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I Perfect My Fake-Sleep Routine: 2 Current Favorites for that Virtuous Glow

I haven’t blogged in almost a week, which is mind-boggling considering the fact that I had an unspoken goal to blog every day if possible this year.  And I was doing so well!  The thing is, by the time I crawl back to my room each night, my short term goals consist of embracing the nearest pillow and surrendering to my mattress topper.  But fear not, because regular posting is coming back soon.  I have a plan.  I can’t tell you what it is, mainly because it’s pretty flimsy and will probably fall apart with the slightest bit of prodding, but at least it is a plan.  Anyways, speaking of late nights and such…

There will inevitably come a morning in your life (many mornings, if you’re me) when you look in the mirror and think, nooo let’s rewind please.  But fret not, because as in most cases, all you have to do is fake it til you make it.  Here are my two current favorites for getting that I-went-to-bed-at-9-pm-halo-over-my-head-glow.

Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask

I’ve been singing the praises of ‘Britain’s best kept beauty secret’ since I first tried their Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.  I’m all for sheet masks, but on mornings when I’m running short on time and energy, I just smear two pumps of this all over my face.  It smells vaguely herbal and spa-like, plus it comes in a functional pump bottle.  Once applied, it leaves you looking like you forgot to rub your sunscreen all the way in, which is great.  I mean theoretically, you could do this mask business as you’re sitting in your 8 am lecture hall, or while chowing down on cereal.  I don’t recommend it, but theoretically you could.  I leave it on for about a minute, then wipe off with the included muslin cloth (soaked in warm water), and suddenly I have brighter, dewier skin.  Ah Liz Earle, how I adore thee.

I have the 1.6 fl oz pump, which retails at $22.50.  As always, there are a couple of other versions available, including a .5 fl oz + muslin cloth size, which is a mere $9.

Victoria’s Secret PRO Light FX Eye-Brightening Pen

So what do you do after you’ve got your face looking reasonably glowy?  Why, add more glow of course!  I’m loving this brush-on highlighter from Victoria’s Secret, which is part of their new-ish PRO line.  There are other products on the market that give similar results, but this is the one I’m currently grabbing every morning.  Although this is meant as a sort of undereye concealer-topper, I use it all over my face to great effect.  I like to dab it on the inner corners of my eye, on my cupid’s bow, under my brows, down the bridge of my nose, and on my cheekbones.  And that is all.  Curl your lashes if you wish, add liner and mascara and lipstick galore, but don’t forget to add some glow to your base first.

The Light FX Eye Brightening Pen retails at $14.  Keep your eyes peeled for promotions and coupons from Victoria’s Secret, as they come in the mail quite frequently.

I’ve been gone forever, so let’s chat!  What are your favorite tips & tricks for faking sleep?  Have you tried either of these products before?  Do you harbor warm and fuzzy feelings toward your bed?

Full Disclosure: The products featured in this post were provided for editorial consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.

29 thoughts on “I Perfect My Fake-Sleep Routine: 2 Current Favorites for that Virtuous Glow

  1. Heyyyy! You’re back! So you’re having a good time at college then? 🙂
    I gotta get me some of that Liz Earle! I keep hearing such good things about it! As I get older I find it harder to hide that I am knackered. I need a really good peachy toned concealer these days, and even then I usually still look tired. So, I smile a lot! Smiling hides the tired I find.:)

    • Hey Trakee 🙂 Yes, I am having a good time! Busy busy though. Yes, you gotta get some of this miracle-workin stuff. I use the one from Skin Food…the salmon one. It’s the best. hahaha yes, smiling is surprisingly good. And free!

  2. MM, we missed you!! 😀
    The Liz Earle mask sounds like a miracle worker! Need to give myself a nice mask treatment/relaxation sesh before school starts (Thursday) for myself. I do have quite warm and fuzzy feelings with my bed, especially when my dolphin pillow pet lives on it all the time. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well and def. catch some Z’s when you get the time!

    • Aw, thanks Maggie 🙂 That’s exactly what it is. And I have been needing a lot of miracles lately LOL. So exciting! Hope you have a great school year ahead. I was planning to catch some z’s tonight, but we’ll see how it goes…

  3. Okay, I really want that Liz Earle mask. Sounds awesome!

    How do I fake sleep? Heck, I usually don’t. Does that mean I’m just giving up and letting myself look disheveled? Perhaps.

    On a mildly related note, I’ve figured out a cute, easy, fast way to make my second day hair look acceptable. I just twist it back and swirl it around and put some clips in there. For some reason (maybe it’s my hair’s natural curliness), it always turns out looking chic and “on purpose.”


    • LOL I find that when I don’t fake sleep, I’ve pretty much painted a target on my head in class. I once got called up to the front of the room for looking like I was falling asleep so…ever since them I’ve tried hahaha. Jealous! I don’t have hair that can do that. You’re just magical that way 😛

  4. Thank goodness you are back! I miss you MM! How’s school treating you? And btw…these are great products to fake it in the morning. I usually just have time to curl my lashes and use a highlighting shadow on my tear duct now that grad school has started. Ugh!

    And yes, my bed and I have a wonderful relationship 🙂

  5. Yay, I’m glad you’re back, MM! Though hoo boy, sounds like the first week of school has been exhausting! I hope it gets less so (though based on my own experience, it only gets worse…though you may get better about finding time to rest!). I don’t really ever fake sleep, at least beyond the usual foundation routine. If I’m tired enough to look it, I’m too tired to bother with any extra effort 😉 I’ll keep these both in mind should that change, though! I’m hoping to try some Liz Earle stuff soon (it’s on my “things I should order, budget allowing, in the next couple months” list), so I’ll try and remember to pick that up!

    • Thanks Amy, missed you guys too 😀 LOL it’s been a bit longer than that…actually a lot longer than that, but yes, quite exhausting. Well gee, something to look forward to hahah. Let me know how you get on with the Liz Earle things if you do end up ordering them!

  6. That Liz Earle mask sounds fanastic–and I love a good wipe-down with a muslin cloth! Waaay cheaper than a Clarisonic but with similar results! And I REALLY need to get myself one of those brightening pens. I don’t know how I still don’t own one…

  7. Yay fun times in uni then!? I hope that is a YES.

    I don’t try to fake sleep. Is that weird? I just go with the dead look I sport when I am tired, which is ALL THE TIME. Probably why I don’t spend time trying to fake that I slept, because then I would be lying too much and that’s just wrong. However, I do need to pick up one of those illuminating pen thingys, lately I could really use it 😦

    • OMG, me too! It’s a part of my dislike of concealers. Also, when I’m tired I get cranky and I just want people to leave me alone. Probably not the best thing to do — but if they can see that I’m tired, they tend to not bother me so much.

      But for the sake of the post, IF I were to fake sleep, I use highlighters when I normally wouldn’t. Artificial glow FTW!

    • Very fun times! I’m so glad I chose this school. It’s not weird at all, I did that up until the point where teachers started calling me out for looking sleepy. Illuminating pens are the best, I say you should buy one 😛

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