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A Perfect End to the Birthday Weekend

I just can’t resist rhyming titles.

For those of you new to my blog, I get a birthday cake, you get a cyber cupcake.  It’s a lovely day for everyone.

Even though my weekend was positively brimming with free time, I couldn’t resist taking a break from blogging…life in general, really, to celebrate my birthday for a few days.  I feel blessed (and I know it’s such a trite expression, but I really do) to have had such a wonderful weekend and good friends and loved ones to share it with.  I’m also very lucky to have friends who know me well enough to surprise me with Eiffel tower necklaces, adorable bow rings, and a stapler disguised as a piece of salmon nigiri say what??

I also wanted to thank all of you for sticking with me.  Makeup Morsels would not be the same without you guys, and I’ve met so many amazing people through this unexpected…hobby?  Passion?  Whatever you want to call it.  Even when I go days without posting (that’s irresponsible little me), you guys still come back.  I continue to be amazed that my views have not yet dropped down to 0.  Thanks for making it all worth my time.

Here’s to being one year older.  It’s back to reality on Monday!

29 thoughts on “A Perfect End to the Birthday Weekend

  1. Happy belated birthday! I just want to tell you that this is one of my favorite blogs, and you are a blogger I admire. Your presents sound adorable btw, and I am glad you took some time for yourself! You deserve it!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday MM! Birthdays are such fun days and spending the time with loved ones and friends is really one of the best ways to have a great time 😀

  3. Happy belated birthday, MM! Sounds like you had an amazing birthday & your gifts sound AWESOME. It’s going to be fun tricking people with that sushi stapler >:)

    ( ・∀・)っ旦
    (That’s me with a piece of delicious cyber cupcake. Mmm, HTML codes and whatnot!)

    • Thank you Trakee!! Err yes, very important! Learning all I can so I can go be a good apprentice/TA to you at our college of finding LOTR cakes.

      oh my god we are too cool. How do we even come up with these things?

  4. Happy birthday, MM! And thanks for the cupcake, nommers 🙂 I’m glad you had such an awesome birthday, and OMG I WANT THAT STAPLERRRR.

    And I’m just glad that you manage to still find some time to post, even with your crazy school schedule! I love reading your posts, regardless of frequency 🙂

    • Thank you! LOL well lest you all get the wrong idea, I probably have not been working as hard as I could be lately. Oh, I love her, she makes the most unique things! Bet that necklace is gorgeous.

  5. Happy birthday, dear MM! I’m glad you were enjoying yourself and not working yourself into the ground like I was worried you were! Sounds to me like it’s time for you to get another Robertson Davies novel + new lippie. 😀

    • Thank you kindly Liz-Buddha! lawl no that point in my life is far far off, need to work a little harder probably. Oh no you don’t! I am still enjoying the last set, birthday wishes are more than enough 🙂

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