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Let’s Play the Medal Game with VS PRO Airbrush FX Primers

I was gearing up to write a straightforward review (for once) when a bunch of thoughts hit me at the same time.  The Olympics are on.  I like the Olympics.  There are three Olympic medals.  I have three Victoria’s Secret primers here.  Ahh…I can turn it into a game.  I like doing that too.

So here we go!

The Bronze medal goes to the Bronzing Primer (hehe, geddit?  Ok, I’ll stop), which promises to deliver a ‘sheer bronze tint for a warm, sunkissed glow.’  While I liked the fact that the color was smooth and not patchy, I wished for more intensity.  One pump warmed up my face just a touch, but I prefer the bronzing effect I can get with these.

The Oil Free Primer with SPF 15 pushed ahead to win second place.  It’s a great, basic rendition of a foundation primer.  I love that VS did an oil-free version as well as a regular one.  I don’t know about an airbrushed effect, but it did make my skin texture look better.  It didn’t feel as slick as some of the primers I’ve tried in the past, but I could definitely still feel the ‘cones.  I like that it allowed me to apply makeup more smoothly on top, although I don’t wear foundation enough to decide if this improves staying power.

And now, with a well-deserved gold medal, we have the beautiful Illuminating Primer.  Applied all over, it gives a very subtle glow to the face.  I like to use this almost as a liquid-cream blush.  My swatch fails to capture the prettiness of the color.  It’s a pale pink with this incredible iridescence that mellows out once on the skin.  Blended onto the higher planes of my face, it’s quite a glorious sight.

left to right: VS PRO Airbrushing FX Bronzing Primer, VS PRO Airbrushing FX Illuminating Primer

Overall scores: All three primers impressed with their luxe glass packaging.  They went on smoothly, and left a velvety finish.  While they did feel a little slick, they didn’t break me out.  Points were deducted for the pump mechanism (not terrible by any means, but be sure to press gently or you’ll have a whole lot of product on your hands) and the slightly strange scent (I can’t put my finger on it, but it disappears once applied).  The tinted primers are .98 fl oz, while the basic one is .84 fl oz.  All three bottles retail at $18.  If you’re on the VS mailing list, keep your eyes peeled for their frequent $10 off coupon cards, which will save you a pretty penny.

What are your favorite primers?  Have you tried these?  Don’t you agree that this little competition should be included in the actual Olympics?  I think so.

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for editorial consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.

16 thoughts on “Let’s Play the Medal Game with VS PRO Airbrush FX Primers

  1. Holy crap, that bronzing one is GORGEOUS! And, while I don’t need any help in the “illuminating” department (that sounds much better than “oily”), that shimmery one looks like it’d work great for those that want to add some radiance to their skin. I STILL haven’t tried any VS cosmetics, but I am definitely going to. After your rave review on the bronzers and now this, how could I resist?! Thanks MM! 😀

  2. I’m very impressed with the packaging on these, they look great!! For $18 they really did themselves proud 🙂 I like the idea of the illuminating one, I envision your skin looking just like the models do with that ethereal glow – yow! And yes, obviously this should be part of the Olympics…actually I’d love to see a makeup Olympics, that would be THE BEST EVER.

  3. I wish makeup were a category in the Olympics! At least we have this post to help ease the pain 🙂 The illuminating primer looks lovely! Though my oily skin rarely needs help looking luminous, ha. I may have to drag myself to the mall to check these out anyway!

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