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Does This Eyeshadow Make Me Look Smart? & Other Musings on Ellis Faas

left to right: Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes in E113, E119, E118

In light of recent developments (moving!  Ahhh!), this Ellis Faas post has fallen by the wayside.  But just the other day, when I almost tripped over one of these little tubes while attempting to fold my clothes and walk at the same time, I was reminded of just how much I adore them.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, the colors I was lucky enough to test out remind me of one of my favorite paintings, Lépine’s The Pont Neuf, Paris.  This happy coincidence only serves to increase my love for these new (‘new’ on this blog tends to be a relative term) shades of Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes.

Although blue eyeshadow tends to scare me, I decided to take a chance on E118, a pale blue with a generous dose of grey.

lash stamps via obsidiandawn

Maybe I’ve sniffed one too many nail polish fumes, but I swear, the first thing I thought when I put on this eyeshadow was wow, that makes me look really wise.

It also makes me feel sophisticated.  And I think my gaze looks especially piercing when I wear it with a touch of gray liner and mascara.  But again, this could just be the fumes talking.

The surprises kept coming with the sultry, dark blue E113.

lash stamps via

Whereas the first blue I chose was pale and somewhat neutral, this one looked much more intimidating upon first swatch.  I thought it would take some getting used to.  But with some smudged black liner, a touch of gold on the lower lashline, and some digital false lashes, it made my eyes look dramatic without being over the top.  Love.  Again.

The final color to cross my desk was E119, a matte yellow ochre.

lash stamps via

I worried this particular color would be too warm for me, but if you look at the swatch, you’ll see it also has a somewhat cool undertone (more evidence for my theory that Ellis Faas products really are universally flattering).  Out of the three, this was probably my least favorite, only because I prefer my neutrals with some shimmer or sheen.  It’s still quite pretty on though, see it in action on the gorgeous Danielle here.  In the picture above, I’m wearing it as a base under some Shu Uemura eyeshadows.

I’ve never included application instructions with these posts, mainly because I figured everyone has their own way of doing things.  But just in case you were wondering, I use only the tiniest bit each time.  I find that using my fingers works best; I put a dab of shadow on my ring finger and pat it all over my lid.  If it’s not as opaque as I’d like, I simply go back and add another layer.

Ellis Faas Cream Eyeshadows are one of those products I think everyone should try at least once, budget allowing of course.  They stay on all day without primer, have a gorgeous texture, and come in a beautiful array of shades.  Even the colors that may seem scary somehow work for me.  I can’t explain it.  My reservations are, as always, the price tag ($36 per tube) and the packaging (see here because I’m too depressed to get into this again). That said, if you’re an Ellis Faas fan or just someone who’s curious about the brand, these new colors are definitely worth a look.  I can’t wait to use all three to create a Lépine-inspired masterpiece on my eyes…hmmm, perhaps that will be my next EOTD.

Do you own any makeup that reminds you of certain works of art?  What’s your favorite cream eyeshadow?  Would you wear these shades?

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for editorial consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


26 thoughts on “Does This Eyeshadow Make Me Look Smart? & Other Musings on Ellis Faas

  1. Love this! And love that painting as well…I think those are very collegiate looking shadows my dear!

    Fave cream shadow…hm probably still the Maybelline Color Tattoos. But I prefer just foiling a loose shadow if given the option.

    All my eye shows remind me of works of art…that’s how my art history brain works. But seriously, these are to die for.

    • Are they really? Well excellent, because I’m bringing all three to college LOL. Too good to leave behind. You know, I hear a lot of mixed reviews about those Maybelline Color Tattoos but the black and sparkly one you featured was gorgeous. Will have to give those a look sometime. Aw I love you and your art history brain 🙂

  2. LOVE them all! Gorgeous! I still like these things a lot no matter what anybody says. The matte ones stay put all freakin’ day on me.
    That light blue one does make you look wise. 🙂 Like wizard wise. 🙂 you need a pipe now.

    • Agreed, this is one of the few products I swipe on without primer. OH MY GOD TRAKEE YOU GENIUS! No wonder I thought I looked wise, the blue is totally reminiscent of Gandalf’s hat. How did I not spot that?

    • Yeah there are quite a few glitches where packaging is concerned, but I was informed they are working to fix them with each batch. Hope we can get a perfect dispenser soon 🙂

  3. Really lovely! I’m always so happy when I realize I can wear something I thought I couldn’t––I’m planning on giving blue eyeshadow a try myself, so we’ll see if I have as much success as you did! Also, LOLZ about the wise eyeshadow! That’s how I feel about dark berry lippies; they just make me feel mature and sophisticated! I have yet to try any Ellis Faas products myself, due to the cost and packaging woes, but I am, as always, tempted by your swatches…

    Good luck with moving! And I hope the address you gave me is still accessible––it took me awhile to actually send the package, because I am, quite possibly, the world’s biggest procrastinator when it comes to mailing things.

    To sum up: prettyyyyy, wise, blue, I like. The end.

    • Right? It’s the best feeling! I still have to work with blue eyeshadow to make it look ok on me, these two are the only exceptions to that rule so far. So true about dark berry lippies!

      Thanks Amy 😀 Oh yes definitely, there’s a chance I might be gone by the time that arrives, but I’ll have someone hold onto it for me. So excited to see your pretty polish jewelry!

  4. I am an art dodo 🙂 But I do own a couple of the Ellis Faas shadows and whilst I love the texture and staying power, the whole mechanism kills me so they don’t get much love as they should. I really should go dig them out again. Thanks for the reminder 😉

    • Thanks Trisha! I was surprised by how well it turned out, I was expecting it to be way too heavy. They are! I love that painting so much, anything in that color scheme just SPEAKS TO ME 😛

    • Thanks, that was the most messily applied so I’m flattered to hear it 🙂 LOL I’m definitely a klutz too, but I still love these. Plus I can apply them with my fingers and I don’t even have to touch a brush. Bonus points!

  5. Ah wow, those colors really do match that painting (which by the way I luuurve). I have to say my favorite is the dark tealish blue. Best wishes with moving in and getting settled! 😀

    • It’s gorgeous, right? Someday I’ll have that hanging in my house. Maybe 🙂 I can’t decide whether I like that blue or the pale blue better, which is SO WEIRD. I can’t remember the last time I praised a blue eyeshadow this much. Thanks Maggie, I’m very excited but still have a lot to do!

  6. LOL @ nail polish fumes – Oh, MM, you’re so full of delight. 😀

    All the looks fantastic though I’m not crazy about the last one, but somehow you still made it work! And that print is so moody yet pretty – I do see the correlation so it’s not just the fumes, haha.

  7. When I put in my order for Ellis Faas, I REALLY wanted to go with your suggestion for the shadow (the bordeaux shade I think?), but the price really stopped me. I WILL try them at some point – especially if shades like 118 will make me look wise, cause damn if I couldn’t use a little smarts right now! 😛 I think the ochre shade is unusual but still quite nice (and Danielle also rocked it so hard!), but on you the pale blue is definitely my fave. And digital lashes? How the heck…???

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