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Senna Voluptulash Mascara Gives Me the Fluffy Lashes of My Dreams

Some people pet their pets.  I pet my eyelashes.  At least I do now, after trying Senna’s new Voluptulash mascara.  We could spend a long time discussing what this says about my mental state, but for now let’s just talk about the product.

I’ll be honest, I was majorly disappointed by this one the first time I tried it.  My lashes are wimpy.  They need all the help they can get, and this wasn’t doing anything for me.  But then I came across this video by Senna founder Eugenia Weston, with an unusual application technique.  Knowing that sometimes application can make a world of difference (case in point: Majo Majo), I gave it a try.

0:54 for application technique

Love.  It.

Applied generously.  Appears clumpy in macro mode, but deliciously dramatic in reality.  This is as good as my sad little lashes ever get without the help of falsies.

Is this the best mascara I’ve ever tried?  Well, maybe?  I always hesitate the apply the term ‘best’ to mascaras, since I know I’ll have to say a mournful farewell to them in a matter of months.  But I know that I will be very sad when I have to chuck this in the empties bag.

While Voluptulash takes a bit more work than your average mascara, I love the way it stays feathery and touchable no matter how much I apply.  I love the fact that it’s easier to remove than all my other HG mascaras, yet only smudges the teensiest bit (and almost everything smudges on me).  And while it doesn’t hold a curl quite as well as the  curl-holding champion Majo Majo, it still does a pretty good job.

Mascaras seem to be so hit and miss with everyone, so while I won’t say that this is one of the best mascaras you’ll ever try, I will say that I’m completely sold.  This is one high-end mascara I wouldn’t mind repurchasing.  Loads of volume, non-crunchiness, minimal smudging, and an easy-to-remove formula earn Voluptulash a place of special snowflakeness in my collection.  Oh yeah, and did I mention that the packaging is pretty?  It’s pretty.

Senna Voluptulash mascara retails at $22 per tube.  And guess what?  The lovely Elvira of Pink Sith has a $10 off coupon code here (along with a hilariously creative review).

What’s the best mascara you’ve ever tried?  Have you ever used this application technique before?

Full Disclosure: The product in this post was provided for editorial consideration only.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


17 thoughts on “Senna Voluptulash Mascara Gives Me the Fluffy Lashes of My Dreams

  1. HOLY SHMOLY that made a world of difference on her! I’m so trying that technique tomorrow. And this mascara does look pretty awesome!
    I think the best one I’ve tried so far is the Hourglass Film Noir. I love it! But I’m intrigued by this one now! Mascara is the one thing I’ll always change up.

    • Try it and get back to me! I’m wondering if I should start using this technique with some of my other mascaras too. Hmm…

      Is that the one you paint on your lashes individually? Looked pretty cool but even more time consuming than this one hahah. You know me and my lazy ways

  2. I just tried this mascara for the first time today too and I am LOVING it! I didn’t think I would love it this much. And I really like the drier formula–I hate super wet mascaras. I didn’t use this method to apply though, so I’ll definitely have to do that tomorrow!

  3. Wow…what a great vid! I love how passionate she is about her company and products. The trick w/ the brush is a good one and kinda reminded me of tightlining. Really love what this mascara does for her and you! 😀

  4. Holy crap. I’m going to try that with my Guerlain Noir G sample tomorrow. I’ve been curious about this! And more Senna Cosmetics. That $10 coupon is very tempting…very tempting.

  5. Cool!! I’ve never really applied mascara like that before but you can bet I’ll be checking it out stat! That’s crazy!! (and that woman looks a lil crazy too 🙂 I will admit, the packaging is pretty darn sweet, and I’m in the market for a new one…though I’m not normally a fan of drier formulas. But maybe I just didn’t find the right one ???

    BTW Your lashes are looking great here MM!

      • Umm…I can’t remember? LOL! Let me think…the Bare Escentuals one, Flawless Definition or something, that was dry from the get-go and it totally annoyed me! I don’t know if I’ve had many others like it though…

  6. I love it when people find a mascara that works for them! This one looks great on you, MM 🙂 My so-far HG mascara is Armani Eyes to Kill, but it’s so expensive that I’ll have to experiment with other options before I’m willing to repurchase. And I’ve never heard of applying mascara that way before, but it makes sense that there would be other ways than just the vertical pull! I’ll have to give this way a try 🙂

    • It’s such a difficult task -___- Thanks! Oh that one is pricey, but everyone seems to like it. Do it! I paint it on my lashes vertically, then use the Lisa Eldridge technique. Huge lashes every time.

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