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James Whistler Inspired NOTD

I’ve spoken about my love of Art History on this blog before, but let me tell you again because I never get sick of talking about it.  Funnily enough, I only say this because I’ve realized how a bad Art History class can make you feel like you hate the subject, when really AHIS (as I shall refer to it in the rest of this post because that’s how lazy I am) is just…magical.  I believe that everyone should take it, or give it a second chance if they’ve taken it before and not enjoyed it.  Check out Art History books because they’re too damn expensive to purchase unless you have the funds.  Visit a museum.  Revel in your cultured sensibilities (kidding.  Not really).

This particular manicure was inspired by James Whistler’s Nocturne in Black and Gold (The Falling Rocket).  We spoke a lot in AHIS about context, how some works really need a title and description to give them another layer of meaning.  I’d say this is one of those paintings, what would you guys think if you just saw this sans title?

This particular work actually has quite an interesting (and slightly, ok deeply, depressing) backstory, which I’ll link here.  Yes, I just sent you to Wikipedia.  Don’t judge.

Although I couldn’t possibly hope to match up to Whistler’s work, here’s my take on Nocturne in Black and Gold: 2 coats of China Glaze Smoke and Ashes topped off by 1 coat of Sinful Nail Junkie.

So, let’s chat!  Are you an AHIS fan?  Are you as captivated by the sparkliness of my manicure as I am?  What are you wearing on your nails today?

P.S. Next on my inspired-by-AHIS-NOTD list: a manicure inspired by my all-time favorite Gothic cathedral.  Any guesses as to which one it is?  Winners will receive a hand-drawn, virtual cupcake.

21 thoughts on “James Whistler Inspired NOTD

  1. Oooh I saw this painting before! Love your interpretation of it. I just got my Art History textbook yesterday and it’s HUGE (I have a pic of it on my blog), but I’m really looking forward to the class. 😀

  2. I’ve actually never taken an art history class. My electives in college were mostly creative writing and language courses. It’s a beautiful painting, though, and I love the nails 🙂

  3. I’ve never taken any art history classes, but I will check out some books from the library once school starts again as pre-bedtime reading. Always nice to learn something! Also, your manicure is super pretty. I am especially excited because I own Nail Junkie and can actually something similar!

  4. Class will always make things less fun. Because of exams. An exam-less class can be fun, though I suppose it depends on the instructor.

    Anyway! Love your interpretation of the painting on nails. I definitely see the resemblance. 😀

    • No, class makes things awesome! I used to live for Art History tests in high school because they made me think. Also I loved my teacher. Bad class on the other hand, makes things less fun 😦 Thank you! Glad it didn’t get lost in translation

  5. Honestly….you are just too smart for me. You know so much and are kinda intimidating! Yow, girl!! But also good on you for being so cultured 🙂 I know a lot about music and symphony and theatre, but art is just NOT my strong suit! #FAIL 😦

    However…I can still appreciate a good mani, and THIS is a great mani, my dear! Right now I’m wearing Chanel’s Peridot…I still SO love this shade, even though there are 1,293,488,485 other dupes out there now. And I’m still happy I have it in Chanel 😀

    • Ok, thank you for the compliment but definitely not true! I have a passion for art history, but I wouldn’t say that’s the same thing as being smart. And you can always check out books from the library to learn more! Plus it’s super cool you’re well-versed in music/symphony/theatre. I should branch out hahah. I should also give up trying to spell things the American way….you Canadians are slowly taking over my mind!!

      Peridot is GORGEOUS. I happen to have a dupe, but I do see the appeal of owning the real deal 😀

  6. I took Art History last semester and really, REALLY enjoyed it! I really would like to take the next class sometime when I have more free time. I loved learning about and interpreting the paintings–didn’t like the whole having-to-memorize-dozens-and-dozens-of-dates-to-be-tested-on part. Definitely NOT my strong suit! 😛 I love your take on Whistler’s painting–I’ve always really liked that one and I think you really captured the feel of the effect beautifully! Can’t wait to see more posts like this, MM!

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it? Didn’t know how I’d feel about it when I signed up senior year, but it ended up being one of my favorite classes. Started going in-depth this semester, which has been amazing. I’ll be like hey I’ve seen that painting before, but now I know so my more backstory! We should definitely go visit a museum together someday 😛 And surprisingly I don’t have an issue memorizing dates when it comes to paintings. Find them impossible for events in history though hahaha. I should really do some more AHIS posts soon, will try to fit a few in!

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