The Wednesday Wigeon

The Wednesday Wigeon No.68

Greetings!  I hope your week is progressing smoothly.  I have quite the hilarious anecdote (as well as something pretty) to share in tomorrow’s post, but today I want to talk about scent.  I’m under the weather and can’t smell a thing, so naturally now is the perfect time to talk about my favorite fragrances.  Naturally.

This week, the wigeon & I would like to know…

What are your 5 favorite scents?  Off the top of your head!  They can be perfumes, candles, lotions, natural smells, anything…

The first five that came to my mind all happen to be beauty-related (but of course).  I love the scents of Lierac Huile Sensorielle, Elie Saab Le Parfum, Rain Africa Savannah Body Cream, Skin Food Potiron au Lait Eye Cream, and that sublime French Baguette candle from B&BW.

Come take part in TWW!  Tell me your favorite 5 scents in the comments below.

MM &


19 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wigeon No.68

    • LOVE the smell of apple cider. And pumpkin pie. om nom nom. What does Arizona smell like? ahhaha I mean aside from inexplicable…what’s the closest thing you can think of? I’m curious!

  1. Love this! Mostly because holiday scents are my favorite, but here are my five: 1) Sarawen Logical Deduction, 2) Sarawen Tea with Watson 3) Tokyo Milk Tainted Love, 4) FalseNostalgia Aim to Misbehave 5) Harajuku Lovers’ Gwen.

  2. Gap Dream, my boyfriend au naturel :P, DKNY Be Delicious, chocolate chip cookies, and… pikake flowers (jasmine).

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Uhhhh. 1. Lavender. Both the natural flowers and most perfume versions. 2. pikake. I had some in my wedding bouquet, actually (not my choice, totally my florist’s fabulous doing) and it smelled amazingly beautiful all day. Plus they remind me of home 🙂 3. smell of bread baking 4. basil. (Uh, I like to eat, apparently). 5. Vanilla. It’s amazing.

    Get well soon, MM!

    • Yum yum pikake smells divine. I’m with you on the smell of bread baking, did you check out those French Baguette candles yet? Liz-buddha is an enabler I tell you!

      Thanks 🙂 Popping Nyquil erryday

  4. Aww, feel better soon MM!
    1. Orange blossom-reminds me of my mom 2. Liliy of the Valley-reminds me of being little
    3. tuberose 4. tobacco-I love the smell of cigars and pipes-I know, weird 5. Rain and oceany scents-even though I can’t swim I like the smell of anything watery!

    • Thanks Trakee! I sure hope I do. Yes! Yes to those first two, ahhh love those flowers. And love your reasons too 🙂 I LOVE the smell of tobacco in perfumes and candles, although I’m not as much a fan of cigarette smoke. Blegh.

  5. 1. Chloe Love, Chloe fragrance
    2. any white floral (gardenia, jasmine, camellia, tuberose)
    3. Monoi oil
    4. my dog (I know it sounds weird, but she’s very clean and has a natural scent that reminds me of a baby :P)
    5. mom’s cooking 🙂

  6. My week hasn’t been that great but I’ve been using uplifting scents to try to perk up! Funny you mention it. 🙂

    Food smells: basil, bread, Earl Grey Tea, Davids Tea “Forever Nuts”, COFFEE

    Perfumes & candles: B&BW French Baguette Candle, Caudalie The des Vignes, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-Basilic, MorrocanOil, and the lemony smell from Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

    • Aw, sorry to hear it Liz! Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend. I love your favorite scents, ALL OF THEM. Ahh those candles, so upset I have to wait until break to burn them. Grrr darn fire alarms in college. And the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment smells divine, I just got mine from Sephora (the birthday set)! Addicted! I shudder to think what I’ll have to do when those wee little tubes run out.

  7. i like… capri blue volcano candle. i’m always debating between jo malone wild bluebell & english pear & freesia.. i love the scent of lush calacas shower jelly/ the green fun. also fresh sugar lemon – so yummy. when it comes to food smells, it is too hard to pick!!

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