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Recently in My Life | Another Day at the Shops

In the midst of midterms and endless papers, I couldn’t help but sneak a day or two to indulge in some retail therapy at Forever 21.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed that I have a slight obsession with all things Parisian.  So I had to get this shirt.  As a bonus, it was just under $8 and very, very soft.  End of story.

I tried the dress below in both blue and tan.  I liked the ease of the design, but the fabric felt cheap, even for a $10 dress.  Pass.

And then there was this little number, a dress so short on me I wondered if it was supposed to be a shirt.  But the fabric was every-so-cheery, and at $5, I figured I could wear it to a holiday party.

And finally, a quick OOTD.  I’ve been rocking a lot of dresses and skirts lately.  They’re just so comfortable and easy.  Do any of you feel like ‘put-together’ outfits actually take the least amount of work?  A dress may look fancy, but it takes all of 5 seconds to slip on.  Love it.

top: Q | skirt: Victoria’s Secret | shoes: Aerosoles | bag: Taiwan

What have you been up to lately?  Any retail therapy tales to share?


28 thoughts on “Recently in My Life | Another Day at the Shops

  1. mmm legs.

    In an attempt to stop looking so naked from the neck up, I bought a pair of earrings. Methinks I chose the wrong pair. I hate buying accessories sometimes. Everything that looks a certain way is so specific in what they can be paired with and everything that doesn’t is so generic you might as well not put anything in your ears. /rant

  2. Super cute shirt and NICE JOB on that dress! Holiday parties are totally what those kind of things are for anyways. I bet you’ll rock a gorgeous red lip with that one. 🙂

    & re: skirts and dresses, MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. People always ask me how long it takes me to get dressed in the morning … shirt + skirt + tights in a matching color combination when basically your entire wardrobe is grey/black/navy//beige/brown/light pink is pretty much a no-brainer!! And you always look fabulous! 😀

    Definitely have too many retail therapy stories to share lately! LOL! Uniqlo finally opened in San Francisco and I went to the day after opening with my bff and it was a ZOO! But I got two pairs of $10 jeans and a super adorable printed long sleeve shirt. I’ll tweet a picture when I first wear it. And then I found an AMAZING olive green trench coat at Zara – it’s the most expensive coat I own, but it’s also the first trench I’ve ever found to fit me so well…. I’m really excited about it hehe. And today I went to buy heat tech stuff for the lovely Justine of Sakura Lovely and I ended up buying myself a cute flannel shirtdress and then went to F21 and picked up a cute black chiffon blouse with a studded collar and a fantastic black blazer (my last amazing black blazer was stolen at a club, along with my first iphone, favorite scarf and most of the contents of my purse including my Burberry Lip Mist in Cinnamon, damn scoundrels T_T;). Ooh, and I found a lovely navy plaid scarf for only $6.80 and couldn’t leave without it haha! I really wanted the pink tweet miniskirt with a rose gold studded waistline that was on the mannequin but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the store… ;_; And I was good and didn’t buy more jewelry though tbh, F21 has some pretty awesome stud earrings. 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well dear!

    • Thanksss Cat 🙂 Right?? It’s so much easier than trying to find the right top to pair with jeans…and then belt…and then ughh so much work haha. Ohmygosh what a score! Have you tweeted the picture yet? I want to see. Also, YAY. A classic trench is one of those wardrobe staples worth splurging on, so I say well done on that. Eek those damn scoundrels, I hope they err …choke on that Lip Mist. Yes, choke!! ahhh I love your retail therapy stories hehe, glad you got in some good shopping lately. I am, thank you! Hope you’re doing well too~

  3. Love your outfit here! The short holiday dress looks pretty sexy on you 😉 haha, I’d probably wear that with tights. I agree with Catherine^, red lips with that dress…whoawhoawowow! I recently went outlet shopping with my mom after I finished my SATs! Just anxiously awaiting my scores now…uuugh. “Put-together” outfits are always easier and actually just thrown on with me. People compliment on them, and I’m just like, but I threw it on rushing out the door!? Hope your workload has gotten a little lighter! :T

    And your birthday is coming up soon next month, yes, MM? *shifty eyes ehehe* Would you mind me sending you a little sunshine in the midst of all your work? I have your old addy, but I’m not sure if you’ve changed it to your college one. So if you don’t mind me sending you some erm, fanmail, then can I haz it? 😀

    • Thanks Maggie! LOL nahhh gotta rock the bare legs with that one 😛 ohh fun outlet shopping. Scores are out now, yes? Maybe? I’m sure you did well! You definitely studied hard for those. Thanks so much for the offer Maggie but it’s totally ok. So sweet of you to remember 🙂

  4. Love that 5 dollar dress! What a steal, and the last dress looks gorgeous on you!! I totally understand your obsession with Paris, I have a similar one with London…everything with a Union Jack, I buy up like candy!

    Hope school is going well…I had a major retail therapy session this weekend. I bought three new pairs of shoes (flats, heels, and boots for fall…yay!) some new jeans and some adorable sweaters. I am a happy girl!!

  5. YES DRESSES. I have had the same thought multiple times lately – DRESSES ARE SO EASY, WHY DIDN’T I DISCOVER THIS EARLIER??? I want more. I love the jersey dresses from H&M – I hope they have more this season. I will fill my closet with them. :X

  6. That’s why I love dresses, too! So effortless, but so classy. Now I just need a pair of black boots to wear with them in this cold and rainy weather, and I’ll be set 🙂 Very nice finds at Forever 21, too! Retail therapy is the best, especially when it’s so gosh darn affordable.

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