now!

    Oh and fingers crossed for you. I HATE going to the orthodontist/dentist! It’s strange I can handle needles, pain, anything on my body–but once you take that inside my mouth and it’s ALL over. I freak out and have panic attacks…the whole nine yards :/

  3. This campaign is all kinds of awesome. Illamasqua just keeps on giving us more and more reasons to obsess over them & their products ❤

    Good luck at the orthodontist! I used to love seeing my dentist/orthodontist until my braces came off… He stopped giving me extra floss & toothbrushes after.. TT-TT

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