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The Lipstick Bandits Tackle Warm Weather Sheers

The Lipstick Bandits are back!  Actually, we were never gone, just lurking among the shadows in our bandit masks doing bandit-y things.  But now the sun is out, the birds are singing (those darn bards), and it’s time to unveil our summer sheers.

After rifling through my stash, I found a well-loved tube of Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 120 Coral Shimmer.  Although it smells like play-doh and comes in a metallic purple tube, neither of which are attributes I look for in anything (except maybe play-doh), the lipstick itself is a very summer-appropriate shade.  It’s a sheer coral loaded with gold shimmers that give it a gorgeous iridescent effect.

I love how the finish makes my lips extra full, sans stickiness.  As for the moisturizing claims, well…I never believe those anyways.  Which is a good thing, because Coral Shimmer is a touch gritty and definitely needs a coat of balm underneath.  Luckily, the wearable color and bargain price tag balance things out and make this one of my top summer lipsticks.  Play-doh scent and all.  A tube retails for around $5-6.

What’s your favorite sheer summer lipstick?  Does anyone have any idea why a company would want to make their lipstick smell like play-doh?  Is there a nostalgia factor?  Is the scent supposed to spark artsy impulses?  Let’s discuss it.

And of course, don’t forget to check out my fellow Bandits’ picks!  Hide those wallets now:

41 thoughts on “The Lipstick Bandits Tackle Warm Weather Sheers

    • I know there’s a ‘trick’ where you leave a lipstick uncovered overnight and supposedly the scent goes away, but I haven’t tried yet. The color makes it all worth it for me.

    • Thanks Trakee! I wish I could look on these as fondly as you do, but alas, play-doh scented lip products and I are not meant to be. What are some of your favorite colors from this line?

  1. That’s a very pretty shade, but I don’t think I could put up with the scent. Why would they want to make a lipstick smell like play-doh?!

  2. Very pretty MM – this looks lovely on! I would never think a lipstick looking like that in the tube would appear like that on, I don’t know why. I’m not sure I could get past the play-doh smell…I have trouble with the weird smell of the Rimmel lipsticks. I don’t mind scent but it’s gotta be one I am ambivalent-to-enjoy – if it’s at all turn-off-y, I’m out. Am I even making sense? I seem to be talking in gibberish…LOL

    • It definitely looks very different in the tube than it does on the lips. I was initially expecting something more pigmented and punchy, but when I got over my surprise, I decided I liked the sheer version just fine 😀 Yes you are making sense LOL, either that or we just understand each other like that. woooooo magic

    • Groann I know, it’s such cheesy packaging. I wish they all looked like the Kate Moss tubes, but I guess you can’t have it all. LOL did you really? Well it’s pretty wholesome as childhood playthings go. Definitely not true, but thanks!

  3. Hahaha, play-doh! Yummy…the shade is gorgeous, though! I’ve been enjoying my usual Revlon lip butters as well as my new mini Fresh Rosé lip treatment, though I’ve also enjoyed glosses (weird for me!).

  4. If anything play-doh related goes near my lips, I will immediately vomit. I used to love play-doh as a kid but as a grown up (HAHA, not really!), the smell of the stuff makes me queasy! The sheer lippy is pretty though. The crown on the top of the bullet cap is so cute 😀

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