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Liz Earle Footcare Trio | Review

College.  They warn you about the workload, but you know what they neglect to mention?  The walking.  It doesn’t even matter what size your college is.  Chances are, it’s bigger than your high school was.  When you consider how much walking most college students do on a daily basis, it’s amazing that the Freshman 15 is even a thing.  But it is, unfortunately.  I can personally attest to that…

While all this walking is no doubt good for the body and good for the soul (fresh air blah blah blah), it’s utter hell on the feet.  I suppose the solution would be to wear sneakers to class or you know, get a bike, but apparently I like to do things the hard way.  While doing things the hard way is great for building moral fiber, the bottoms of my feet were completely torn up after the first week.  No matter how much Aveeno I slathered on, I couldn’t make the callouses and rough patches go away.

When I received these Liz Earle lovelies in the mail, I’m fairly certain the entire building heard my shout of joy.  First of all, it’s Liz Earle and Liz Earle has never, ever let me down where skincare is concerned.  And second, I really like getting mail.  Highlight of my college life.

The footcare range consists of a scrub, moisturizer, and spritzer.

The scrub smells divine, as do the other two products in this range.  They’ve all got that essential-oil-spa vibe I’ve come to expect from the brand, only they also have a bit of peppermint thrown in for good measure.  Fresh, clean, and lovely is the best description I can think of, although I will add that the scent of essential oils are not everyone’s cup of tea.  The scrub’s chock-full of pumice grains, which do a wonderful job of sloughing off that dead skin.  The pumice bits are finely ground so that they don’t feel harsh on your soles, but definitely do a thorough job of exfoliating.  I lent it to a friend after she spent all night walking from party to party, and she loved it.  Good stuff, I tell you.

The Foot Repair Moisturizer has that texture I look for in all lotions, heavy and light at the same time.  It’s a thick cream, and yet once you squish it into your skin, it’s sort of dry-ish and fluffy…but still thick.  It absorbs instantaneously, leaving no residue behind.  Post-application, I’m left with smooth soles and happily wiggly toes.  The wiggly toes probably have more to do with caffeine than the foot cream, but I thought I’d throw that in there.

Last but not least is the Foot Spritzer.  It’s basically a spray, but I think I’m going to start saying spritzer because it sounds so much more attractive, no?  I spray this on my feet and legs post-workout (or after straggling across campus to get back to my dorm) and the menthol produces the most relaxing cooling sensation.  The formula is a dry oil, so it doesn’t drip unattractively down your legs, just leaves a fine mist of goodness that instantly perks you up.  It also makes your feet smell good.  Bonus points.

While the spritzer is only available on Liz Earle’s UK website (£7.75 for 75 ml), the other two products can be purchased from the US site.  As always, Liz Earle gives the option to purchase a smaller size at a smaller price tag.  I have the 100 ml/3.3 fl oz versions, $20 for the scrub and $24 for the moisturizer, but there are $8.50 versions as well.  Any product from this range would make a wonderful gift for the college student in your life, especially a college student who loves Liz Earle (namely, me).  Or, buy one as a treat for someone special in your life (namely, yourself.  Sorry, I meant your friends and loved ones).

What are your favorite footcare products?  Did ya miss me?  I sure miss all of you 🙂  I’ll be making the commenting rounds soon, promise!

Full Disclosure: The products featured in this post were submitted for editorial consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.

18 thoughts on “Liz Earle Footcare Trio | Review

  1. Haha I spent the first year of college walking around in my flip flops because that’s all I ever wore prior to college, so why should I bother to change my style? Then my calluses got SO bad and my feet (which are already flat) were aching like CRAZY that I now never go to class without my tennies. I still do love to pamper my feet though and this line sounds great!

  2. I went to one of those trade colleges. It was just one building and I had to drive there. My feet were fine. Though, honestly, I’d trade by ever-so-delicate soles for a chance to try the stereotypical college experience. It sounds awesome!

    I hope you’re having a blast. 🙂

  3. I wish I had a huge campus to walk around on 😦 I went to a city college so our “campus” were basically a few buildings within a three-block radius. So boring.

    I get beat-up feet living in NYC though, so I have to start looking into those feet things – in fact, I stood in the drugstore for about 10 minutes holding a Tweezerman foot file and Googling reviews on Makeupalley… and eventually didn’t get it -__-. I’m waiting till my L’Occitane lotions run out before investing, but these sound promising!

  4. You exercise AND do all that walking! Such a trooper! I used to reserve a seat in a geology class for a friend who had to trek from a lab down at the hospitals SOUTH of the campus all the way to the most north part of campus. It was hell during winter. She’d show up 30 mins into the lecture covered in snow, LOL.

    I like the idea of foot sprays but don’t really use them except in summer for the stink. 😀

  5. I watched a YouTube video about an 108 year old man who lives in the US and one of his secrets to aging gracefully (besides eating fruit with antioxidants and lots of salads) is to take care of your feet. I thought it was bizarre but since I had an ankle injury that lasted for a year, I kind of get it… Your feet go through so much and they need to be taken care of. He gives himself a mini foot massage daily with olive oil. Liz Earle is def a brand I’d love to try… one thing I forgot to get on my London trip.

  6. Where was this stuff when I was in college? I think it would’ve come in handy…lol. While I did bike for the first year or so, my bike was stolen shortly afterwards and I was forced (ha!) to walk. In the grand scheme of things, I suppose it wasn’t so bad after all. 😉

    • Good question haha! I’m still wondering if I should get a bike or not…erghh stolen property erghh the trouble of locking it up.

      Nope, never so bad when you consider the grand scheme of things 😛

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