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My First Foray into Micellar Waters with La Roche-Posay

The way some people talk about micellar waters, you’d think they’re hand-plucked from the Fountain of Youth and come with a cupcake.

Well, I’ve tried my first one.  And it does not come from the Fountain of Youth (I’m fairly certain about this) and there was no cupcake, but do I think it’s a good cleanser?  Why yes, I do.

For those of you who have never heard of micellar water, let me point you in the direction of my most-used, extremely trusty source, Wikipedia  yeah I just read that Wikipedia article, and my head is reeling in confusion.  Here’s a much better explanation via She Said Beauty.  Bioderma is the most famous one, but it’s also hard to get ahold of in the states.  So naturally, I was thrilled to discover that La Roche-Posay, makers of my HG lip balm and a damn good sunscreen, carry a micellar solution.  And you can get it at CVS, which is the cherry on top of the proverbial cupcake that sadly did not come with this bottle.

What I love most about this solution is the blissful sensation of clean that it leaves up on my skin.  It doesn’t make my face feel tight, as some overly stripping cleansers do, nor am I left with any oily residue.  It’s got a light floral scent and a lovely refreshing feel.  It’s wholesome in a bottle.

As for makeup removing abilities, I’m able to remove my waterproof mascaras using this, but it does take some extra work.  And as I am unbelievably lazy when it comes to makeup, I stick to cleansing oils on the days I choose to wear Majo Majo.  For eyeshadows, eyeliners, and regular mascaras (just found one I love, and I can’t wait to share it with you), it works like a dream.  Perhaps my favorite way to use this is to clean up those last pesky traces of makeup that my cleansing oil doesn’t quite get.  It’s also a must-have product for those who frequently find themselves living out of a suitcase.

As far as face makeup goes, this takes off all of mine with ease, although I will mention that I wear very light makeup on my face, and sometimes forego it altogether.  One important thing to remember is that tools matter.  Just as you might use a nice brush to apply your foundation, pay attention to the types of cotton pads you use to remove your makeup.  I like to get the kind with two sides, one smooth and one textured.  And of course, I use the textured side on my face, as I find it does a much better job of wiping off product.

For those of you who are curious about micellar solutions, but have a hard time getting your hands on a bottle, La Roche-Posay is the way to go.  It’s particularly great for those with sensitive skin, as it is free of soap, alcohol and parabens.  A 200 mL bottle of Physiological Micellar Solution retails at $20.95, and you can always use those handy ExtraBucks* to lessen the price.

*not all CVS locations carry LRP, but you can find them at other places too.  Use their handy store locator here.

Have you tried micellar waters?  What’s your favorite one?

Full Disclosure: The product in this post was submitted for editorial consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.

27 thoughts on “My First Foray into Micellar Waters with La Roche-Posay

  1. “The way some people talk about micellar waters, you’d think they’re hand-plucked from the Fountain of Youth and come with a cupcake.”

    Yes! Its the latest thing it would seem. I’ve only tried Bioderma myself but I’m not sure what I should be seeing and I think I’m just a bit paranoid so I still double cleanse. I sometimes use it on days when I don’t have a lot of makeup on or when I am in a rush and just want to get most of my makeup off before doing a proper cleanse later. Otherwise, I can’t see myself replacing my regular cleansing oil + foaming cleanser routine for this 🙂

    • Yeah, the hype is ridiculous. No product can possibly live up to that. But I do like this a lot, especially right after a workout if I can’t wash my face or when I’m traveling.

      • Hi! this is my first comment in your blog, ‘cuz I recently found it (probably through Paris’s blog, Hi Paris!! :)) Because Bioderma’s micellar water is very cheap and easily accessible, it was the first micellar solution I tried.. First, I didn’t like it either. I was using the swiping method, too. But I watched a video of Lisa Eldridge ans I saw the (especially for eye make up removing) she sooked the cotton pad with this solution, puts on her eye and just pads on her eye a few times and removes the pad, and voila!! The make up is gone. I tried it, and now I am having a real good effect than I used to. But I would like to point out as a chemist is that this is a product that needs to be cleaned afterwards.. You may or may not know that micellar solution is kind of a soapy solution (micelle is the chemist word for “foam”). So, if you clean your make up with this and leave your skin be, then you will be leaving some kind of soap formation on your skin. The concentration is micelle is very very small, I am aware but never think of this solution like a toner and leave on your skin. Take care!

  2. I’ve been using Caudalie’s for a long time, but I have recently started experimenting with La Roche-Posay and Vichy–so now I’m curious to try LRP’s version of the cleansing water! Can’t be all that different,…right?

  3. Thanks for the review. I’ve never tried any micellar water so far because they’ve always seemed like overpriced cleansers to me. I think I’ll stick with my Liz Earle cleanser.

    • I think these have a convenience factor that is lacking in cleansers, of course a cleanser and some water will do the same thing, but there are times when they aren’t available. There are also times when I’m just lazy LOL. Liz Earle cleanser is fantastic though, so good choice!

  4. I like this one too! It’s pretty close to the Bioderma one. The Nuxe one is really nice too. But I have found another one that’s locally made and it beats any I’ve tried. It’s frickin’ awesome. Takes off everything!

  5. I was about to ask you what’s micellar water?! Until you answered it haha! So obviously, I’ve never tried it. Do you think it will be good for taking of waterproof mascara?

    BTW, enter my jewelry giveaway! 🙂 You can win a piece of your choice!

    • Well, She Said Beauty answered it hahah. I am not great with explaining science-y things because that would require a basic understanding on my part. It’s good in a pinch, but does take some extra work for waterproof mascara.

  6. I like them a lot, to cleanse my face in the morning (I can’t use normal water as my skin is so sensitive) and also to remove makeup when I only wear powder or as the last step to clean (substitute of toner).

    I’ve tried this LaRoche and I like it very much. Also I’ve tried Bioderma Sensibio, Bioderma Sebium, Vichy, Caudalie, Deliplus, Kiko and have now ApotCare one to try.

      • Water straight from the faucet is so hard here… We can’t either drink it 😦
        My favourite is Bioderma (both), but I like La Roche a lot 🙂 Haven’t tried yet ApotCare, I’m finishing Bioderma Sebium 🙂

        • How can you tell? I have no idea if my faucets spew hard or soft water hahah…never tried drinking it either. I saw Bioderma in Taiwan, but they were selling it in a pack of 2 and the price was insane!

  7. Hahahaha oh man, MM. Cupcakes!

    I just found out a little while ago that our local drugstore carries both Vichy and La Roche-Posay, which is SO exciting. I’m trying out a Vichy serum that’s supposed to even out skin tone…like it so far!

  8. I think I’ll give this a go, esp since I’m travelling in the US and cannot find my fave makeup removers from Japan here…I’m a La Roche Posay fan but I’ve never thought of using this as a cleanser…

    • It’s probably best to still use soap and water to cleanse, but this is good if you’re on a plane or want to pre-cleanse. I use it as more of a makeup remover, and then I still wash my face afterwards 🙂 What are your favorite Japanese makeup removers? I love the DHC Cleansing Oil, although I’m told that the Shu Uemura is loads better.

  9. I tried the Bioderma and maybe a Vichy cleansing water, and while I liked them (the Bioderma is actually very nice on my more sensitive skin), I just really like using water on my face. What can I say? However, I think I will pick up a travel size of some type of cleanser like this to use while traveling, because they’re uber-handy and I won’t be using much makeup at all to worry about it cleansing enough. It’s too bad I’m lame, because the thought of using these makes me feel very fabulous, and French somehow, but sadly I am neither, which is why I don’t prefer to use them I guess! 😛

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