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Empties & Monthly Purchases: 5/21-7/20

Should I expend effort on photographing old and used up products?  I think not… but you tell me.

It’s empties time again!  Actually it’s over a week past empties time, but who’s counting?  Since I was in Taiwan for a huge chunk of June, this is the 2 month edition.  Surprisingly, I finished only a little more than what I usually do in a month.  I think it’s the traveling.  I’m just going to blame everything on the traveling.

The tally: 9 skincare, 3 eye makeup.

As for purchases…

  • Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Clear 2in1 ($2.99 with coupon!)
  • Wisps ($1.59 with coupon)
  • Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in 01, otherwise known as the red one she is wearing in the promo posters.  Kate Moss could sell me anything, and you all know how I’m obsessed with red lips to begin with.  ($5.49, and allowed since I finished that MAC gloss).
  • Taiwan purchases…which I’m going to count as 1 thing.  I was traveling!  (See first paragraph).

So I did alright these two months, if you don’t count the hauling, that is.  I actually added a few more things to my haul after that post, although I didn’t go nearly as crazy as I could have.  This month though…well, you’ll see.

How has your ban been going?  Do you feel a rush of satisfaction each time you finish a product?  What was your favorite purchase this month?  Mine was obviously the aforementioned lipstick.

Hope you’re having a marvelous weekend!



26 thoughts on “Empties & Monthly Purchases: 5/21-7/20

  1. I want to try that Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus so bad! And wow did you do well on the purchases (if we’re lumping together your vacation purchases of course–which EVERY beauty addict knows does’t count :P)

    • It’s ok, it’s long healed now! And it was completely stupid and hopefully won’t ever happen again, I’d say I’ve learned my lesson since then. Yay! Wisps! They’re perfect for travel, aren’t they?

  2. At this rate my goal should be “just finish one thing. You and Lizbob put me to shame *hangs head*

    But good job! And yes traveling is to blame for everything 🙂

    • Finishing one thing is how it starts! hehe so we’re calling her Lizbob now? I can’t decide if I like that or Liz-Buddha better. In any case, I believe in you *fanatic grin*

      Glad we’re agreed on the traveling thing 😛

  3. Agreed! It makes me feel very accomplished when I gather my empties for a (monthly) family portrait. I can go weeks without buying anything but I’ll get a sudden itch to buy something and thus failing the no buy ban =.=

  4. OoO you finished skincare AND makeup! Could you imagine finishing more makeup and less skincare? Or in extreme cases, only makeup and no skincare?! What a scary thought.. But I wonder if it’s possible!

    As of late, I’ve hauled more than emptied but there are also a lot of things I resisted from buying such as falsies (which I hardly wear) and the remaining Revlon lip butters in shades I don’t already own. My favourite purchase of this month has to be the last tokidoki Passport travel bag. It was the last one in stores and 40% off.. How could one resist?!

  5. You and Liz…here I am feeling good about my empties, then I come to read your own posts and you’ve both kicked my ass, in both empties and purchases!! How do you guys do it? I think I’m going to try to go the month of August and see how restrained I can be. I just find it so tough! I know I have plenty of *stuff* but I always want more 🙂 Maybe August will be the month of the swaps or something???

    Anyway, as envious as I am, I’m so proud of how well you do every month. You are such a good role model!! 😀 I definitely get something out of reading these posts, I feel very inspired to cut way back, which is always a great thing!

  6. You are doing GREAT! Taiwan purchases shouldn’t even count – PFFFFFFFFFFT.

    Tell me a bit more about the Arrid Extra Dry Spray Deodorant. I just got stitches taken out from my leg and thought Vitamin E oil should be sufficient.

    • HAHAHAH you guys are the best. Well, I’m not sure how deep your wound was. For me, the knife went right through the side of my finger, so even after the stitches were taken out it was still taking awhile to heal. The Arrid Extra Dry just helped the excess skin dry up and fall off more quickly. If you don’t have that problem, I doubt you need it. Silicone sheets should help though, I’ve been meaning to buy some for my burn scar!

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